How is 2016 shaping up for NC Film?

The Longest Ride. Image credit: David Pascua

It sure has been a while since I last blogged. Hell, there’s not a damn thing happening at the moment, so maybe we should look into the approaching new year. Here’s what I’ve been hearing. A LOT of conflicting information. One day I hear a production is definitely coming, people got interviewed, then the next day, it’s all up in the air. So lemme just give you a glimpse of what MIGHT happen. It’s the best I can do!

  1. Good Behavior – TV Series (TNT) – They shot the pilot here a couple of months ago. Will they return? Lord knows. From what I’ve heard, it is a traveling show, so it wouldn’t be necessary to stay in our area to shoot it.  So, mark this one a maybe. And, for the record, they have not announced a pick up yet, so, we might have to wait a bit longer.
  2. Untitled – TV series (CBS) – Back and Forth conflicting reports. A show that until about 2 months ago was a definite Wilmington pick up, now, I hear Toronto might be a possibility.
  3. Six – TV Series (History Channel) – A Weinstein Production that is sniffing around. If they do make Wilmington their home, it looks like a February start.
  4. Dirty Dancing – Telefilm (ABC) – Yes, you read that right. They are looking at Asheville. Again.  Hopefully it will be a go this time around. April is what I am seeing for things to get underway IF all things work out swimmingly. Abigail Breslin will play ‘Baby.’

None of these are set in stone at all. In fact, we might get one or two. That’s it. But I figured I would keep you in the loop. Now you know what I know thus far. I will keep you posted when I hear more.

CBS wants you to ‘Take Home the Dome’

CBS is giving you a chance to Take Home the Dome. Here’s your chance to own a few props & memorabilia from our Wilmywood show Under the Dome.

On November 30, fans of Under The Dome from around the world will have the opportunity to take home a part of the show when leading Hollywood collectibles auction site ScreenBid hosts an exclusive online auction of more than 500 production-used props, wardrobe items, set decorations, and other memorabilia from the CBS Television Studios produced series.

Under The Dome auction items are available now for preview.

Bidding will begin on November 30 and begin closing December 7.

Highlights from the auction include:

  • Chester’s Mill Map
  • Barbie’s Dog Tag
  • Angie’s Waitress Name Tag
  • Linda’s Engagement Ring
  • Rebecca’s Notebook
  • Pauline’s Sketchbook
  • Angie’s Bloody Bracelet
  • Christine’s Amethyst Ring
  • Dawn’s Bassinet
  • Angie’s City Postcards
  • Pauline’s Postcards to Lyle
  • Aktaion Energy Mug
  • Broken Dome Egg with Base
  • Dome Edge Rubber Asphalt
  • Sweetbriar Rose Diner Blood Rain-Stained Awning
  • Joe’s Dog Graphic T-Shirt Outfit

Fans can preview the auction online NOW at

Source: CBS

Under the Dome Set Dec/Prop Sale: Come get a Piece of Dome

The Under the Dome Set Dec and Prop Sale is coming up at the MCO Warehouse at 802 N. 23rd St.  It will be this Thursday through Saturday, August 27th-29th from 8am – 4:30pm.

There will have over 30,000 sq feet of furniture, art, household items, lighting, books, etc. If you saw it on TV, they have it – from Seasons One, Two and Three of the show.

It will be CASH only and no deliveries. So, hit up the ATM and get your piece of Wilmywood television history from Under the Dome!


The Wilmywood Daily – 07/14/2015 Blue Mountain State, Under the Dome, The Longest Ride

We’ve been waiting for it and after this tweet, I guess we will have to wait some more. But hey, at least we know Blue Mountain State is done! Now, who’s gonna make that call to Lionsgate?


Under the Dome shoots at the sound stages today.  Weather permitting, our Domies will be also heading to the Carolinian Motel on Market.  We get a taste of what’s to come for the rest of the season as a few cast members and producers chimed in during their panel at the 2015 Comic Con. Episode 5 – “Alaska” airs this Thursday at 10pm EST on CBS.

The Longest Ride Comes out on DVD today!  It’s just like owning a lil piece of North Carolina, isn’t it? BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON!



Our Domies head to Comic Con

It’s Comic Con time in San Diego and our Domies will be in attendance…well a few anyway. This afternoon (Ballroom 20) Dean Norris, Mike Vogel and Marg Helgenberger and executive producers Neal Baer and Tim Schlattmann head up a panel and they will give a sneak peek of what’s to come Under the Dome.

Meanwhile, episode 4, The Kinship airs tonight at 10pm EST on CBS. Here’s a quick scene teaser for ya with Kylie Bunbury and Marg Helgenberger.

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THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 06/29/2015 Rumors from the Lot

COLIN FORD goes Under the Dome for Season 3
DEAN NORRIS goes Under the Dome for Season 3
ALEXANDER KOCH goes Under the Dome for Season 3
MAX EHRICH goes Under the Dome for Season 3
KYLIE BUNBURY goes Under the Dome for Season 3
MACKENZIE LINTZ goes Under the Dome for Season 3

Under the Dome Ratings and One Word for Season 3

Although the two-hour season three premiere of Under the Dome was down 38% from the season two premiere, they still crushed the competition. Our Wilmywood shot show had nearly double the viewers than the other network rivals. So, we should still be pleased with the numbers. UTD garnered over 6 million viewers.  Not bad for its third time around.

From time to time, I contribute to the Community section of Entertainment Weekly regarding all television productions filmed right here in Wilmywood. Since we haven’t had much to talk about TV wise for months, it was great to be able to write and capture video for this awesome magazine.  My work is online only, but I still get pretty pumped about talking about filming in our awesome city!  So, whether you have seen the premiere of Under the Dome or not, here are the cast members attempting to describe season 3 in one word.  Enjoy!


What’s your one word?


RACHELLE LEFEVRE goes Under the Dome for Season 3

The countdown continues! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS until the premiere of Season 3 of Under the Dome! Rachelle LeFevre, who plays Julia Shumway on the hit TV series, discusses the new season, Barbie and Julia’s relationship, and she answers questions from the fans. Enjoy!

Under the Dome‘s two-hour premiere is Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 9pm-11pm EST on CBS!

UTDradioCamera Crew:
Charles Roarke
Jonathan Herring

COLIN FORD goes Under the Dome for Season 3
DEAN NORRIS goes Under the Dome for Season 3
ALEXANDER KOCH goes Under the Dome for Season 3
MAX EHRICH goes Under the Dome for Season 3
KYLIE BUNBURY goes Under the Dome for Season 3
MACKENZIE LINTZ goes Under the Dome for Season 3