WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 07/01/2013 – Exciting things at EUE/Screen Gems. More confirmations about Reese Witherspoon Flick.

 If you are a Reese Witherspoon fan, there were MAJOR RUMORS SWIRLING over the weekend.  A few weeks back, I told you the folks were scouting the area for the film Three Little Words starring that cutie pie Reese.  Well, word on the lot is not only were production heads approached for potential hires, but I was told a few, already accepted positions.  SA-WEET!


Hoping the rumors are indeed true because it sounds like a great story, sweet and tearful.  The logline reads, “A volunteer comes to the aid of a teenage girl who has been lost within a state’s child-welfare system for almost a decade.”  Reese will star along with Amanda Seyfried.  But my personal favorite part is one of the producers is the FABULOUS Jami Gertz!  LOVE HER!  Hello Lost Boys flashback! Got some great actresses in it combined with a sob story.  I’m ready, Kleenex in hand!  Interesting to note, this flick was offered for pre-sales at Cannes this year.  With all that being said, I am still listing this as RUMOR, at least for now!

Screen GemsEUE/Screen Gems is gonna get busy a buildin’  Well, they hope to, but I hear it is very promising.  We haven’t seen a back lot since 2001’s Black Knight starring Martin Lawrence.  Now over a decade later, we might just see it again.  As Sleepy Hollow gets into gear, they are loving the treeline on the vacant space, and the location is ideal for such a headless horseman’s tale.  Hopefully if all goes well, we will see that once again.  And I mean everyone!   Screen Gems is also (fingers crossed) going to allow tours once again.  They have had phone calls pouring in from TV/Movie fans wanting to catch a glimpse of the sets.  Out of the 10 sound stages Screen Gems has to offer, Eastbound and Down has stage 6, Under the Dome has stages 7 and 8, and now with Sleepy Hollow coming next month, they will take over a stage or two and then secure the back lot.  I dunno about you, but even I want to go on the tour!  EUE/Screen Gems is hoping for an August start.  I will let you know when it is official.ncfilm

The folks from the NC Film office as well as the Wilmington Film Commission were in LA last week for the AFCI Locations Trade Show, they said they continue to see lots of interest in North Carolina.  A press release should be out within the next day or two.

 Ready for Episode two for Under the Dome?  Don’t forget 232323232%7Ffp437(6)nu=4 );79)233)WSNRCG=36 3 3(4 ;324nu0mrjHell’s Kitchen is where it’s at -the official viewing headquarters for Under the Dome tonight @10pm.  And again some LIVE tweeting from the cast and fans!  #UnderTheDome.  Over the weekend, we got some final numbers for the ratings of #UndertheDome and their ratings rose again thanks to DVR! After they pulled the DVR records, the CBS series rose from 13.5 to 16.69 million viewers!!  I will be waiting anxiously on Tuesday for Episode 2′s numbers!  I will post them as soon as I find out!

Wanna know where some of the scenes were shot in Under the Dome? Check the Special Edition blog from yesterday.

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