The absolutely stunning Anne Archer who is most known for her incredible work in movies such as Fatal Attraction, Patriot Games, & Clear and Present Danger, was spotted downtown having lunch at The Basics with a large group of people.  After doing a little digging, Anne’s husband of 35 years is the Sports Producer and Emmy Award Winner, Terry Jastrow.  With Jastrow’s extensive golf knowledge and resume, one can speculate they are here for The Squeeze, the golf movie which opened up offices at Screen Gems today.

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WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD – 09/16/2013 Thom Tillis, NC Film Emmy Winners, tonight’s BIG night and more.

ThomTillisNorth Carolina State Rep Thom Tillis spoke at a picnic for Republicans over the weekend and weighed in on the film incentives. WECT has him quoted saying:

“I believe the film industry is critical to Wilmington, it’s critical in Charlotte, it’s growing in Ashville.  We’ve got to figure out a way to make sure that North Carolina’s competitive.  I think there’s a way to continue to move forward with tax reform but make absolutely certain that North Carolina is the go-to place for the film industry for productions and all the other good jobs that come with it,”

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The 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards isn’t until next week, but there were nearly 80 awards presented at the Creative Arts Emmys ceremony yesterday (Sept. 15) at the Nokia Theatre in LA. A two-hour, edited version will air Saturday, September 21st on FXX.  We have some NC Film winners!

IMDb: Jeff Wolfe

IMDb: Jeff Wolfe

First, for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role – Give it up for Banshee!  2013: Armen V. Kevorkian, Visual Effects Supervisor; Mark E. Skowronski, VFX Producer; Jane Sharvina, 2D Supervisor; Rick Ramirez, 3D Artist; Jeremy Jozwik, 3D Artist; Mike Oakley, 3D Artist; Nick Sinnott, VFX Artist; Gevork Babityan, Compositing Artist; Andranik Taranyan, Compositing Artist.

Second how about some mad kudos to our man Jeff Wolfe for Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series, Miniseries Or Movie – Our Stunt Coordinator killed it for “Revolution!”

Episode 3 of NBC‘s powerless show was remembered by these crazy two over the weekend.  I have to say I laughed when I saw these shots on Facebook this weekend.  We lost a location as Sticky Fingers is no more and apparently members of the Militia had to express there feelings about it!

The ‘rebel hideout’ where the Monroe Militia first captured Miles Matheson has been reduced to rubble…

revdavid“Rest in pieces, Sticky Fingers, aka ‘Revolution’ Episode 3 Rebel Hideout…”  ~ David Pascua

revglen“You really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Awe damn you! God damn you all to hell!” ~ Glenn Blackwood

Awesome!  Good job boys!  Finally tonight is the BIG night for Wilmington!!!  The night where Sleepy Hollow begins and Under the Dome ends.  You know where the party is and it will be a PACKED house tonight.  Hell’s Kitchen, downtown Wilmington.  The action begins at 9pm.  Get there early for a good seat!

UTD4I had the honor of speaking with Jolene Purdy who plays Dodee on Under the Dome over the weekend.  I will have the complete interview posted in a separate blog which should be up by lunch time.  SPOILER ALERT!  If you haven’t seen episode 12, don’t listen!  It does reveal a big plot point that you wanna see before you listen to the interview!

UTD_ScriptThe auction is underway for those great autographed items from some awesome Wilmington Productions including:  Tammy, The Conjuring, Sleepy Hollow, Under the Dome and even a Screen Gems Experience with a 2 Night Hotel stay!  All proceeds go to this year’s Sunny 104.5 Caring for Kids at NHRMC Radiothon!  BID NOW!

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