Is Dr. Ernie Ward, Candidate for NC Senate District 8, in support of the NC Film Incentives?

Sheila BrothersAs politicians put their name in the hat, I am closely paying attention to those who are FOR and those who are AGAINST the NC Film Incentives.  I am also keenly aware of those who do not respond to my questions and ignore them.  So far we know Elizabeth Redenbaugh who is running for NC State Senate, District 9, is a huge supporter and is in agreement with ending the sunset, and putting the film incentives permanently in place. Now that Ernie Ward has put his name in for District 8 (Pender, Brunswick, Bladen), it’s time to ask the big question.  Here is our conversation via Twitter:

SHEILA: Ernie Ward, let’s talk NC Film…Are you 100% for the NC Film Incentives and do you want them permanently in place?


ERNIE WARD: The film industry has been a huge economic driver for the state as a whole and SE NC in particular, pumping hundreds of millions into NC annually. This is clearly due to our competitive film incentives. As currently structured, film incentives create jobs and offer a huge return on investment. I think we need to continue to compete to bring this valuable industry to NC using all tools at our disposal. Thanks!

SHEILA: Are you for changing the film incentives or keeping them the way they are?

ERNIE WARD: Everything can and should be improved… for the foreseeable future I don’t advocate any changes. These incentives are bringing jobs and revenue to our area.

SHEILA: I see no mention of film incentives on your site, is there a reason for that? Film employs 25,000 jobs across the state.

ERNIE WARD: Well…let me file for candidacy first… website, social media all evolving. Thanks for that suggestion! I’m eager to listen!


Fair enough.  We will keep a close eye on what progress follows on his web site and social media. It is clear that Dr. Ward needs to hear from us.  If you live in District 8 (see map below),  let him know how important NC Film is to you.  If you have a follow up question, as far as we can tell, Dr. Ward is open to questions.  Find him on Twitter, or go to his web site and contact him with your own questions.  Ernie Ward will be starting his campaign to seek election this Saturday, February 22 at 3:30 pm at the Museum of Coastal Carolina in Ocean Isle Beach.  Please attend and ask the questions in person. Again, only if you live in District 8.

TO MY NC COMMUNITY: We need you all to ask the questions and get the answers.  Please DO NOT accept vague answers.  That’s simply not good enough.  Whoever is running in your district  needs to be as transparent as possible in order to get our vote!  Let your voices be heard.  Get the answers!

 photo NorthCarolinaSenateMap_zpsf3ad026e.png

For reference these are the 50 state senate districts. You can find more detailed maps here.