THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 03/17/2014 Under the Dome, Red Zone, The Longest Ride, Catherine Hardwicke and more.


Wooo Hooo!  Man, go ahead and ask me if I got any sleep this weekend.  Go ahead! Ask me! Hell NO!  But was it worth it?  Hell Yes!  We got the EXCLUSIVE over the weekend giving you the complete cast list for Nikki Toscano’s Red Zone!  But hold your horses, let’s do this one show at a time!

UTD_Dale Raoul_Andrea Grinnell

Dale Raoul made it into Wilmywood over the weekend as she is back Under the Dome.  After working through the weekend, the Domies are back on the sound stages this morning. Welcome back Dale!

Satellite Lots of stars were out and about in Wilmington this weekend.  First, was the Secrets and Lies wrap party Saturday afternoon over at Satellite Lounge.  Although they are done in Wilmington, they will be in Charlotte for two days this week.


Now, on to Red Zone! 1900 was the place to be!  A private dinner was held for the director, James Foley, producers Nikki Toscano and Bill Johnson and some of the cast from Red Zone. Yes, they are all in town and we have the COMPLETE cast list. Find out who else was at the ritzy private dinner!  READ MORE NOW  Day one of production is today!  They will be shooting in the Forest Hills area!  Happy filming folks!

PhilWell, you know I have been bragging about our NC boy who wrote the book, The Returned.  It was adapted into the television series Resurrection. Well, April and I just happened to run into him at a fundraiser Saturday night! Celebrity comic book artist Phil Jimenez was in town to help raise money for the Wilmington based non-profit, JasonMottAnimal Warriors.  Mind blowing talent and a super nice guy!  But who did we discover is a comic book fan?  None other than author, Jason Mott.  I really think I embarrassed myself, I totally freaked out and went all fangirl on him!  Ha!  But he agreed to come talk to us after he meets his deadline on his latest book, so I couldn’t have been that horrible.  Or maybe this will be a pity interview! Either way, look forward to hearing him on The Sunny Morning Show on Sunny 104.5  in about two weeks!

NicholasSparksWhile some have been here since last week, other crucial office staff members for the Nicholas Sparks flick The Longest Ride flew in over the weekend.  Look for them to go into pre-production super soon!

Catherine-hardwickeAnd guess who else was sniffing around our hot town?  My sources tell me the one and only Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke.  Yep, she’s got at least 5 projects brewing so who knows which one she’s scouting for.


Also, guess which production was brought up again?  Loomis Fargo. I’ve got the scoop on that, too.  Find out all the details in tomorrow’s blog!  Damn, what a tease!

EP Jack Bender

REMINDER: The Wilma W. Daniels Gallery (200 Hanover St.) is  showcasing Under the Dome’s Jack Bender’s art NOW through the 29th of this month.  Three of his pieces will be from Season One  of Under the Dome.  Think Pink Stars!  We will also get a sneak peek at some of the beautiful pieces for the upcoming season. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 12pm-5pm.  However, a special night is reserved for you to mingle with the artist that is Jack Bender this Saturday, March 22nd from 6pm-9pm.

filmjobsLOOKING FOR THOSE FILM=JOB STICKERS? Sunrise Broadcasting has a few.  Feel free to stop by and grab you one while they last at 25 N. Kerr Ave. (near the intersection of Market and Kerr across from the new Walgreens). Offices are open from 8:30am-5:30pm M-F.  Please one sticker per person please.  They will run out fast!  Thanks!


That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila_brothers@yahoo.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 03/17/2014 RED ZONE – The Complete Cast List

The RED ZONE cast is complete.  The final cast member to be announced is… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

kim-dickens copyCongrats to Kim Dickens!  This lovely southern girl has been seen on the big and small screen.  You might have seen her as Janette Desautel on HBO’s TREME, as Joanie Stubbs in HBO’s DEADWOOD or as Colette Jane on FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY.  In the movie world, she’s been in top notch flicks such as THE BLIND SIDE and coming this October she plays Detective Rhonda Boney in GONE GIRL.  Welcome to Wilmywood Kim!

So, who are the stars and what characters do they play?  Here’s your complete cast list.

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And the stars are already enjoying Wilmywood as RED ZONE held it’s first private cast dinner at 1900 Saturday night.  The owner Ken Oliver and executive chef Kirsten Mitchell, along with the staff threw down an amazing menu of food and beverage.

1900Director James Foley along with Producers Nikki Toscano and Bill Johnson spent a fun evening meeting and greeting each other in Wilmywood.  Some of the cast members enjoyed the evening as well.  In attendance was Kevin Rahm, Samantha Mathis, Graham Rogers, Stefanie Scott and David Castro just to name a few.  Our sources tell us the cast and producers (especially Nikki) completely fell in love with the place and the food.  However, that is just another day for Ken Oliver: delicious perfection.  Ken hosted the Tammy cast several times last year and they gushed over the food and atmosphere as well.

Today is officially day one of production.  They will shooting in the Forest Hills area.

Welcome to Wilmywood, RED ZONE peeps!

Under the Dome’s Samantha Mathis Returns; Kevin Rahm is Mad for Red

SamanthaMathisSamantha Mathis is returning to Wilmywood, but this time she won’t be Under the Dome.  She joins the quickly assembled cast of REDZONE.  Mathis will play Olivia Jordan. Great news for the Under the Dome cast and crew.  They will be glad to see her again. This time around she is playing it straight as Kevin Rahm will play opposite Mathis as her husband, Paul Jordan.

Kevin RahmKevin Rahm has been on the small screen pretty much nonstop since 1995.  He’s most well known for playing the character Lee McDermott on DESPARATE HOUSEWIVES and most recently as Ted Chaough on MAD MEN.  But I still have a love for his time as Kyle McCarty on JUDGING AMY.  Congrats Kevin! And Welcome to Wilmywood!

As reported earlier, we have our Revolution boy back, Graham Rogers.  He will being playing Jake, the son of Olivia and Paul Jordan.

RED ZONE(Pilot) – NBC for CBS
STATUS: Production begins March 17th.
PRODUCER:  Kerry Erhin, Nikki Toscano
DIRECTOR: James Foley
LP: Bill Johnson
PM: Chris Bromley
WRITER: Nikki Toscano
CREW RESUMES TO: productionredzone@gmail.com
CAST: Anthony LaPaglia, Aimee Garcia, Shanley Caswell, Stefanie Scott, Graham Rogers, David Castro, Samantha Mathis, Kevin Rahm

A retired CIA operative Holden Weller who, when a terrorist event rocks Washington, D.C., is pulled back into action, forced to investigate closer to home where the next generation of terrorists is being bred.

BREAKING RUMOR: Anthony LaPaglia Nabs Lead Role in Red Zone

by Sheila Brothers and April Vickery

Our sources tell us that there is a strong indication that Emmy and Golden Globe winner, Anthony LaPaglia will sign on to play the role of “Holden.” As you have read here on the Wilmywood Daily, “Holden” is the retired C.I.A operative who is thrust back into the field when a terrorist attack hits Washington, DC.

Anthony is no stranger to Wilmywood either!  Mr. LaPaglia was in the hometown favorite EMPIRE RECORDS (1995).

Anthony is best known for his role as FBI agent, “Jack Malone” on the show ‘WITHOUT A TRACE’ so the action of ‘RED ZONE’ should be right up his alley! In fact, this talented actor has built his career on playing the tough guy role. It’s rumored that he was originally asked to play Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series, but turned it down. Luckily for us, if he chooses ‘RED ZONE’ we will get to see this tough Aussie in action.

The extras casting director for RED ZONE, Marty Siu has already begun sending out numerous calls for extras and she will be needing a ton for this pilot. Production begins Monday!

Be sure to keep up with The Wilmywood Daily for those casting calls and updates on the show’s progress.

Wilmywood will be glad to have Anthony back!

UPDATE: AND 3 HOURS LATER, WE HAVE CONFIRMATION: http://www.deadline.com/2014/03/anthony-lapaglia-to-topline-cbs-drama-pilot-red-zone

RED ZONE(Pilot) – NBC for CBS
STATUS: Production begins March 17th.
PRODUCER:  Kerry Erhin, Nikki Toscano
DIRECTOR: James Foley
LP: Bill Johnson
PM: Chris Bromley
WRITER: Nikki Toscano
CREW RESUMES TO: productionredzone@gmail.com
CAST: Anthony LaPaglia, Aimee Garcia, Shanley Caswell, Stefanie Scott, Graham Rogers, David Castro

Aimee Garcia and Shanley Caswell Join Nikki Tuscano Pilot

Congrats to our latest stars that will be gracing Wilmywood! Shanley Caswell and Aimee Garcia will join the cast of what was once called the Red Zone is now back to its original vague title, The Untitled Nikki Tuscano Project.  

caswellShanley Caswell is making her back to Wilmywood, as she was just recently here for The Conjuring. She will play Holden’s daughter, a “cute but slightly awkward teenager with a lively interest in world affairs.”

aimeeDeadline reports that  Aimee Garcia (Dexter, Robocop) will be playing Vera Bradley, “a whip-smart, driven and impatient case officer with the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism department.”  READ MORE NOW FROM DEADLINE

More casting news to come this week!  Stayed tuned for more!

STATUS: Pre-Production. Production begins Mid-March
PRODUCER:  Kerry Erhin, Nikki Tuscano
DIRECTOR: James Foley
LP: Bill Johnson
PM: Chris Bromley
WRITER: Nikki Tuscano
CREW RESUMES TO: productionredzone@gmail.com