MAX STEEL Names Extras Casting Director


I am proud to announce that our fabulous, hard working Marty Siu officially has the power to cast where no extras casting director has cast before.  MAX STEEL has got their gal!  Marty has been excited about this project ever since she heard about it months ago.  She is currently casting the NBC (for CBS) pilot RED ZONE.  The timing works out perfectly for her as she won’t even have a day off.  She will be joining the Dolphin/Mattel team on the tail end of RED ZONE’s wrap up.  Before that she was the extras casting director for SPONGEBOB 2 that was shot in Savannah, GA last year.

“I am a geek for cartoon and comic book movies, from Spongebob to Max Steel.  This is a great year for films in the Southeast, ” said Marty.

Marty has asked for all interested in being an extra on the feature film (if you haven’t already) to please register on her web site: Marty Siu Casting.  Home-schooled kids and teens, you are encouraged to register.

Also, be sure to check Marty’s casting facebook page for more details later today or tomorrow. And of course to give her some MAD LOVE!

STATUS: Production begins April 22nd
PRODUCERS: Bill O’Dowd,  Julia Pistor
WRITER: Christopher Yost
DIRECTOR: Stewart Hendler
LP: David Grace
CAST: Ben Winchell,  Ana Villafañe

ABOUT MAX STEELE: 16 year old Max McGrath is discovering that he’s got a strange electric energy that emanates from him when he’s upset or excited, and it’s starting to grow beyond his control. With his scientist father dead and his mom Molly unwilling to talk about what really happened in the accident that killed him, Max is resigned to trying to fit in to yet another new school–where he finds himself attracted to the quirky, independent-minded Sydney and develops a friendship with an old colleague of his dad’s, Miles Edwards. But the most startling thing that happens to Max is the arrival of a small, crab-like alien named Steel, whose memory may be faulty but who knows one thing for certain: he’s there to protect Max, and he’s been sent by Max’s father.

RUMORS FROM THE LOT: Mattel to bring Wilmywood a feature??


A lovely RUMOR from the Lot.  My sources have just told me that we may be hearing an announcement soon about a big budget movie that has been shrouded in secrecy.  My sources tell that Mattel Entertainment could indeed be bringing us Max Steel.  The feature revolves around teenager Maxwell McGrath and alien companion Steel who can combine special turbo-energy powers to generate superhero, Max Steel.

As Mattel reboots its “Max Steel” franchise with a new line of toys and an animated TV series, the company also teamed up with Open Road Films picking up the project to release in theaters late next year. Dolphin Films, a production banner of Dolphin Entertainment, will produce the film.

We can chalk this up as rumor but we will find out soon enough because they are reported to open up offices in January 2014.

More to come.  Stay Tuned.