Wilmywood: 9th Spookiest cemetery in the USA thanks to Sleepy Hollow

Thanks to our Fox show, Wilmywood is getting more recognition.  Last week, we found out that Wilmington was deemed Best American Riverfront thanks to your vote in USA Today.  Now Fox News has put out the top 10 list of Spookiest Cemeteries in the US.

Wilmington’s Bellevue Cemetery comes in at #9.  Fox News describes the place as a favorite spot for filming, Sleepy Hollow.

“It may be a serene resting place during daylight, but add a little Hollywood fog and moonlight and it becomes a setting worthy of the headless horseman.”

Kudos to Star News photographer Matt Born for his photo being used in the article!

The St. James Parish cemetery in WIlmington also made the list, coming in at #10. It’s one of the oldest in town and was noted for “the grave of a man who was buried alive and lost all of his fingertips trying to scratch his way out.”