House Bill 171 passes first reading in NC House

HB171 (which is a duplicate of SB 193), both of which were filed March 5th, passed it’s first reading yesterday in the House. This would put $66 million in recurring funds for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and would would become effective July 1, 2015. The funds are reserved for a production on which the production company has qualifying expenses of at least the following:   For a feature-length film would thankfully drop to $1,000,000).  For a video or television series, it would go up from $250,000 to $1,000,000 per episode.  I will keep you posted!




Game Time: Senate passes the “film-incentive grant program”[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Keep-Filming-Nc-While most of us want to send hate mail to Bill Rabon (SEE ARTICLE), it has come to light that we must praise him. He has everyone and their mama trying to tear down the film incentives so he is fighting for our film lives. He is simply playing the game.

If he did not move this bill forward it would have died and we would have nothing. No other bill would have passed in the Senate. It would have stalled out like a Yugo trying to drive through Kill Devils Hills.

We are in the third quarter of the Superbowl. It is now going back to the House and if the game is played correctly it will go in to conference. This is exactly where we want it.

At that point our star players on our team can then craft it into the best film incentive we can get at this time.

It won’t be perfect, but it will hopefully be enough to continue to draw productions into North Carolina. The legislators have been schooled over the past few days on what will work and what won’t from some, let’s just say, VERY knowledgeable folks. Let’s not forget, we have a solid crew, and productions need our local crew to curb the otherwise insane expense of bringing them in.

Stay strong, stay positive. Remember how politics operate.  It’s all a strategic game.  We will be at :06 on the clock during the 4th quarter until we know the final outcome. In the meantime, let’s keep praising those who are fighting for us and continue to show our support.