Two possible features for North Carolina

Looks like North Carolina has two possible feature films passing through North Carolina.

First up is Maximum Speed, a family drama about a racing family. They are said to be shooting at Texas Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway mid-summer or early fall.

Synopsis: It centers on Cody Wade, a young bull rider and the son of a racing legend who returns to stock-car racing to save the family legacy. Wade Motorsports only has one good driver, a rookie who’s fast and bold and the only woman on the circuit. Racing again is the only option, since Cody’s older brother is driving for his father’s arch enemy that wants to eliminate Wade Motorsports.

The movie is in active development and is being produced and directed by Aaron Norris.

Next up is the period piece Wilderness, which follows a confederate soldier during the battle of the Wilderness in the American Civil War.

Synopsis: At the Battle of the Wilderness, a warhardened, North Carolina Confederate soldier makes a fateful decision in the heat of battle that sends him on a journey home through a parallel wilderness.

Production is slated to begin in August and PW lists them shooting in 3 states. Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina. Richard De Wit is directing.

I have no idea how big our piece of the pie would be for either flick.  That’s all I have for now. If any more details come in, I’ll let ya know!

Banshee’s Director Greg Yaitanes’ wrap speech

Last week, Cinemax’s Banshee wrapped it’s third season in Charlotte, North Carolina. Director Greg Yaitanes gathered the cast and crew.  In a heartfelt speech of gratitude and sadness, he ended his talk with a farewell.

“The hardest thing I want to touch on is I want to thank this gang, North Carolina as our home. We’ve all talked to you individually, but…

It’s a very sad time when you look at what we built, both in the community, in relationships, what we physically built on stage to be pushed out essentially by state politics, not by our own doing, or our own failures.

bansheeWe’ve built up something great here and it’s sad for so many reasons, but yet I wanna look at the these years we have had here, the incredible show that we built, and the work we’ve done together is hard, I know, I work everybody here hard, I know it’s a tough show, I know we rolled with a lot of punched this year. But the work that has resulted that we will see in January is phenomenal and this crew and this gang which is a mix of people I have worked with on House and beyond…it’s exciting to see new and old everybody came together in a way that it’s been a time in my life I will always remember in my career, I will always cherish it. Thank you so much for everything.”

Just a couple of days ago, Governor Pat McCrory just wasn’t exactly sure if the film incentives expiring was the reason for Banshee‘s move to Louisiana.

Are we clear now, Governor?


A message to Speaker Tillis and members of the NC House.

Speaker Tillis (and members of NC House),

We represent over 10,000 registered voters who are either film workers, or are their families and friends. The decisions you make in the days ahead will determine if we can continue to work, pay taxes and raise families here.

We will all be voting in the November election, and you can be absolutely certain that we will be motivated to get others to do so as well. We love our communities, we love working here, and we do not want to see our livelihood pushed out of state. You have the power to help keep good, clean jobs here.

The fact is, North Carolina has built a clean, multi-billion dollar industry for over 30 years that employs thousands in life-long careers, and generates needed revenue for thousands of small businesses.

Film tourism brings unprecedented numbers of visitors and their vacation dollars here, making another dramatic and positive impact on our economy.

Georgia and South Carolina are most eager for you to do the wrong thing for North Carolina, and send our jobs and revenue their way. Just the rumor of losing our incentives has already sent several television series, their production dollars and jobs we need to other states.

We are asking you to do the right thing for our state, and extend the existing incentive as it is. We have a good thing going for all of North Carolina. Please, don’t destroy it. And you can count on the fact that we will remember, in large and active numbers, what you do to support the film incentive, or to destroy it.

Please see short video below from the NC Film Crew Members (Runtime 1:14).


Supporters of the NC Film Tax Incentive

VIDEO: “Max” – Call to Action for NC Film

We are the film crew of Max in Charlotte, NC.  We are all residents of North Carolina, NC tax payers, and North Carolina voters. Speaker Thom Tillis, please save our jobs in North Carolina by supporting the NC Film Incentives.  Let’s keep the film incentive here in North Carolina.

Max Shooting Crew

The feature film, Max, has filmed in this counties: Cleveland, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Gaston, Brevard, Transylvania, Hendersonville, Surry

This video was shot earlier in the week before the vote yesterday.  Thank you to all the crew and the film supporters for making those calls and writing those emails.  Your voice was heard.  The film incentives are in the budget.  We still have a long way to go with upcoming negotiations to determine the final language of the film incentives.  But today, let’s recognize you, who wants to keep your job, your home and your family in North Carolina!




CHARLOTTE, NC – Mickey Rourke/Emma Roberts feature accepting crew resumes

Ashby has officially opened up offices in Charlotte, NC. The comedy/drama starring Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts and Sarah Silverman is now accepting crew resumes. Please send resumes to with your position in the subject line.

Shooting will take place in the Charlotte area. Production should run about 5 weeks.


STATUS: Pre-Prod: NOW / Production: June 22, 2014
PRODUCERS: Kevin McCormick, Rory Koslow, Josh Kesselman, Compton Ross, Phil Hunt
LP: Scott Putnam
CAST: Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman

 Ashby follows the relationship between a high school student named Ed Wallis (Wolff) and his reclusive next door neighbor, Ashby who happens to be a retired CIA assassin (Rourke) and who only has months to live.

CREW CALL: MAX (War Dog Movie) Charlotte, NC


It has been confirmed and the news is out.  The family adventure MAX will be shooting in the Charlotte area!

CREW CALL:  Please email your resume and crew position in the subject line to:

Get ready dog lovers, here comes a family adventure from MGM StudiosSunswept Entertainment and Picture 8 Productions.  This family adventure film is inspired by true events.

A Belgian Shepard Malinois military working dog returns from active service in Afghanistan traumatized by his handler’s death. Erratic and dangerous, Max is adopted by the bereaved family and bonds with the marine’s troubled 14-year old brother. Together they unravel the secret behind his brother’s death and pull a family together again.

STATUS: Pre-Production.  Production begins May 5th and will wrap around June 20th.  Release date is set for 2015.
Producing is Karen Rosenfelt (Percy Jackson / Twilight).
Writer/Director/EP is Boaz Yakin.

This  is Yakin’s first family film since Remember The Titans. He most recently wrote Now You See Me, which our Sleepy Hollow buddies Kurtzman and Orci produced.

Feature and Pilot coming to NC, Max Steel hires LP, Sleepy Hollow 2, Full Belly Project.

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 12/19/2013 Letters to the Gov’na, Sleepy Hollow Not Done Yet and More!

Hey!  Happy Thursday!  Hope you are in the Holiday spirit.  Tis the season for giving back!  I have an idea for you.  Here’s a way you can help the community, and well, the state for that matter!

euesgsThe lovely Susan Dosier who does PR for Screen Gems Studios put out a blog post yesterday asking you for a small favor that will only take 5 minutes of your time! As you know, a couple of days ago, the Gov sent out a press release and made this statement:

“In addition to our state’s beauty, we’ve developed the workforce and artists that make North Carolina an ideal place to produce quality projects efficiently.”

Now is the time to keep the support strong and thank McCrory for his actions, letting him know we agree.  Susan said in her blog, “Please ask your colleagues, friends and family to send a note of appreciation directly to Governor McCrory’s press office before the end of the year.”  SEE DETAILS NOW  Seriously, 5 minutes of your time will help greatly!


Sleepy Hollow of course is one of our favorite shows, but it’s getting kudos from more than just the locals!  WECT sites a Time Magazine writer as a fan of the show.  James Poniewozik puts Sleepy Hollow on his top 10 list.

banner-tunedinBut James isn’t alone.  The good folks at has scoured the web to find more kudos for the show and Tom Mison himself.  Lists from TV GuideTelevision Without Pity, HitFix, Buddy TV and Newsday

For those who have a “thing” for locations, Jonathan Spiers of The Port City Daily wrote a nice little piece on what Sleepy Hollow uses as an exterior for the police station:  Our historic NHC courthouse on S 3rd St.  READ ARTICLE NOW.

sh_crewHollywood pretty much shuts down by the 2nd week of December, but not the folks of Sleepy Hollow.  They were hoping to wrap Season One by the weekend but some are saying they don’t know if they will even be done by Christmas.   The NC Film Crew along with the cast need a Christmas Bonus!  Are ya listening Fox?  The Sleepy folks are shooting on the lot today, then they “head” to the Bellevue Cemetery for the attack at the graveyard scene.  Looks like they are pullin’ an all-nighter…again.


39th Annual People's Choice Awards - Show40th annual People’s Choice Awards will air live on CBS on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. ET.  I checked again this morning and yep VOTING is still open for  Favorite New TV DramaVOTE NOW FOR SLEEPY HOLLOW!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow  morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 11/20/2013 Fincannons win Artios, Pieces of Talent, Sleepy Hollow location revealed

Atkinson (NC) High SchoolGood Morning Peeps!  Let’s kick it off with a Scribble to the Scribe!

QUESTION: WE are trying to figure out what building is being shown as the Tarrytown Mental Hospital where Abbie’s sister is?  It is driving us nuts. Looks like old Topsail High School, but we’re not sure. Didn’t know who else to ask!  Thanks, from the folks at Wilmington and Beaches CVB

ANSWER: Great question and a popular one.  The exterior of the old Atkinson High School has been transformed into the Tarrytown Mental Hospital. It is located in Atkinson, NC.  As for the interior, some of the interior is the old school, some is a set on stage like Jenny’s room, and some is the old Brunswick hospital.  On a historical note, the school was used from 1924-1975 as a high school and then finally a middle school. Today, the building is used  for  auctions each second Saturday; and rented out for special occasions and  movie production.


PiecesMore congratulations for our local boy Joe Stauffer’s Pieces of Talent.  The Horror now has a total of 17 awards. The film’s most recent win was at the New York City Horror Film Festival where they took home:
Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography (all Joe Stauffer), and Best Actress ( Barbara Weetman )

Check out the Full Award List NOW!   The film stars  David Long, Kristi Ray, Barbara Weetman, Nate Panning, Jon Stafford and Taylor Kowalski.

Charlotte (Kristi Ray) is an aspiring actress struggling to find her big break, but until she does, she can look forward to a future of waitressing and living with her pushy mother. Between being harassed at work and pestered at home, salvation seems farther and farther away – until she meets David (David Long). Rescuing David from an aggressive bouncer, Charlotte finds out her new friend makes movies for a living, and she immediately forms a connection with him. David of course takes kindly to the pretty woman’s newfound friendship, and decides he’d love to work with Charlotte on his next project. Charlotte has no idea what kind of filmmaker David is though, as we find out that starring in David’s movie can really be a career killer – zing!  Pieces of Talent is now available for pre-order on DVD.

keepncThe state has been doing an independent impact study on how the film industry affects our economy here in North Carolina.  It began in September and should be done next week.  But results may not be out for another month or two.  I will keep you posted. is asking you to make a 2 minute or less video about what it would mean to you if we lost NC Film and send them to your legislators.  They need everyone, cast, crew, vendors and small businesses who are affected by the industry.

homeland3It’s a damn good year for the Fincannons.  Congrats to Lisa Mae Fincannon and Craig Fincannon(Location Casting) who were up for three awards, and took home an Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting – Television Series – Drama with our NC shot TV series, Homeland.  The Casting Society of America hosted the 29th annual awards Monday night, which recognizes the year’s top casting directors.  This is the 3rd year in a row the Fincannons took home the prize from the Artios awards.  they won two in 2012 for Homeland (Outstanding Achievement in Casting – Television Series – Drama) and (Outstanding Achievement in Casting – Television Pilot – Drama) and in 2011 they won the award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting – Big Budget Feature – Comedy for Red.

39th Annual People's Choice Awards - ShowREMINDER:  Voting in The People’s Choice Awards is still happening!  Make sure to vote, vote, and vote again for your NC FILM favorites. Finalist voting ends on Thursday, December 5th!  Check out the list of NC Nominees NOW!

weremillersWe’re the Millers, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis is now available on DVD & Blu Ray.  BUY IT NOW from The Wilmywood Daily’s A-Store, powered by

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 11/05/2013 Under the Dome on DVD, Marilyn Manson, Nick Nolte, Robert Redford, Sleepy Hollow and more.

Robert RedfordAbout five years ago (maybe more), North Carolina got very excited about the film adaptation of Bill Bryson’s best-selling memoir, A Walk in the Woods. It was going to star Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson.  Newman was a little apprehensive about signing on.  According to a source, he said if he need the use of cue cards, he would not do the film.  Not much longer after that, the beloved philanthropist, took a turn for the worst and passed away.  All hope for the movie to be made was lost.  Skipping ahead to today, there is not only hope for the flick to rev up again, but two actors have recently signed on to the project. Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. According to, the film is a road-trip comedy about an aging travel writer who decides to hike the 2,000-mile Appalachian Trail, accompanied by a long-estranged high school buddy he’s been avoiding for years. Along the way, the duo face off with each other, nature and an eccentric assortment of characters only to discover that some roads are better left untraveled.   Larry Charles (Borat, Bruno) is set to direct.  It is aiming for a March start and a release date of December 4, 2014.  Although we probably will never see it here in Wilmington, hopefully the mid to western part of NC will hopefully see its return!
tscc3 I gotta thank Jody Hill and Danny McBride for giving our local skating center some love, as they kept the real name of the business, Jellybeans.  If you caught Danny McBride on Jimmy Kimmel, he talked about Marilyn Manson being here in Wilmywood, doing a scene for Eastbound and Down.  And if you don’t have the premium channel, you might have missed his rolling cameo on HBO.  Check it out.

SH_HeadlessIt was great to have Sleepy Hollow back on the small screen! The ratings will be out after 11am EST.  Rest assured I will be on it!  We will see if we held on to our audience during the baseball hiatus.  Today, they are transforming Greenfield Lake Park into Manhattan park.   They will be filming the actors traveling through park talking and then argument ensues.  You might be able to check out the action from afar as they will be in between the skate park and playground.  They will be adding a cute little hot dog stand and some extra picnic tables for a little character.


FINALLY IT IS HERE!  Under the Dome is out on DVD and Blu RayBUY IT NOW! Blu-Ray has more bonus features, but DVD is more affordable.  What are those special features?


  • Additional Scenes: Deleted Scenes
  • Featurette: Under The Dome: Filming the Pilot
  • Featurette: CBS Launch Promos
  • Featurette: Stephen King and “Under The Dome”
  • Featurette: “Under The Dome”: From Novel to Series”
  • Featurette: The World of “Under The Dome”
  • Featurette: “Under The Dome”: The First Season
  • Other: Joe’s Blog
  • Bloopers: Gag Reel

Blu-Ray Disc:

  • Featurette: Stephen King Visits Big Jim’s Car Dealership
  • Featurette: Under The Dome: Filming the Pilot
  • Additional Scenes: Deleted Scene
  • Featurette: The Visual Effects of “Under The Dome”
  • Featurette: CBS Launch Promos
  • Featurette: Stephen King and “Under The Dome”
  • Featurette: “Under The Dome”: From Novel to Series”
  • Featurette: “Under The Dome”: Executing the Finale
  • Featurette: The Wilmington Pilot Premiere
  • Featurette: The World of “Under The Dome”
  • Featurette: “Under The Dome”: The First Season
  • Other: Joe’s Blog
  • Bloopers: Gag Reel

UTDPremiere062013_0362Yep Blu-ray has our premiere!!! says it includes the interviews with cast members and creators, Mayor Saffo’s declaring June 24th “Dome Day,” and reactions to the gigantic success of the network premiere.

20% OFF SALE in the Wilmywood Store!!  With our early-bird discount, you can save a whopping 20%. Avoid the stress of last minute shopping right before Christmas. Going on now thru November 12th!  Use Coupon Code: EARLY20


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