What will happen to the NC Filmed Masterminds & Disappointments Room now?

Earlier this week the news broke about  Relativity being…well broke! Relativity Media has filed for Chapter 11 in what many are calling one of the biggest bankruptcies in Hollywood history. And that puts two North Carolina shot films in jeopardy: The NC-Filmed comedy shot in the western part of the state Masterminds (Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig and Owen Wilson) and the thriller shot in the Greensboro area The Disappointments Room (Kate Beckinsale). Both releases have been postponed “indefinitely.”

Today, Eriq Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter writes, “RKA Film Financing, the firm that put up $115 million to fund Relativity Media’s advertising on upcoming films including Masterminds, Somnia, Disappointments Room and Kidnap, is now seeking to seize those films and sell them off to another studio for distribution.”  READ STORY NOW

More to come on this story. Eriq Gardner says, “The Hollywood Reporter will provide updates on this motion.” We will be ready and waiting.


GREENSBORO, NC: Cast added to Disappointments Room, ECD named, Casting Call.

The Disappointments Room starring Kate Beckinsale (Dana) has added another cast member to the supernatual flick. British actor Mel Raido (The Informers, Legend) will be playing Beckinsale’s husband, David.  No word yet who will be playing their 5 year old son, Lucas.

The Relativity production has met all their crew needs.  So, now we move on to more casting.

Congrats to Phil Newsome from Altair Casting who landed the extras casting gig.   He is out of Winston-Salem and is already looking for a few folks.

Altair Casting is accepting headhots/photos for extra work in the Greensboro area.  Send to your name, photo and sizes to: TDR.EXTRAS@gmail.com.

Altair Casting is also looking for two Stand-Ins:

  • (1) Male…early to mid 20’s/blonde hair/blue eyes/5’10″/150 lbs.
  • (2) Over 18 year old Female to stand-in for male child…short (45 inches…4′ and under) blonde hair/brown eyes/fair to olive complexion.

Positions are paid.  Send photo/stats to: TDR.SI@gmail.com.

Production will run September 8th through October 24th.

The Disappointments Room is a supernatural thriller, inspired by real events, about a mother who moves her family out to the country.  The poor mother’s sanity begins slipping as she learns about the house’s bloody past and is afflicted by visions of a dead girl.

STATUS: Pre-production
LOCATION: Greensboro, NC
WRITER: Wentworth Miller
LP: Patrick Peach, Tony Grazia
CAST: Kate Beckinsale, Mel Raido
CREW RESUMES TO: drprodoffice@gmail.com

“A supernatural thriller in which a mother moves her family out to the country, but the poor mother’s sanity begins slipping as she learns about the house’s bloody past and is afflicted by visions of a dead girl.”

NC Film Rally Video and letter from Greensboro, NC.

Dear Sheila,

I was totally amazed at the outpouring of community support at the Wilmington Film Rally. I have covered rallies for over 20 years and never seen the togetherness of the film workers and the local government leaders at any event.

As a owner of 3 TV stations WGSR 47.7 WGSR, WMDV 44.1 Martinsville, and WMDV 44.2 Danville I’m limited in what I can do, but I left Sunday’s Rally wanted to do something.  TV and film production is a part of my life, we also own a 5 Plex Cinema in Martinsville.

I’m also blown away with your passion for Wilmington film, most people in your business are thinking about themselves and their next big market move. You LOVE WILMINGTON FILM and it shows.

I want to travel to Raleigh and cover these guys to keep them accountable. You guys are contagious!  Here is a link to the video that we aired.