Under the Dome cast try to describe Season 2 with one word.


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THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 06/23/2014 Film Incentives, Under the Dome Preview tonight, Sleepy Hollow, Longest Ride

Okay folks, today is a new day!  For all those who support the film industry, we must continue putting on the pressure! Thank you for being so amazing and diligent with your phone calls and emails. Negotiations will continue on the budget all this week. At this point there are two discussions going on.

1) Try to pass the grant program.
2) Extend the film incentives for another year.

We do not want the grant program.  With the November election approaching, we have made out message loud and clear, No FILM=No VOTES.



Now, onto the fun stuff! The wait is finally over, Wilmywood! Get ready to see TAMMY one day early! Almost 3000 folks from Wilmington worked hard on this movie, and we think you deserve to catch it BEFORE the release date! It’s the Sunny 104.5’s Early Premiere of Tammy!!

tammy-posterJoin us at Regal Cinemas in Mayfaire Town Center on Tuesday, July 1st, 8pm! Come early as we will have Tammy’s 1986 Car and jet ski on display in front of Regal Cinemas – Yes the vehicles used in the movie!  We got tickets to give away and just maybe some special prizes too! TIX WILL SELL OUT.  FOR TUES, JULY 1ST 8PM SHOW! BUY THEM NOW!

So while we wait for Tammy, let’s see if you can spot yourself in some of this delicious B-Roll footage.

Or perhaps take a look at what Melissa thinks about Tammy.

Our Sleepyheads are doing some fun scenes tomorrow.  They will be on the Riverwalk downtown, plus they get to do a cool scene on a yacht right on the Cape Fear River.  Great day to see Sleepy Hollow in action.

Katia has some Headless fun and she posted it over the weekend.


The Longest Ride is also downtown again today at the First Presbyterian Church on S. 3rd St

Under the Dome will be on the wound stages today, however they will be venturing out again tomorrow.

Over the weekend, our Domies celebrated Karla Chrome‘s birthday.  Happy Birthday sweet lady!

And yes, tonight is the big night of teases and excitement when it comes to all things Dome.


UNDER THE DOME: INSIDE CHESTER’S MILL” ONE HOUR SPECIAL – TONIGHT –  This exclusive one-hour special looks back at the premiere season of the hit summer series, featuring highlights from last season as well as new interviews with the cast and executive producers.  In addition, the special will tease what lies ahead for the residents of Chester’s Mill who are still trapped under the mysterious dome with an advance sneak peek at the season two premiere – An episode written by bestselling author and executive producer Stephen King. 

filmjobsLOOKING FOR THOSE FILM=JOBS STICKERS? Sunrise Broadcasting has a few.  Feel free to stop by and grab one while they last at 25 N. Kerr Ave. (near the intersection of Market and Kerr across from the new Walgreens).  Offices are open 8:30am-5:30pm M-F. WE GOT MORE!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  And on Thursdays during Cape Fear CW‘s Primetime News at 10!  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila_brothers@yahoo.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

How Film Affects Our Community – Graham’s Barber Shop (Under the Dome)

GrahamsBarberShopIn 2013, April Vickery was working as a security guard on set at 5th St. for Sleepy Hollow. The catering truck and crew parking were in the lots on either side of Graham’s Barber Shop at 5th & Castle. April was on foot patrol covering both areas so she passed the shop numerous times during the day. The owner of the shop, Mr. William Graham,  came out and made conversation with her. At the time he had returned from a trip from Nashville. He visited Graceland with his family and commented on how smart he felt that Elvis’ widow had been to invest in properties around the original home to make Graceland happen. He commented about the amount of work that Graceland brought into the town and how it helped improve the community not only with work but a sense of pride that they were all part of something so big.

He also spoke about Wilmington very fondly and has been here for many years (52 years in business). He said he hoped that more productions would come to town and he hoped that people realize how good it was for us to embrace the changes productions make for us.

Meanwhile, during this same time period, the executive producer of Under the Dome, Jack Bender, spotted that very barber shop.

CAM00011~2“Since our first year on Under the Dome,” Jack remembers, “when I saw this small barber shop in town I went, ‘We have to have a town barber who has to be a character.’ So I was talking to Neal (Baer)and Brian (K. Vaughn) about it and they went, ‘Yeah yeah… Big Jim (Dean Norris) goes there. Could be his confidante.’  So finally, Dwight Yoakam wanted to do the show and they said, ‘We’ll make him the barber.’ So we went to this gentleman’s barber shop, but he had a bright red floor with red walls and I said, ‘We can’t have a red floor. The floor is too red. It’s too bloody.  See if he’ll let us do a black and white check classic barber shop floor.'”

But they didn’t stop there.  They basically did a soft remodel. New floors, new sinks, repainted the cabinets, the walls. Everything!

I asked a Wilmington Crew Member who is currently working on the show about the redo.

“The other day when we (film crew) were working at the barber shop, I talked to the owner and the owner was thrilled that he got the new floor. The crew offered to change it back to red when the show was over, but some customers came in and saw the checkered floor all shiny and waxed and said, ‘Don’t you dare let them take that floor up! You need to keep that floor!’ So, he decided that since his patrons are absolutely in love with the new remodeled floor, he is going to keep it. The soft remodel of his entire barber shop was at no cost to him. He is elated and he even had a couple of politicians that come in to get their haircut that told him, ‘You need to write your senators and local representatives and tell them your story.’ Mr. Graham said that he was going to be on the phone calling them later that day.  It’s nice to see a small business not only get a paycheck (for location use) and a beautiful redo for free, but his barber shop will be immortalized on a Stephen King project and people will come there just to get their hair cut at the barbershop that Lyle (Dwight Yoakam) worked at in Chester’s Mill.”

This is just one of many stories to come how NC Film affects our NC communities.  Got a story to share? Let us know!  Email: sheila_brothers@yahoo.com