2014 NC Film Rally: Afterglow


NCFilmRally050414_0071Wow!  What an wonderful time we had yesterday at the amazing NC Film Rally.  You are incredible!  Thank you so much for attending. Thank you also to the Wilmington Film Commission and the NC Production Alliance for coming together to organize this event.  Although some media is claiming “hundreds” showed up, we surpassed 1,000 in attendance. Our AMAZING volunteers were signing folks up, so we have a count.  A HUGE thank you for all those who took the time to help yesterday! Although we did indeed ROAR all the way to Raleigh, it’s not over yet!

There is so much more to do!  Please send a message or phone call to our governor as well as Sharon Decker and ask them to to please HELP us!  Here’s the deets:

Twitter: @PatMcCroryNC


Now as for the Anti-Rally protest…


Baaaahahahahahahaha!!!!  ‘Nuff said.


James Van Der Beek speaks up for NC Film

Rachelle LeFevre speaks up for NC Film

One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton speaks up for NC Film

Here’s some great photo’s from the event courtesy from Kevin Conte, David Pascua, Rusty Burrows, Tamara Norman, David-Alexander Coley and Christine Poppe White. Click on pics to enlarge.


Rachelle LeFevre speaks up for NC Film

Although Rachelle LeFevre could not attend the incredible NC Film Rally yesterday, she took the time out of her day to speak up for NC Film.

“ARachelles an actor, being away from your home, your friends and your family can often be the hardest part of the job. It’s for this reason that I’m so happy to say that Wilmington has come to feel like a second home for many in our cast, myself included. During the first season of our show it quickly became evident how much this beautiful state has to offer both productions and those relocating with them. Although I was sad to leave my life in Los Angeles, I was also excited to return here for our second season. The people here are welcoming, the locations are stunning and our North Carolina based crew is easily among the best of any in the world. Film and television production isn’t what it used to be ten years ago, where networks and studios flashed deep pockets and producers had enormous budgets with money to burn. The landscape has changed and I haven’t filmed a series in the last five years where the decision of where to to shoot wasn’t based on one factor: economics. Productions go, sadly, not where it’s most beautiful or where they have the best crews, but where it’s most affordable; losing the tax credits here WILL send production elsewhere. This would be devastating for the thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on the incoming flow of productions, and the local businesses that would indirectly suffer hard losses. As a supporter of NC Film and Wilmington Film Crew it is my sincerest hope that the talented, hard-working people I have met be allowed to continue doing world-class work right here in North Carolina, and that other actors get the experience of living in this beautiful state and the charming, fast-growing city of Wilmington where I have come to feel so at home.”

– Rachelle LeFevre

One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton speaks up for NC Film

HilarieTo the North Carolina voters and legislators,

Please forgive me for not being able to attend this weekend’s film rally. I’m already signed up to attend the Olevolos2014 fundraiser for a One Tree Hill castmate – Bryan Greenberg – up in NYC. But I wanted to send along a message of support for the NC Film community as the State’s current incentive is up for discussion.

As a little girl from Virginia, my family made the commute to North Carolina each summer for various vacation adventures…Tweetsie Railroad, the Outer Banks, The Lost Colony, Chimney Rock…all nostalgic and fantastic destinations. But it was one summer in middle school, when my parents decided to venture a little further South, that I fell in love with a most unique location.

Wilmington. I remember it being a town covered in flowers and those low slung oak branches. Driving down Market St toward downtown, my father stopped at an old antique Car Museum. Parked out front were untouchable classics, all shining in the July heat (you know the haze I’m talking about!). We got out. Peeked in windshields. Got wildly excited over the little round windows on a 60-something T-Bird. And then we were invited inside where the “real gems” were parked.

Picture cars, the man called them. He started naming actors who had sat in the very automobiles we were looking at. Dustin Hoffman. I want to say, I remember him saying John Travolta’s name. Right now I couldn’t tell you all the names of those productions, or all the actors he listed. But in that moment, my little girl dreams of becoming an actress were within my grasp! I couldn’t believe movies were made here – a few hours from my home – and not in the far off hills of California.

That was in the early 90s. The car museum has been gone for quite some time. The place where we had lunch that day is now Halligan’s Pub in Lumina Station. But, the trees are still low slung, and it is still the place where magical movies are made.

A decade later I came back to Wilmington as a fortunate member of the Warner Bros. production, One Tree Hill. I had fancy picture cars of my own to drive this go-round! Over the course of my 7 years in NC, my brother Billy moved down from NY and became a production assistant. He has since worked his way up the ranks and is currently a 2nd assistant director. My parents left our life-long home in Virginia and moved to town, where my father works with Stevens Fine Homes building new communities and my mother is an agent at Re/Max. My brother John came to town, spending his summers as a bouncer at Level Five, and finally settling in Fayettville, working on film productions of his own. My youngest brother Conrad transferred to UNCW and was a DJ at Z1075 for years before moving to Raleigh.

Our entire family was brought down to the area by the film community. And so to me, family has always been at the core of my support for the NC Film Incentive. I have attended the little league games and birthday parties of crew-members’ children, and I have been privileged to consider these hard-working, immensely talented professionals my friends. I never forget that by keeping film in NC, we are allowing these men and women to be at home – not working in Atlanta or New Mexico or Miami – with their families.

It’s a business. So to erase sentiment from it, here’s the truth. Film’s benefit is it’s amazing ripple effect on our state. Consider that there are dozens of productions happening at any given time in NC. If just one production employs 100 people, those 100 people and their families are spending money living and contributing to the NC economy. Every day the production spends money renting space from local vendors, buying food from local vendors, putting out of towners up at local establishments. Commercials for NC-made productions become advertisements for tourism in the area, and a constant rotation of television and film ensures that there are always new reasons for folks to sight-see in NC.

I’ve seen abandoned buildings re-purposed, gardens planted, historic homes re-habbed. I’ve seen vacant lots turned into highly anticipated stops on the Wilmington Film Tour. I’ve seen actors come in and contribute to local charities, take part in parades and fundraisers, and fall in love with the area. And I’ve seen kids like that middle-school version of myself marvel that they are so close to the magic of filmmaking. It gives a person the ability to dream big in a small town.

After working all over the country, I’m proud to say that I too still marvel at the capabilities of the NC Film community. Speaking up about maintaining the incentive and continuing to support NC’s sterling reputation in the world of filmmaking is important to me, and I hope it will be important to you. It is with deep affection for a place that did so much to nurture me personally and professionally that I write this, and I very much look forward to my next opportunity to work in the area.

Hilarie Burton

BREAKING: Stage Set for Film Rally in Wilmington, NC



Stage Set for Film Rally in Wilmington, NC

April 24, 2014 (Wilmington, NC) — The North Carolina Production Alliance and the Wilmington Film Commission are hosting the 2nd annual NC Film Rally on Sunday, May 4th. The rally will begin at 5pm at the bottom of Market Street on the Riverwalk, and will focus on the bipartisan support network of the film industry in Southeastern North Carolina.

The rally is to help raise awareness for the vitality of film jobs in preparation for the beginning of the legislative session on May 14th – at which time the film incentive renewal will be examined by lawmakers. Speakers at the rally will include North Carolina legislators, Mayor Bill Saffo, county officials, and special guests from the entertainment industry.

All friends, family members, extras, vendors, supporters, and concerned citizens are encouraged to participate. For more information, visit the NC Production alliance on Twitter, Facebook, and at http://ncproductionalliance.com/.


 Media Contact:

Katy Feinberg

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/19/2014 Orlando Needs Volunteers, That Yummy Yard Crashers Guy, Film=Job Stickers, Casting and more.

Photo: Dick Parrot

Photo: Dick Parrot

Normally we know who is coming into town as they are filming here for either a feature film or television show.  But sometimes we get a surprise or two.  Like Michael Phelps, for example, who is spotted in Wrightsville Beach from time to time because of his girlfriend Win McMurry‘s ties to Wilmington.  Others include Alec Baldwin, Al Gore and the most recent Michael Strahan.  He wasn’t here for a shoot unless you are talkin’ about hoops.  He was here for personal reasons this weekend; to attend a basketball game.  His twins live here.  He also spent some time at Monty’s Home’s Pet Expo last weekend.  It was great to hear him talk about Wilmington on Live! with Kelly and Michael. WATCH NOW

Now this weekend, we will see another star, not for TV or Film production but for an appearance at the Wilmington Home Show.  And if you are an HGTV/DIY fan, you know this guy.  And the ladies LOVE him. On a personal note, he hosts one of my favorite HGTV shows, “Yard Crashers.”  Now, to find out if he does indeed have any ties here to Wilmington.  Here’s the deets if you would like to meet the hotness that is Ahmed Hassan. Stolen from the Wilmington Home Show‘s web site:

Meet Ahmed Hassan — Host of HGTV & DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers” & “Blog Cabin”

Turn your outdoor oasis dreams into a reality!

You’ve seen him on HGTV & DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers” & “Blog Cabin” – Now don’t miss your chance to meet the one and only Ahmed Hassan. Ahmed’s expertise in landscaping, horticulture and soil science has made him one of the most hotly sought-after landscapers and gardening consultants by homeowners and businesses alike. That’s no surprise: Ahmed’s been digging in the dirt – and loving every minute of it – since he was ten years old.

Meet Ahmed at The Lifestyle Stage as he shares his amazing ideas for turning your outdoor oasis dreams into a reality! He will be appearing Saturday at 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM, and on Sunday at 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM at the Wilmington Home Show which will be held at the Wilmington Convention Center.


If you missed it in the 2 previous blogs, we have some casting announcements.


Wanna win a pair of VIP passes to Orlando Jones Presents Tainted Love at the Brooklyn Arts Center, Saturday March 8th?  These passes give you the best seats, PLUS a meet and greet with Orlando.  Though each VIP s a $100 value, the experience is priceless! All you gotta do is click join to enter! ENTER TO WIN VIP PASSES NOW!

This will be a SOLD OUT event, so buy your tickets now!  There will be two showtimes.

Show 7:00pm-9:30pm BUY TICKETS.  Show 10:00pm-12:30am BUY TICKETS.  General Admission is $30.  Balcony (standing) is $20.  VIP(which includes a meet-n-greet is $100

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS: Orlando Jones and his team are looking for volunteers for March 8th before, during and/or after the show!  All volunteers will have a meet and greet of their own after the second show.   If you are interested, please email me as I am helping a tad as well being Volunteer Wrangler:  sheila_brothers@yahoo.com SUBJECT LINE: Orlando Volunteer.


filmjobsLOOKING FOR THOSE FILM=JOB STICKERS? Sunrise Broadcasting has a few.  Feel free to stop by and grab you one while they last at 25 N. Kerr Ave. (near the intersection of Market and Kerr across from the new Walgreens) Offices are open from 8:30am-5:30pm M-F.  Please one sticker per person please.  They will run out fast!  Thanks!


That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila_brothers@yahoo.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 08/05/2013 Under the Dome Interview, Sleepy Hollow, We’re the Millers ticket giveaway and more!

Christmas in Conway will be in Forest Hills having some fun with the Ferris Wheel today!  Got about 50 extras on the set today, so a backyard festival today!   If you spot Mandy Moore, Mary Louise Parker or Andy Garcia, shoot me a picture!

loveletterSwirl Films is doing what they do best!  Spitting about movies in 2.5 seconds!  I don’t know how they do it, but if you remember just a short while ago, we had lil Rudy Huxtable (Keshia Knight Pulliam) along with Jackee and Lil Romeo here shooting The Love Letter,  and it is already airing on the UP Network (Time Warner Cable 283) this Saturday!   Same air times as the premiere of the Perfect Summer, 7, 9 and 11 p.m.  Keep ’em comin’ Swirl!!

Sleepy Hollow shooting on gorgeous stage 10.  We were in 4th place earlier this weekend, we are now barely in 3rd! We deserve this early screening Sleepy Hollow!  We need at least 100 votes today, so please share the link!!  http://eventful.com/campaigns/sleepyhollow2013

Eastbound and Down heads over to Kenny’s house in Porter’s Neck.

The Conjuring has surpassed the 100 mark at $108,590,000!  This puts this Wilmington shot flick at  #8 on the Top US Grossing Horror Titles.

NYC BILLBOARD: A Refreshing Drink

NYC BILLBOARD: A Refreshing Drink (Photo credit: Professor Bop)

Ready for the Millers?  We’re the Millers starring Jennifer AnistonJason Sudeikis, and Emma Roberts premiere’s tomorrow at Carmike Cinemas, perfect since it is Stimulus Tuesday with $2 Popcorn, drinks and candy!  I will have more tickets to give away tomorrow!

PiplineAnd finally, guess who dropped by the studio this morning?  Under the Dome‘s John Elvis and adventurer Tommy Danger with More Than Just Me Foundation.  Listen to the interview NOW!  Both will be at Hell’s Kitchen tonight for the Under the Dome screening party at 10pm!  On a side note, don’t forget to vote for Under the Dome for the Teen Choice Awards!

Coming up!  I will be handing out Film=Jobs stickers today again at Carolina BBQ at Murrayville Station off N. College Rd. from Noon to 1pm so come and see me!!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me: sheila@1045sunnyfm.com.  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!