WILMINGTON/CHARLOTTE: Docu-Drama needs Extras ($100/day)

Corrigan & Johnston is looking for people to be extras for a Docu-Drama based on the book Four Blood Moons by John Hagee.

422990_308552589198878_1765084556_nThey will be shooting in Charlotte for a week and Wilmington for a couple of days this month.

Charlotte, NC:  October 20th-25th
Wilmington, NC October 29 & 30.

All should be of European Jewish, Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern descent or appearance with age range: 18-50 yrs.

NO SUBMISSIONS younger than 18 years old.
Extras will be paid $100 per day.


ABOUT THE BOOK: “Inspired by NASA projections and recorded history, Pastor John Hagee shows direct connections between four blood-moon eclipses and major world events. Further, he reveals the significance of the four upcoming blood moons and what they portend for Israel and all of humankind.”