NC Film Incentives


CLICK HERE for details regarding the 2015 North Carolina Film Grant


Related articles in regards to the fight to keep the 25% film incentives alive and the new grant:

 Who represents me in THE NC HOUSE & NC SENATE? Find out your district NOW

NC Film Impact Study Released

TO MY NC COMMUNITY: We need you all to ask the questions and get the answers.  Please DO NOT accept vague answers.  That’s simply not good enough.  Whoever is running in your district  needs to be as transparent as possible in order to get our vote!  Let your voices be heard.  Get the answers!  photo NorthCarolinaSenateMap_zpsf3ad026e.png For reference these are the 50 state senate districts. You can find more detailed maps here.  To contact your representatives, GO HERE SunriseBroadcastinglogo Sunrise Broadcasting, LLC supports the renewal of the film incentives in the 2014 short session. These editorials and others like them will be heard on Sunrise Radio Stations in the months of February, March and April. LISTEN NOW keepncMake sure you are a part of the movement. You are a voter, you have a voice.  Help end the “sunset” permanently, keep the film incentives indefinitely!

QUESTION: I heard that most of the people that work on films in North Carolina, don’t actually live here. Click here for the ANSWER. QUESTION: What are our current North Carolina Film Incentives? North Carolina offers a 25% refundable incentive to all productions who spend a minimum of $250,000 and up to $80 million dollars per film. Spending for television does not have a cap. So far, productions have generated a direct in-state spend of more than one billion dollarsVisit the North Carolina Film site for complete details.  Contact Aaron Syrett, the Director of the NC Film Office at (866) 468-2273 or QUESTION: What’s the difference between North Carolina’s Film Incentives and Georgia’s?  We did a special blog about this question.  Click here for the ANSWER. QUESTION:  Everyone is talking about a sunset when it comes to the film incentives.  What exactly is a “sunset?” We did a special blog about this question.  Click here for the ANSWER. QUESTION: So why does North Carolina need film incentives anyway? We did a special blog about this question.  Click here for the ANSWER. QUESTION:  What film incentives do the other states offer? We did a special blog about this question.  Click here for the ANSWER. QUESTION: Do the tax payers pay for police officers and fireman when used on a movie set? We did a special blog about this question.  Click here for the ANSWER. Got a question about the NC Film Incentives?  Ask below!

EUE/Screen Gems Wilmington, NC


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  6. Please reach out to me about promoting film in NC.
    I handle resource devlopment for a non-profit productions company out of Raleigh, and we are in need of funding to continue to support Tony Adams, the ONLY lobbyist who has been a consistent presence at the state legislature. Tony has had a direct impact on the decision making process about the film incentive. Please reach out to me to realize the importance of keeping a lobbyist at work in the house and senate.
    Donate at to have Tony Adams personally change the Film incentive to also promote small businesses and to keep it for years to come!
    -Alex Chaffee

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