VIDEO: “Max” – Call to Action for NC Film

We are the film crew of Max in Charlotte, NC.  We are all residents of North Carolina, NC tax payers, and North Carolina voters. Speaker Thom Tillis, please save our jobs in North Carolina by supporting the NC Film Incentives.  Let’s keep the film incentive here in North Carolina.

Max Shooting Crew

The feature film, Max, has filmed in this counties: Cleveland, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Gaston, Brevard, Transylvania, Hendersonville, Surry

This video was shot earlier in the week before the vote yesterday.  Thank you to all the crew and the film supporters for making those calls and writing those emails.  Your voice was heard.  The film incentives are in the budget.  We still have a long way to go with upcoming negotiations to determine the final language of the film incentives.  But today, let’s recognize you, who wants to keep your job, your home and your family in North Carolina!




OK North Carolina – The gloves are off! We’ve been double-crossed by Tillis and Howard.

This morning on June 11th, one of our film industry supporters, Representative Ted Davis, introduced an amendment to Senator Rabon’s bill 744.  This amendment would lower our film incentive slightly from 25% to 22%, cap productions at $15 million and extend the credit to 2017.  Not perfect, however, the major studios did say they could live with it and still do business in North Carolina.

Rep. Davis carried out his plan with the knowledge that he was being supported by Speaker Tillis and Finance Chairwoman, Rep. Julia Howard.  Both Tillis and Howard gave Ted Davis their full support that the bill would be voted on favorably in the finance committee this morning. While Rep. Davis was reading the bill… BAM!  Speaker Tillis’s staff and Rep Howard went behind his back and worked publicly against him putting pressure on each Republican Representative to vote no to the amendment.  He was double crossed.  The vote went down with 20 nays and 16 yays for his amendment.  It has failed.

So, who said No to the film incentives?  Julia Howard (Forsyth, Davie), Bill Brawley(Mecklenberg), David Lewis(Harnett), Mitchell Setzer(Catawba), John Blust(Guilford), Justin Burr(Montgomery, Stanly), Jeff Collins(Franklin, Nash), Nelson Dollar(Wake), Mike Hager(Burke, Rutherford), Jon Hardister(Guilford), Jonathan Jordan(Ashe, Watauga), Tim Moffitt(Buncombe), Tim Moore(Cleveland), Ruth Samuelson(Mecklenberg), Jacqueline Schaffer(Mechlenberg), Edgar Starnes(Caldwell), Michael Stone(Harnett, Lee), Harry Warren(Rowan), Andy Wells(Catawba), Paul Stam (Wake).

So the question remains: Thom, why did you betray us?  We have thanked you for your support, and you stabbed us in the back and are sending  1000s practically packing! Well, Speaker Tillis when you pack your bags, make sure you know you will be heading to Cornelius, not DC come 2015. You need to FIX this!

Hell hath no fury like an NC Film Supporter Scorned, Speaker Tillis.

The next three hours are CRUCIAL, North Carolina!  We think they know they screwed up, and now we need to flood the phone lines once again.  But we need a Tsunami today.  Times 10!  Let’s show ’em Film supporter, crew members and small businesses!  Show ’em we will NEVER stand down, and no film in NC = no votes for them.

Now, even though my job is to rant and rave, yours is to be nice and polite.  They watch and listen to you like a hawk.  We want to keep our message strong, but you MUST remain polite.


Please call Speaker the office of Speaker Tillis.  Phone: 919-733-3451   
PLEASE SAY THESE WORDS! (in your own words) But Double Cross is key!

FOR ALL OF NORTH CAROLINA: “Good morning.  After this mornings “DOUBLE CROSS” in the Finance Committee, I wanted to deliver a very personal message to the Speaker.   On behalf of the over 4000 families that were counting on the SPEAKER to protect our jobs and livelihood in the years to come;  if I’m uprooting my family in 2015 and moving to Atlanta in January, because of this sick DOUBLE CROSS.  Come November, in the election, I’m going to work to make sure the Speaker will be moving back to Cornelius, and not Washington, DC!    Film = Jobs.   Atlanta = Cornelius.   It’s really that simple.  And that’s my message between now and Election Day 2014.  MR. SPEAKER, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!!


FOR THOSE IN FORSYTH AND DAVIE COUNTIES: Julia Howard is the NC House Chair.  She has been against the film incentives since day one.  Again we must remain polite and tell her you are a voter and please ask her to change her stance on the film incentives and you support them!  No Film.  No Re-election.

Representative Julia Howard, Chair
(o) 919-733-5904
(d) 336-751-3538

And finally after you cool off, please make sure you thank Ted Davis (919-733-5786) for working his ass off trying to make this happen for us.  Also, Susi Hamilton (919-733-5754), our fiery red-head who is NOT standing down!

Alright folks, let’s get the hell to work!  And SHARE this with ALL OF NORTH CAROLINA!