Hank and Jed Movie Pictures Featured in Battlefield 4

EADICEThe day before the launch of the highly anticipated Battlefield 4, EA Games released the Multiplayer Trailer for the video game created by DICE.  Right around the one minute mark, a guy sounding awfully like the Noob (Brent Triplett), a character in the popular animated web series, Battlefield Friends, drives an ATV off a skyscraper, screaming, “LEVOLUTION” as he crashes into a helicopter.  If you look at the more than 7,500 comments, the fans instantly recognized the voice. After all, that high-pitched energy is unmistakable.  Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out!

Not even a day after the launch of BF4, youtube videos began popping up. People would swear up and down they heard the voices of the Medic (Nate Panning) and the Engineer (Jon Etheridge) from Battlefield Friends in the game.  Like this video for example.

After 1,000s of comments and multiple videos like these, the secret is out. Wilmington, NC’s own Hank and Jed Movie Pictures has FINALLY admitted it. “Yes, we’re in Battlefield 4.”  Okay, it might not be a secret as so many have posted about it, but at least it is official now.

Tony Schnur (Sniper)

Tony Schnur (Sniper)

So, how did this come about? I caught up with DICE’s Voice Over Designer, Viktor Israelsson, all the way in Stockholm, Sweden.  There’s actually no crazy story to attach.  He simply emailed the guys and asked them.

“Being a big BFF (Battlefield Friends) fan myself and also being a fan of underground animation culture (such as Newgrounds.com and similar), I simply thought it would be cool to have the BFF crew in the game,” said Isreaelsson. “Working with Voice Over, it was largely up to me and my colleague, Ludvig Kullberg, to find and pick characters for the multi-player and some small part single-player characters.”

Brent Triplett (The Noob)

Brent Triplett (The Noob)

Brent Triplett, Jon Etheridge, Tony Schnur and Nate Panning recorded at Post 1200, a post-production facility in Wilmington, NC. They all agreed on what an amazing experience it was to work with Viktor.

Jon Etheridge (Engineer)

Jon Etheridge (Engineer)

“When we first started making BFFs we thought it would be great if the developers would someday be aware of our show,” the Hank and Jed team stated. “Now years later being invited to be a voice in the game was an honor for all of us. Working with Viktor was great, he doesn’t know it yet, but we are all moving in with him next summer.”

Nate Panning (Medic)

Nate Panning (Medic)

Israelsson concurs. “Working with the BFFs was an awesome experience. All of them are really talented voice actors in the first place, and not just the humorous parts. They are all very professional, and in between they’re as fun as you’d expect them to be. The BFF recording sessions were a blast!”

Now if you are wondering about any other surprises the DICE team has in store for you, well you will just have to play the game.  If you ask the Noob about any BF4 secrets, you know exactly what he will say. See below.

CHECK OUT the first 3 seasons of Battlefield Friends on Machinima’s Happy Hour Channel.

Photo Credits 2013 Anthony Pagliaro

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THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 10/25/2013 EA Games hires local Prod Co Hank and Jed, Under the Dome, Weekend Highlights


Hank and Jed: Brent Triplett, Bryan Mahoney, Jon Etheridge, Nate Panning, Tony Schnur

Our local boys, Hank and Jed Movie Pictures, were hired by EA Games to produce a video that airs this Sunday on Machinima’s Happy Hour Channel as the gaming world gears up for the release of Battlefield 4.  So how did that coolness happen?  Their show Battlefield Friends (BFFs) has completed three seasons, working with the bffsMachinima Network, one of You Tube‘s largest distributors and most subscribed channels.  The Battlefield gaming community quickly caught on and fell in love with the show even catching the eye of game creator DICE as well as its parent company EA Games.  Within the past two years Hank and Jed has developed a relationship with the company and due to the BFF’s millions of views, working together within the social media realm was a win-win for all.  Hank and Jed are also the creators of the medieval comedy Doraleous and Associates, and Minecraft related Mob Squad. Current projects include the next season of Doraleous as well as Season 4 of Battlefield Friends, Battleloggers, Game Idiot and more.  FYI: Hank and Jed will be special guests at Game Stop in Monkey Junction in Wilmington, NC Monday night for the release of BF4.  I believe they will be showing their series during the release party.  You will also have a chance to win an autographed BF4 T-shirt from the folks at DICE.  LIKE the BFFs on Facebook now to stay in the loop!

mcm_london_comic_con_21Under the Dome folks have been in London all week as they get ready for the London Comic Con. They attend tomorrow.

The Squeeze is filming downtown today at the 1800 block of Nun St as well as the alleyway between Ann and Nun.


North Carolina shot Bad Grandpa is in theaters today!

pieces-of-talentSleepy Hollow Marathon will air on FX (not FOX) tomorrow beginning at 1pm EST.

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