THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 10/04/2013 The Conjuring, Sleepy Hollow, The Squeeze

ConjuringI told you a while back that our horror flick The Conjuring was a huge success. It ranks #7 on the TOP US grossing horror films list. Well, it gets a bit more insane when you look at the international numbers. With The Conjuring $300M This James Wan movie is now the third highest grossing supernatural horror film, only behind The Exorcist and The Sixth Sense. Huge congrats to the cast and crew!Sleepy-Hollow-Title

And more congratulations are in order for so many this morning. I reported yesterday that Sleepy Hollow was the first of the fall shows to receive their 2nd season order. We all knew it was coming, but it was great seeing the splashing headlines everywhere! If you are worried that the show might leave, don’t concern yourself as they have no plans to do so.  Episode 4 airs this Monday at 9pm EST on FOX!!  And if you missed Episode 3, it will air tonight on FOX at 9pm EST as well!  CASTING FOR SLEEPY HOLLOW: male and female kids ages 8-10, children sizes 7-12, all ethnicities for filming this Tuesday on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Find out all the details now!

VanessaNcastingI also announced yesterday that Vanessa Neimeyer was selected to be the Extras Casting Director for The Squeeze.

CASTING CALL FOR THE SQUEEZE ethnically diverse children’s choir between the ages of 8-12 years old. Find out all the details now!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!


VanessaNcastingCongratulations to Vanessa Neimeyer for landing the Extras Casting Director gig for The Squeeze.  Principal photography begins in about two weeks, but Vanessa will need some immediate background.  She will be posting some info on her casting facebook page shortly for all background talent.  If you haven’t done so, please “like” the NCasting page for all the details.   She is very happy, so give her some kudos too while you are at it!

Directing/Producing/Writing: Terry Jastrow.  George Parra is Producing.

CREW CALL: The Squeeze

The Squeeze, the latest film to come to Wilmywood, is officially accepting resumes from CREW and CREW ONLY.

This golf themed movie is produced by George Parra.

Please send resumes to:

BACKGROUND: They have not decided on an extras casting director as of yet.  I will keep you posted as soon as I know.


WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD – 08/14/2013 Spongebob, Dirty Dancin,

ConjuringWilmington shot The Conjuring is now at #7 on the Top US grossing horror movies of all time! Jaws still remains #1 after more than 38 years.

Sleepy Hollow is shooting behind Screen Gems today.  Gonna be a cool scene.  Those damn witches!  They are setting car on fire! Explosions!

Yesterday, we hit 2nd place.  Let’s try to take over New York and reach the #1 spot to ensure our early screening of Sleepy Hollow!  VOTE NOW and VOTE EVERY DAY

100MEDIA_IMAG0358River Guard is filming on 42nd St today. Actually they’ve been shooting since 4:30am!  Yuk!

Christmas in Conway is back in Forest Hills again.  WECT got a hold of a couple of great tidbits.  Mary-Louise Parker stopped by the Dr. Robert M. Fales Hospice Pavilion in Wilmington this weekend to get a better understanding of hospice while she works on the Hallmark movie READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE NOW

logo_onwhite-350And it’s back!  The 3rd annual Dirty Dancing Festival is this Saturday in Lake Lure, NC where a lot of the film was shot.  The money raised from the festival will go to the fight against pancreatic cancer, the very same form of cancer that killed Patrick Swayze.

martysiuAnd finally, sorry I didn’t get to this earlier but CONGRATS to Marty Siu!  Our local girl is the official extras casting director for the next Spongebob movie, to be filmed in Savannah, GA during the month of October.  This will be the sequel.  They are mixing live action with animation.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YET.  Marty will let us know when she is ready!  But you can give her major kudos for getting the gig!  Wish it was here, but hey, we love our Marty!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 07/31/2013 UTD, EBD, Film=Jobs and autographed movie swag!

UTD4Today in the final day of shooting  Under  the Dome: Season One.  They will be on stage for the final time.  Okay well until they gear back up for Season Two.  I am gonna miss talking about these great people!  The number came in for Episode 6 yesterday and they are still on top for the fifth week in a row by a long stretch!  Still holding on to over 11 million viewers!


English: Cat Cora in April 2010.

English: Cat Cora in April 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Iron Chef Cat Cora joins in on the fun tomorrow on Eastbound and Down they will be shooting on the stage today.

Local boy, Mike Waggett is a recruiter for different reality shows throughout the year.  This time around he has these two casting calls:  First up a reality show for CMT:

SWEET HOME ALABAMA SEASON 4 ON CMT.  CASTING BACHELORS WITH BIG PERSONALITIES! CMT is in search of Southern gentlemen aged 21-28 who are bachelors with BIG personalities  for this dating series.   SUBMIT TO  NAME, AGE, PHOTO, OCCUPATION, CITY YOU RESIDE with SWEET HOME ALABAMA SUBMISSION in the subject line.

Also, Mike is on the lookout for Mother-­‐Daughter teams for a reality show about the unique, stressful and often volatile relationship between Mothers and their Daughters.  Do you and your Mother or Daughter do something together that you SHOULDN’T? Do you party together, are you shopaholics, or both addicted to the same things, like food, tattooing, or plastic surgery? Then please send an email to us as soon as possible at :


Did you vote today?  An early screening of Sleepy Hollow could come to Wilmington with your help!  Make sure to DEMAND it! We’re gonna need at least 50 votes today to stay in the top 3!  DEMAND it now!

filmjobsAnd finally I wanna thank EUE Screen Gems for hooking you up these stickers that many of you have been trying to locate!  I will have them to hand out this coming Friday as we begin with the Sunny 104.5 Caring for Kids at NHRMC campaign.  The Radiothon is September 18th & 19th but we are getting a head start with donation stops.  Stop #1 is Friday from 11am -1pm at Carolina BBQ at Murrayville Station on N College Rd.  Stop by and see me, drop in a donation, any amount is fine, and I will give you Film=Jobs sticker!  Plus, might as well eat as 10% of food sales will be donated to the Radiothon while I am there.  It’s like you are supporting 2 causes in one!!

UTD_ScriptWait to you see just how much the film industry is supporting our Radiothon.  We got some serious autographed swag for this year’s auction!  Here’s one item that will surely bring in some clams!  We’ve also got some great items from Authur Newman, The Conjuring, Tammy, even a “Screen Gems Experience!”  More details to come!!



Good Morning!  The numbers are in and Under the Dome is STILL #1 baby!  The numbers dipped slightly by 7% but still held a large enough audience to crush the competition with 10.6 million viewers.  They were not only #1 in their time slot, but #1 for the night! Which I will definitely place money on a season two. We should find out this week if that is true.

The folks under the dome will be shooting at Screen Gems today.  I wanted to give a huge thank you to Wayne Henderson and Troy Heinritz, two great guys who produce the “Under the Dome Radio Podcast.” I recently spent some time with them discussing the show, revealing a few locations and hyping up our NC film incentives along with our crew.  Take a listen when you can.

Also, guess who popped in the studio yesterday?  Cutie pie, John Elvis, who plays the character Ben!  We had a great time talking about life under the dome, his relationships with the cast and for the girls who have a crush on him, whether he is single or taken!   Check out his entire interview now!  

As soon as Sleepy Hollow begins productions, Christmas in Conway is not far behind!  Production begins for the Hallmark Movie around August 5th.  They don’t have the Extras Casting director finalized as of yet, but I will let you know!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!


Melissa McCarthy FIRES Extra For Mistreating Kid!


Marching orders were issued yesterday in Boiling Springs Lake on the set of Tammy as the star of the movie, Melissa McCarthy, had a PA remove an ill-tempered mother who was there with her son to play as Extras in the big lake scene.  The extras count quickly diminished by a pair when Melissa saw the woman being very “unmotherly” when trying to discipline her out-of-control child. TMZ got wind of it and reported:

The extra, a woman in her 20s, brought along her child — age approximately 4-5 — for the daylong shoot by a lake … and the standard $58 payday … sources tell TMZ. Witnesses say the young mom had been struggling with her kid all morning … constantly harping on the child to “stop it” and quiet down … loudly enough to disrupt the production, which included more than 200 extras. Sources say the last straw came when the mom harshly jerked the child up in the air by the wrist — and McCarthy saw it all. The director IMMEDIATELY had PAs bounce the woman … saying she wouldn’t tolerate abuse on her set … and that was that.

Read the full TMZ story!

I CAN CONFIRM THAT IT IS INDEED TRUE.  The Extras Casting Director said that she respects Melissa not just as an actress, but also as a person.  McCarthy has expressed that she will not tolerate such behavior.  She has also stated multiple times during production meetings and on set that it is very important to her that all cast and crew have a pleasant experience while working on Tammy.

Well said, Melissa, very well said.

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 05/07/2013 – Tammy, Homeland 3, Port City Pop Con, CFIFF



Lots of little tidbits today!  Let’s start with where the stars will be today.  The fabulous folks Under the Dome are back on the lot today.  The Perfect Summer will be in Carolina Beach today.  FYI they are looking for EXPERIENCED surfers for their upcoming beach scenes being filmed in Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach.  Please submit a current photograph, age, contact information & wardrobe sizes to: with the subject SURFER.

Tammy is already under way this morning along Nun St.  Allison Janney makes her way to set today. Folks who were involved in yesterday’s shoot at Two Fat Ladies gave glowing reports about their experience on set.  Kristin shares about her husband’s time on set.   “He had a blast filming today and Friday.  He said Melissa McCarthy was so nice and hilarious. He sometimes found it hard to keep a straight face while filming.  She thanked everyone at the end if the day. Class act!”

"Crystal Head Vodka"The highlight of the day, however, took place at the ABC store down the street.  No, I am not kidding!  Dan Aykroyd headed to the liquor store and signed bottles of his Crystal Head vodka.  Yep, Glenn was lucky to get his hands on one! She also gave major praise (well -deserved) to the extras casting director Marty Siu.  People are going to have fun filming on Tammy with such great people.  To get in on the action visit the extras casting page.  They will be hiring over 2000 folks for this film!

Let’s also give a quick nod to the filming going on west of us!  Homeland 3 is just about ready to roll in a couple of weeks.  They are back in North Carolina, mainly in the Charlotte/Concord area. You can find all the Extras Casting opportunities here for ‘Homeland 3,’ as well as ‘Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Banshee

Locally shot Safe Haven is hitting Blu-ray and DVD today. Although the film wasn’t released worldwide, it still managed to make a decent amount, pulling in over $71 million at the US box office.

You only have three more days to catch Arthur Newman (Colin Firth, Emily Blunt) at Carmike Cinemas in Wilmington.  It runs now  through Thursday, May 9th.  Showtimes daily are: 12:45pm, 4:10pm, 6:50pm, 9:25pm.


Finally, not only are we counting down the days until Port City Pop Con happening this weekend at the Wilmington Convention Center, but they have partnered with the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival which starts a day sooner (this Thursday)!  For this year’s line-up and to purchase tickets, visit CFIFF’s web site now!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  email me:  Until then, that’s a wrap!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 05/03/2013 Another mega-star in town,The Perfect Summer, Tammy, Candyman, and more



Happy Friday you beautiful peeps!  And we’re off!  It’s day 1 one for Melissa McCarthy and her hubby Ben Falcone.  The Tammy crew is off to Dawson Street today at Two Fat Ladies Restaurant.  That should be super fun!  Yesterday, I told you there was yet another  mega star coming into town today.  Well, I can now tell you that star….will be revealed after the break! or at the end of the blog!  Ha!


eric-RobertsIt’s also day one for The Perfect Summer today.  It stars Eric Roberts, Sydney Penny, Jason Castro, Adam Horner & Katie Garfield. They will be shooting in Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and downtown Wilmington.  The film wraps May 20th.

IM3 is breaking records across the world, first in Italy and now in China with estimated $21.5 million opening.   The previous record-holder for biggest opening day was Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, with a $17 million debut.  Many wondered why Iron Man 3 opened overseas first.  Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis said he wanted to open before the coming May Day holiday on May 1, when many foreign workers and schoolchildren have off. Experts say the US Box Office projections are well over $100 million.  Thank you Captain Obvious.

Actor Tony Todd (Candyman, Night of the Living Dead, Final Destination) is hanging out in Wilmington this weekend.  You can do some Karaoke with the Candyman at the Browncoat (111 Grace St, 910.341.0001) from 10:30-2am. Admission $20. Includes draft beer, 1 free raffle ticket.  He’s also doing a special networking dinner for all those aspiring filmmakers and actors.  Call the number above for more details)

biggest_loser_auditions1We had plenty of giveaways this week.  Here are the winners of the Biggest Loser Season 15 VIP Fast Passes that get you to the front of the line:

Missy Reynolds, John Mullis, Christina Miller, Jessica Tate, Tabithia Smith, Samantha Clanton, Stephanie Garcia, Carlos Garcia, Stacy Barnes, Drucilla Harrison and Angie McSweeney.  Auditions are tomorrow in Charleston, SC at the Music Farm on Ann St from 10am-6pm.  Good luck – we would love to have a Wilmington, NC contestant this year!

I am still giving away VIP passes to Port City Pop Con, which is May 10th & 11th at the Wilmington Convention Center.  ENTER NOW!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates live at 8:30am Monday morning and every weekday on Sunny 104.5.  Until then, that’s a wrap!

Oh, P.S.  Please welcome DAN AYKROYD into town!! Wooo hoooo!!!!!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 05/02/2013 Jon Favreau, Tammy, Arthur Newman, VIP tickets



Hey there beautiful peeps!  I have a lot of reminders for you this morning as well as prizes and your daily scoop.

Revolution’s Giancarlo Esposito will be making his  guest appearance TODAY at the Country Club of Landfall for the annual fundraising luncheon for Coastal Horizons Center. Tickets are still available by contacting Farah Boyce 910-790-0187 or  They are asking for a donation of $50 or more to attend the event.

Tammy is ready to get rolling tomorrow. They will be heading over to Dawson St for Day 1.  Two Fat Ladies Restaurant will be honored with Melissa McCarthy‘s presence.  This will be the pinnacle scene which sets off the series of events that leads to the crazy road trip Tammy embarks upon with her crazy grandmother.

Other tidbits include Under the Dome.  They shoot by the 6th street bridge again today.  Safe Haven will be available on DVD/Blue Ray this Tuesday.

Executive Producer Jon Favreau was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about shooting Iron Man 3 in Wilmington.  Check out what he said:

Arthur Newman, shot right here in the ILM area, has a LIMITED release which will be Friday, May 3rd through Thursday, May 9th.  Showtimes daily are: 12:45pm, 4:10pm, 6:50pm, 9:25pm at Carmike Cinemas.

I gave some tickets away during my Wilmywood segment on Sunny 104.5 at 8:30am BUT if you worked on the film, I am giving you dibs, too!  Email: and give me your name, phone number, email and job title on the Colin Firth flick!   Put Arthur Newman in the subject line.  Gonna pick a few cast/crew winners throughout the day today and tomorrow, so enter now!

Portcitypopcon_sunny2 copyAlso, the first two winners of VIP passes for Port City Pop Con are Mike Hewett and Katherine Beard.  Stay tuned to win your VIP passes.  I had the honor of interviewing one of the celebs of the Pop Con, Renae Jacobs, this morning.  She was the voice of reporter April O’Neill on all 9 seasons of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesLISTEN TO INTERVIEW NOW!

Finally, another mega star arrives in Wilmington tomorrow, who do you think it is?  I am going to pick someone’s right answer and give them a pair of VIP passes to Port City Pop Con!  Answer on our What’s Up in Wilmywood Facebook Page!  Good Luck!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates live at 8:30am tomorrow morning and every weekday on Sunny 104.5.  Until then, that’s a wrap!