VIDEO: (NC FILM) The entire press conference on June 4th in Raleigh, NC.

New Hanover County Representative Susi Hamilton kicked off the bipartisan film  incentive press conference yesterday from Raleigh, NC.  Here is the entire press conference.  Thanks to Charles Roark, WGSR, (Greensboro) for the footage and full support of our NC Film Incentives!

VIDEO: WILMYWOOD – 2014 Wilmington, NC Film Rally


As we gear up for the short  session that begins tomorrow, let us all be reminded of  how important this vote is.  We’d like to thank our friends from Star News 47 out of Greensboro for shooting the 2014 NC Film Rally and sharing it with us. (SEE BELOW)

Charles Roark, owner of 3 TV stations WGSR 47.7 Greensboro, WMDV 44.1 Martinsville, and WMDV 44.2 Danvilles stated, “I was totally amazed at the outpouring of community support at the Wilmington Film Rally.  I have covered rally’s for over 20 years and never seen the togetherness of the film workers and the local government leaders at any event.”

 Please send a message or phone call to our governor Pat McCrory as well as Sharon Decker and ask them to please HELP us!  Here’s their deets:

Twitter: @PatMcCroryNC