MIKE VOGEL goes Under the Dome for Season 3

Mike Vogel goes Under the Dome. During the CBS Press Junket for Season 3 , we caught up with Mike who plays Barbie on the show.  We ask questions from the fans, give some shout outs to Brazil and discuss his taste in music!  Enjoy!

Under the Dome‘s two-hour premiere is Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 9pm-11pm EST on CBS!

UTDradioCamera Crew:
Charles Roarke
Jonathan Herring

COLIN FORD goes Under the Dome for Season 3
DEAN NORRIS goes Under the Dome for Season 3
ALEXANDER KOCH goes Under the Dome for Season 3
MAX EHRICH goes Under the Dome for Season 3
KYLIE BUNBURY goes Under the Dome for Season 3

And the overnight numbers are in! UNDER THE DOME: Episode 2:

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Under the Dome had monster numbers last week in which it became CBS’s highest rated summer premiere  since 2005.  Under the Dome was also the highest rated program among adults 18-49 and with with Total Viewers for the week of June 24-30.  Will we see a season two? It’s all about the numbers.  Let’s see how Under the Dome fared last night!

Originally, the overnight numbers revealed 11.5 million viewers, a 2.8 rating with Adults 18-49.  beating the score of MISTRESSES and SIBERA combined.” Under the Dome was adjusted up a tenth this afternoon among adults 18-49 versus Monday’s preliminary ratings.   Under the Dome  now at a 2.9 rating w/ 11.81 million viewers.

I’ll keep you posted if any other adjustments come in.