Wilmywood leaders urge Governor to call special session for film incentives

Local leaders urge Governor to call special session for film incentives

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – Today, elected leaders from New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington sent a letter to Governor Pat McCrory, Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis, with a collective voice urging the Governor to call a special session of the General Assembly to reconsider film incentives.

The economic vitality of business and film was identified as one of the County’s three legislative agenda items earlier this year and at an August 26th joint meeting of the New Hanover County Commission and the City of Wilmington Council, support for the film industry was again identified as a top priority. The elected leaders urged reconsideration of film incentives and support of an existing industry as a key economic driver for our region and state.

“The time is now for our elected leaders in Raleigh to act. Saving the film industry is vital to our state and region. If they do nothing these jobs will evaporate.” said New Hanover County Chairman Woody White.

The State’s $21.25 billion budget plan, unveiled last month, allocates $10 million for a film incentive grant program, a significant reduction from the current package that allows productions that spend at least $250,000 in the state to claim 25 percent of their qualifying expenses up to $20 million.

The letter can be viewed here.


Release Contact:

Carey Disney Ricks
Public and Legislative Affairs Manager
(910) 798-7177

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 08/20/2014 – Orlando Jones does Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist, Locations, Win a trip to LA

Our Domie, Stephen King is taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

The Sleepy Hollow gang is also ready to freeze for the great cause.  Neil Jackson, Lyndie Greenwood and John Noble got in on the action.

Orlando Jones has accepted the challenge as well, but with a twist. In the wake of the disruption, sadness and violence breaking out in Ferguson, MO over the death of the unarmed teen, Michael Brown, Orlando blends the two in his own way. Good job Mr. Jones.

Sleepy Hollow is back downtown creeping through the Nutt St. alleyway.

Secrets & Lies is shooting on Chestnut St.


How did Under the Dome do in the ratings Monday night? It stayed flat with a 1.5 (A18-49) and they gathered 7.3M viewers. Last week, UTD has 6.9M viewers, so up in that regard.  Is it enough for 3rd season pickup? Yes. They were #1 in viewers for the night and they have gained viewers for four straight weeks.


REMINDER: The Remaining, has been adapted into a graphic novel by Kingstone Comics, a Leesburg Christian comic book publisher.  It will be available in retail stores this Friday.

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FILM INCENTIVES UPDATE:  This is gonna sound strange, well, hell these past 4 months have been beyond strange, but as long as HB1224 fails, film as we know it, is not dead.  Even if they adjourn sine die, our legislators can get called backed in and the dialogue continues and the film conversation can begin once again.  I know what you’re thinking, we are losing productions everyday this crap goes on.  True.  It drives me crazy, too.  But looking into the future, this is the best we got at the moment. Yesterday, the House didn’t pass 1224, but it could come back to the table today.

The General Assembly Schedule at the present moment is:

  • Rules Committee: 10am
  • House: 11am
  • Senate: 4pm

I know it’s a long exhausting fight, trust me! LOL.  But it is not over.

FilmPhotoREMINDER: Anyone who benefits from the NC Film Industry, please gather with us @ Battleship Park on Sat. August 23rd 2014@ 4:00pm.

They will be documenting the residents and families of Southeastern North Carolina with a massive group photograph of all those who will be affected by the loss of the Film Incentives.  Brownie Harris will be the fab photog. RSVP NOW


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FILM INCENTIVES UPDATE! What the hell happened today?

Late last night, after midnight, the Senate reconvened.  They took what they wanted out of SB 763, pulling out film and historic preservation and put it in HB 1224 and called it a conference report.  They have sent it back to the House for an up or down vote.

Their intention is clear, they have no intention of even hearing it. This is an epic war and if film is dead in NC, no one should support any more incentives programs until we are going to support incentives that are fair across the board. Everyone need to light these folks up.

They are being HIGHLY hypocritical. If they are so AGAINST incentives, why are they so gung ho about HB 1224, the biggest incentive package in NC history? We have to kill HB 1224 in order for film to even stay alive.

They can always bring film back, however if they get 1224, that means they get what they want and can quit and go home. Film will be absolutely dead is HB 1224 passes and they are desperate to pass it.

We should be especially disappointed in Rabon and Goolsby who voted “Aye” on the bill in the Senate.

There were only 3 Republicans,in the Senate that voted against it.



DEMOCRATS: Senator(s): Bryant; Clark; Ford; McLaurin; Robinson

REPUBLICANS: Senator(s): Allran; Apodaca; Berger (CHAIR); Bingham; Brock; Brown; Cook; Daniel; Davis, J.; Goolsby; Gunn; Harrington; Hise; Jackson; Krawiec; Meredith; Pate; Rabin; Rabon; Randleman; Rucho; Sanderson; Soucek; Tarte; Tillman; Tucker; Wade


DEMOCRATS: Senator(s): Blue; Davis, D.; Foushee; J. Jackson; McKissick; Stein; Van Duyn; Woodard

REPUBLICANS: Senator(s): Barefoot; Barringer; Hunt



We were absolutely crushed! Then, this afternoon, the House reconvened and removed 1224 from the calendar with the possibility of bringing it up tomorrow.  They then did a 3rd reading of SB 763 the bill that includes the film incentives, and passed it again, this time with greater results than yesterday 86 Ayes and 20 Noes with MAJOR bipartisan support..


DEMOCRATS: Representative(s): Adams; Alexander; Baskerville; Bell, L.; Brandon; Brisson; Carney; Cotham; Cunningham; Earle; Floyd; Gill; Glazier; Goodman; Graham, G.; Hall, D.; Hall, L.; Hamilton; Hanes; Holley; Insko; Lucas; Luebke; Martin, G; Meyer; Michaux; Moore, R.; Pierce; Queen; Reives; Richardson; Terry; Tine; Tolson; Waddell; Wilkins; Wray

REPUBLICANS: Representative(s): Bell, J.; Boles; Brawley, R.; Brawley, W.; Brody; Brown, B.; Bryan; Burr (CHAIR); Catlin; Cleveland; Conrad; Daughtry; Davis; Dixon; Dollar; Faircloth; Ford; Hardister; Holloway; Horn; Howard; Hurley; Iler; Jeter; Johnson; Lambeth; Langdon; Malone; Martin, S; McElraft; McGrady; McNeill; Moffitt; Moore, T.; Pittman; Presnell; Ramsey; Ross, S.; Saine; Schaffer; Setzer; Starnes; Steinburg; Stone; Turner; Warren, H.; Wells; West; Whitmire


DEMOCRATS: Representative(s): Jackson; Mobley

REPUBLICANS: Representative(s): Avila; Blackwell; Blust; Bumgardner; Collins; Dobson; Elmore; Hager; Jones; Jordan; Millis; Riddell; Shepard; Speciale; Stam; Stevens; Szoka; Torbett

Regardless of the Senate and their intentions, 763 is very much alive.  Again, it was a 86/20 vote.  We may just have the leverage we need.  If they want 1224, give us 763.

Set your alarm clocks because the Rules Committee begins tomorrow morning (Saturday) a 8:30am.  Let’s see what happens.  Miracles do happens folks.  We can win!

Here is your 80s musical motivation for the evening!  Your Welcome!


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 07/31/2014 – Film Incentives, Secrets and Lies, Sleepy Hollow

Taking you where it all began tonight as the Sleepy Hollow pilot airs on FOX at 8pm. Go HEAD relive that perfect episode! And ICYMI: Sleep Hollow is where evil takes hold. Check it out!  Something wicked this way comes! BUHAAAHAHAHAHA

Not too much action today as Sleepy Hollow and Secrets and Lies are both shooting on the sound stages today and The Longest Ride is still in Jacksonville shooting their bull riding scenes.

ben-ciaramello-2Benjamin Ciaramello of Friday Night Lights fame has joined the cast of Secrets and Lies. According to Deadline he is playing Paul Murphy, the young victim Tom’s father, who’s “currently in the military and about to be deployed for the fifth time. He’s constantly battling inner demons resulting from extended periods in warring countries.”  Welcome to Wilmywood Ben!

The potential State budget is out but it still needs to get voted on, so nothing is set in stone.  Lots happening today in the General Assembly.  Some are still pushing for an extension of our current film incentives. NC House now in session. Listen LIVE: voterradio.com/live

31 SECTION 15.14B.(a) )  (Page 144)

Here’s some articles to look into:
– Film Grant Program Included In Draft State Budget [WilmBiz]
– Hamilton makes political point on incentives in House meeting [Star News]
– NC House balks at McCrory’s new incentive program for relocating businesses [News & Observer]
– Film industry workers worry about future of local jobs [Star News]


That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  And on Thursdays during Cape Fear CW‘s Primetime News at 10!  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila_brothers@yahoo.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 07/25/2014 A little bit of everything.


Also attending this year’s comic con is NC shot Tusk from Kevin Smith as well as Banshee.  Our comic book writer Scott Lope is also hanging with all the talented comic book artists and finally, we got one more piece of Wilmywood fun on the West Coast.


Dan Burke moments before departure from Wilmington NC to San Diego, CA

Wilmington based, Dan Burke is loving this!  His British Taxis have been hired to represent the new show Gotham (Fox). They have dressed the vehicles up as Gotham PD cars! They have four of them giving free rides to fans.  It’s been causing quite a stir on instagram!  What? A local Wilmington business is getting money from Hollywood? Now, that’s a Hollywood Handout!

jasonmottBig Wilmywood birthday wishes to go out today! First off, happy birthday to North Carolina boy Jason Mott! You know Jason! He’s the guy who writes books when he isn’t writing poetry or racing cars. He wrote a little novel called The Returned and then it was turned into a TV show called Resurrection and it’s returning this fall to ABC. Mr. Mott has a new novel ready for pre-order called The Wonder Of All Things. Happy Birthday Jason!

Tom Mison BirthdayAnd of the horror, how did we forget to say “Cheers” to this guy on Wednesday! Our other Wilmywood birthday shout out goes to the one and only Tom Mison. In case you didn’t know, Tom plays Ichabod Crane on the FOX series Sleepy Hollow. (but you knew that didn’t you??) The Wilmywood Daily will be sure to send Tom some belated birthday donuts from Britt’s!! Happy Birthday, Tom!

Sheila Mobile Dome

FILM INCENTIVES UPDATE:  Still nothing is coming out of the General Assembly.  And although they said yet again they wanted to wrap up the longest short session ever, by today, they will continue the Battle of the Bills next week.


REMINDER: NC shot The Ultimate Life will premiere on television next weekend, Saturday, August 2 at 9 p.m. EDT. Best of all, it will be preceded by The Ultimate Gift, also filmed in North Carolina, beginning at 7 p.m. EDT on The Hallmark Movie Channel!


REMINDER: Giant Culture/Post 1200 is celebrating Wilmywood movies every Friday night.  Tonight, it’s Iron Man 3.  Show time is at 7pm. For all events, head to their Facebook page. 


That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you Monday morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  And on Thursdays during Cape Fear CW‘s Primetime News at 10!  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila_brothers@yahoo.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!


NC Film Incentives Update: 07/22/2014

Just keeping you updated.  Nothing is scheduled for today concerning film.  The House is not reconvening until Thursday and we don’t know what time yet.

On a side note, my sources are telling me Thom Tillis is fundraising in D.C. so they won’t be meeting until the Speaker of the House returns.

However, this gives us more time to make our phone calls and let our voices be heard.

Don’t forget our Hail Mary pass …

If they are going to create new incentive program. If they are changing positions on providing  incentives to recruit business, then…

“We we want our current NC film incentives to be a part of this bill. HB 1224 would be the perfect vehicle to place our current film incentives in for ONE YEAR EXTENSION.”

They can call it a grant, call it a fund, but it is what it is, an incentive.  And we need to tell them so.

Let’s continue to make those calls today.

Speaker Thom Tillis
PHONE: 919-733-3451
EMAIL: Thom.Tillis@ncleg.net
TWITTER: @ThomTillis

Sen. Phil Berger (President Pro Tempore)
PHONE: 919-733-5708
EMAIL: Phil.Berger@ncleg.net

Rep. Julia Howard
PHONE: 919-733-5904
EMAIL: Julia.Howard@ncleg.net

Rep. Rick Catlin
PHONE: 919-733-5830
EMAIL: Rick.Catlin@ncleg.net

Rep. Chris Millis
PHONE: 919-715-9664
EMAIL: Chris.Millis@ncleg.net

Rep. Robert Brawley
PHONE: 919-733-5741
EMAIL: Robert.Brawley@ncleg.net

Sen.  Bill Rabon
PHONE: 919-733-5963
EMAIL: Bill.Rabon@ncleg.net

Sen. Bob Rucho
(919) 733-5655

Sen. David Curtis
(919) 715-3038


Will we have to continue to add an insert?

*“The creation of a closing fund and the expansion of the JDIG credit was a recommendation in our jobs plan, and it will increase North Carolina’s competitiveness against other states across the country,” said John Lassiter, chairman of the N.C. Economic Development Board.   INSERT:  UNLESS IT’S FILM RELATED.

*“The Department of Commerce, under the leadership of Secretary Sharon Decker, has made great strides in recruiting new jobs and businesses to our local communities, and this bill ensures it is well-equipped to expand its efforts and recruit even more jobs to our state,” said Sen. Rick Gunn (R-Alamance), co-chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. INSERT: UNLESS IT’S FILM INDUSTRY JOBS.

*“Our responsibility as elected officials is to not only make sure students have the skills necessary to join the workforce when they graduate, but to also do all we can to ensure there are jobs for them when that time comes,” said Sens. Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) and Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg), co-chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee. “That’s why we are giving local governments the option to designate additional revenues toward education at the K-12 and community college levels – because there is no greater investment we can make than in preparing our children for the future.”  INSERT: UNLESS YOU GO TO FILM SCHOOL.

*Quotes from Press Release from President Pro Tempore Senator Phil Berger (July 16th, 2014) “Senate Bill Expands Job Recruitment, Economic Development Toolkit.”

Which states have film incentives and what do they offer?

Morning loves!  Let’s keep the education going.  Once again, instead of relying on the media or our leaders spewing out information that may or may NOT be true, see it for yourself!  Wanna know which states have film incentives and what  they offer?  Here is a map and a list of all the states that have incentives and a description of their programs.  These are the stats as of June 2014.

IncentiveMap – DOWNLOAD NOW


Film Incentives: Wanna see who got what from the NC Dept of Rev?

UPDATE: Via NC Film News via NC Film Incentives Put North Carolina To Work: “On WFAE NPR this morning, Pat McCrory again LIED regarding Comedy Central’s lawful utilization of the current film incentive during their time in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention. Characterizing The Daily Show as having taken advantage of a “loophole”, he overstated that the production was “‘given’ over $400,000.”

Yep!  I just called the radio station and indeed he did spew out false numbers yet again!  No wonder there are legislators and others who don’t support the film incentives.  When our LEADERS flat out lie, and NEVER retract their statement, misinformation is EVERYWHERE! ARGH!

HERE’S THE AUDIO: http://cpa.ds.npr.org/wfae/audio/2014/07/CTPOD20140714.mp3?origin=body  (Film Incentive Talk starts at 47:40)

“With all respect to Jon Stewart.”  Nice Pat, real nice.

Would anyone else like to join me by telling Pat McCrory to STOP spewing out false numbers?

Choose Option 3 to speak to a human being, not option 2, which is the opinion line!

Gov. Pat McCrory
PHONE: 919-814-2000
EMAIL: Pat.McCrory@NC.gov

So, wanna see who got what regarding the NC film incentives?  Click away!  (Remember the “total spending” means total spent in NC. Some things qualify, some don’t).


Film Credits


We need to go National. Let’s do this!

Indeed it does. A few people have approached me over the past couple of days asking why the large media networks aren’t covering the battle we are facing.  In the scheme of things, we might feel it is bigger to us because we live and breathe it.  However, we hear about all kind of things in the daily National News that is irrelevant to us.  So, great thinking, folks!  I think over the weekend, we should write a message to some news networks and shows and let them know about the war that is waging in our state.  Tell them what is at stake, tell them your story.

It is getting some press however.  Check out our awesome UPM, Chris Bromley (and Dan) in P3 Update. READ NOW!

bromley I will be updating this blog over the next couple of hours, so any input would be amazing!  Thanks!  Throw the suggestions out, I need your help!  Let’s make some headlines!


Variety – Ted Johnson


Rachel Maddow Show

Send a story Idea to CNN

I think Jon should know about his show’s “abuse” of the NC film incentives, according to the Governor, don’t you? (Missed it?  Read all about it!)

The Daily Show with/ Jon Stewart
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thedailyshow
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thedailyshow

FILM INCENTIVES: Committee Meeting Today at 10am


ATTENTION:There is a conference committee meeting today at 10am and although it is not specifically saying that the film incentives are going to be discussed, I did get a message last night from the powers that be.  They said things could all go down this morning.  Others have told me they are speaking about education.  So who knows.

Even though they are still leaning towards the grant, let’s go ahead and add a little pressure this morning and make those calls.  If they refuse to extend the film incentives, then let’s ask for something that won’t kill our industry.  It’s got to be longer than the currently proposed 6 months.  They need to raise the per production caps (a minimum of $10 million) and fund it properly.  We don’t wanna hear them saying, “hey we gave you something, and it’s not working!” Well, DUH!  If they are gonna do it, they need to do it right!

So, let’s do it!!  Make those calls NOW!!

Speaker Thom Tillis
PHONE: 919-733-3451
EMAIL: Thom.Tillis@ncleg.net
TWITTER: @ThomTillis

Sen. Phil Berger (President Pro Tempore)
PHONE: 919-733-5708
EMAIL: Phil.Berger@ncleg.net

Sen.  Bill Rabon
PHONE: 919-733-5963
EMAIL: Bill.Rabon@ncleg.net

Rep. Julia Howard
PHONE: 919-733-5904
EMAIL: Julia.Howard@ncleg.net

Sen. Bob Rucho
(919) 733-5655

Sen. David Curtis
(919) 715-3038

Sen. Ron Rabin
(919) 733-5748