Big things are coming, but some things must come to an end.

Okay guys! I’ve got good news and depending how you personally feel about me, well it could be good or bad news.

The good news? The rumors are true! The wait is over and big things are indeed coming back to Wilmywood.  Hunter over at the Star News has definitely been sniffing or barking or peeing on and up the right tree, AND that is not the only project that is coming. People will definitely be working again. See what the hell I am talking about:

‘Swamp Thing’ series testing waters to film in Wilmington

Plus it looks like our legislators are finally doing something collectively to help:

SEE ARTICLE: N.C. film grant tweaked to attract more projects

So, the bad/good news? I won’t be reporting on it and giving you the scoop way ahead of the standard media.

It’s been a long hard, fun, painful and joyous road reporting on the local film industry, but I feel it is time to take a step back and focus on some other important things in my life like family, friends, traveling and you know, that radio job that actually pays the bills.

Don’t worry, Hunter will keep you posted at the Star News for now. After all, he is already got some great scoop to share. If I decide to return to reporting on the local film scene, I will let you know right here!

Love to you, Wilmywood!

And scene.

Sheila Brothers


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  1. I totally understand your decision, but, boy, are we gonna miss you, woman! Thank you so much for your years of keeping us abreast of everything film……and for being such a good advocate for our industry. Break a leg, Lady! We love ya!

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