Wilmywood: 9th Spookiest cemetery in the USA thanks to Sleepy Hollow

Thanks to our Fox show, Wilmywood is getting more recognition.  Last week, we found out that Wilmington was deemed Best American Riverfront thanks to your vote in USA Today.  Now Fox News has put out the top 10 list of Spookiest Cemeteries in the US.

Wilmington’s Bellevue Cemetery comes in at #9.  Fox News describes the place as a favorite spot for filming, Sleepy Hollow.

“It may be a serene resting place during daylight, but add a little Hollywood fog and moonlight and it becomes a setting worthy of the headless horseman.”

Kudos to Star News photographer Matt Born for his photo being used in the article!

The St. James Parish cemetery in WIlmington also made the list, coming in at #10. It’s one of the oldest in town and was noted for “the grave of a man who was buried alive and lost all of his fingertips trying to scratch his way out.”


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 12/05/2013 Local Filmmakers sell at AFM, Sleepy Hollow, PCAs and more.

Good morning Wilmywood!  Let’s start with our local boys from The Forgery.  Last time I wrote about Amariah and Obin Olson, they were coming off their AFM high, teasing us with good things to report. Finally, the news is out.  Looks like Continental Media landed the Brothers Olson thriller Unknown Caller. According to Screen Daily, rights have gone to Koch Media for Benelux, CCC for Taiwan and Line Tree Entertainment for South Korea, with several other territories under negotiation.

Continental Media is gearing up for screenings in LA and New York for North American buyers in the New Year.  READ ALL ABOUT UNKNOWN CALLER


With the fog so thick this morning, it’s the perfect atmosphere to gear up for another fabulous day on the set of Creepy Hollow, um, Sleepy Hollow, that is.  The gang gets ready for a lil’ Sis-Boom-BANG!  A surprise attack awaits a couple of key characters so you know they will be some action at the Bellevue Cemetery off Princess Place Drive.  Stunts and prop guns galore!  I am hoping to see some great stills from our awesome local gent Brownie Harris from this scene.  The action will continue from this afternoon into the overnight hours.

39th Annual People's Choice Awards - ShowVOTING ENDS TODAY! The People’s Choice Awards.  Make sure to vote, vote, and vote again for your NC FILM favorites.  Sleepy Hollow is on the list!   Check out the list of NC Nominees NOW!

Oh, and I cannot forget to give major kudos to our local filmmakers for this ad campaign. They did such a great job on this commercial.  This is the first of two :30 spots shot for Reeds Jewelers produced by The Lighthouse Film Company.

BEST_OF_2014_VoteEncore is doing the “Best of” issue again and I sure would LOVE YOU if you voted for The Wilmywood Daily for “BEST BLOG” !!  Nominations end December 18th! And hey if you wanna nominate Sheila Brothers for “Best Local Radio Personality,” I won’t mind that either!  Ha!  But hey, yes indeed, it is not all about me or the blog, make sure you vote for “Favorite Filmmaker” whoever you love here in Wilmywood.  We got a lot of incredible local filmmakers in this town! They are all on page 3 under “arts, entertainment and media.”

keepncMake sure you are a part of the movement, you are a voter, you have a voice.  Help end the “sunset” permanently, keep the film incentives indefinitely! Visit KEEPNCFILM.org NOW and LIKE their Facebook page

Shop the Wilmywood T-shirt Shop! Deadline for orders to arrive before Christmas is set for December 13.  SHOP NOW!


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THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 10/15/2013 – Squeeze Cast, Christmas in Conway Premiere, Sleepy Hollow


Jillian Murray

More actors and actresses have arrived in Wilmington for The Squeeze.  Yesterday, I reported that Jeremy Sumpter arrived.  Now I can tell you Christopher McDonald, Jillian Murray and Katherine LaNasa flew in yesterday.

Katherine LaNasa

Katherine LaNasa

Jillian is an up and coming actress who is really popping this year.  The Squeeze will one of 5 films she is working on in 2013.  As for Katherine you might remember her in The Frozen Ground or better yet, The Campaign as Rose Brady.


Chris McDonald

The most recognizable face however is Christopher McDonald.  You’ve seen him in, well…what haven’t you seen him in!  Chris been in over 160 projects along with 8 flicks yet to be seen.  I think he is most famous for playing the best jerk ever, Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore.  At the airport, he was instantly spotted and some Wilmington folks said he was super nice to everyone while taking pictures with a few fans at baggage claim.


The Conjuring and Iron Man 3, are in the running for Movie of the Year for the 2013 Hollywood Movie Awards.  They need your vote to make that happen!   The awards will be presented October 21st.   Today is the LAST DAY to vote!  VOTE NOW!  

WWAY is proud to annnounce we now have a premiere date for Christmas in Conway!  Mark your calendars for December 1st.  It will air on WWAY, our ABC affiliate.  The movie stars Mary-Louise Parker, Andy Garcia and Mandy Moore. READ WWAY ARTICLE

filmjobsLobbyists from Raleigh visited with Wilmington City Council during their agenda brief yesterday. The lobbyist’s spoke about what the local lawmakers could expect in 2014. The Lobbyists said that one of the most important issues facing the state concerns film incentives.

“We’re working to try and educate legislators,” said Harry Kaplan of McGuire Woods Consulting firm in Raleigh. We continue to educate them about the importance of that film credit both here in Wilmington and New Hanover County, but also across North Carolina, the jobs and economic development that it brings to the state.”

Thom Tillis,  Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, has already said he supports keeping the incentives in the state. The state film incentive legislation is currently set January, 1 2015.  Learn more about the film incentives.

tommisonAnd last not not least how about a standing ovation for another great episode of Sleepy Hollow! Ichabod kept us laughing out loud with his “impenetrable barrier” issues with plastic and his fascination with scotch tape.  But of course, the suspense, drama and curiosity blended in perfectly.  Like butter baby!  Kudos to writer Melissa Blake for her mad skills and to 12 year old Matt Lintz for a great performance!   I will be posting, per usual, the ratings in a separate blog today by 11:30am EST.


There’s nothin’ more fun than filming at the Bellevue Cemetery in the month of October!   They will be shooting tonight at that location on Princess Place Drive.  Perhaps you will see good ole Headless as he chases another character on horseback.  Awesome!  God, I love this town!

Need to catch up on episodes?  Watch them all NOW only on FOX! Remember, Sleepy Hollow is being interrupted by baseball, so the next episode airs November 4th!

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THE WILMYWOOD DAILY 10/07/2013 – Cast of the Squeeze, Sleepy Hollow, and More.

chrismcdonaldHappy Monday!  More info is coming out about The Squeeze. Let’s start with the rumored cast!  Some sources have told me Michael Nouri (Flashdance / The Proposal / The Terminal) is starring as well as Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore) in this golf flick.  Now, I cannot confirm the cast yet, but I can confirm the reason for Anne Archer‘s visit to Wilmywood.  Not only is she here to support her husband of 35 years, writer/director/producer Terry Jastow, but she is also one of the producers as well.

Get ready for another sleepless night as Sleepy Hollow is on tonight!  9pm on FOX! In tonight’s episode, Ichabod helps Abbie search for her sister that has escaped from the psychiatric hospital.   I asked Chitra Elizabeth Sampath, one of the writers/story editors on Sleepy Hollow, what we can expect in tonight’s episode and Chitra said, “We’re gonna meet some pretty evil dudes who may or may not return.” Baaahahahaa!!!  Gee, thanks girl! Maybe we should just take a look at this sneak peek:

Weather permitting, the Sleepyheads will be shooting at Bellevue Cemetery, as well as on Princess Place Dr. adjacent to cemetery.  It will be a fun scene today as a chase ensues between good ‘ole Headless and one of the other characters on horseback.

tommisonOn a side note, congrats to Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) who just won Best Supporting Actor in the British Romantic Comedy, Dead Cat, at the Southhampton International Film Festival.  (Thanks to @TomMisonFans for that info.)  Here’s the trailer:

werethemillersAlthough We’re The Millers is coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray November 19th, it is still making bank at the box office.  After this weekend, it is grossed 144.9M in the US, and almost 240M worldwide.

 That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila@1045sunnyfm.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!