Words on Bathroom Walls: More deets to share.

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I am a little behind as some of the info got put out while I was on my honeymoon! So let’s see what you need to know in case you don’t know already!

Production was originally slated to begin in April, but got pushed back 5 weeks due to scheduling conflicts. All is resolved and production begins on or around May 7th.

18 year-old Charlie Plummer (pictured above) has just been cast as the lead Adam, a young man with schizophrenia who is just trying to navigate life in a new school. He is a much sought after actor lately with 5 projects in the works!

Kimmie Stewart Casting is your go to for background casting for the project. Keep up with her Facebook Page if you are looking for BG work.

It should be a fun project! It’s nice to see some of you guys working at home! Hopefully there will be more to come. Fingers crossed.

STATUS: Pre-Production
UPM/EP: Alison Semenza
DIRECTOR: Thor Freudenthal
CAST: Charlie Plummer
CREW RESUMES: wordsresumes@gmail.com

ABOUT FROM DEADLINE: The story centers around Adam as he tries to navigate high school life while living with paranoid schizophrenia and battling wild hallucinations. His distracting visions take turns acting as supportive friends one moment and evil foes the next. Luckily, an experimental drug trial promises to help hide his illness from his peers and most importantly from Maya, the girl of his dreams.

Rumors from the Lot: Good-bye to ‘Good Behavior?’

Multiple sources are now telling me that TNT’s Good Behavior will not be returning to Wilmington or to anywhere for that matter. According to said sources, the show is not being renewed.

I am trying to get confirmation, so as of now we are still calling it a rumor.  As soon as I get more details, I will let you know.

Hold fire.