THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 06/16/2014 – Sleepy Hollow, The Longest Ride, Under the Dome, Secrets & Lies

Under the Dome Premiere: 14 days
Tammy Premiere: 16 days
Sleepy Hollow Premiere: 98 days

We are back to three productions running in Wilmywood!  It’s day one for The Longest Ride!  They got a very early start this morning over at St. Mary’s.  Looks like first up is the gorgeous Jack Huston and well as the lovely Oona Chaplin.

LolitaCongrats to Lolita Davidovich.  She’s been added to the cast of The Longest Ride.  This British born actress is known for Gods and Monsters (1998), Raising Cain (1992) and Jungle 2 Jungle (1997).

Under the Dome is in Southport for the last day of filming for Episode 10.  Oh boo, that means Eriq LaSalle will be leaving us shortly.  ICYMI, we had a great time at his very first book signing AND he sold out of books!  Here’s a few pics from Saturday!

Sleepy Hollow will be shooting three scenes today as they work mad hours on episode 4. You can find our Sleepyheads doing some driving shots beginning on N. 3rd as well as at the NHC Courthouse aka Sleepy Hollow Police Headquarters and on N. Front St.


Yes indeed! Happy 42 to John!  Ya know what?  I will help them out and make sure The Sleepy Hollow folks celebrate!  Hahaha!  Yes, this is me scheming!  Stand by! Bwuuuaahhh!!


Congrats to David Brightbill.  He’s sticking around Wilmington, his home.  He’s been named the UPM of ABC’s Secrets & Lies.  He’s was the UPM for FX’s How and Why.  Before that he was in Charlotte working on Homeland. The extras casting director will be named shortly.  I will keep you posted.  Production begins in mid-July.

filmjobsLOOKING FOR THOSE FILM=JOBS STICKERS? Sunrise Broadcasting has a few.  Feel free to stop by and grab one while they last at 25 N. Kerr Ave. (near the intersection of Market and Kerr across from the new Walgreens).  Offices are open 8:30am-5:30pm M-F.

FIlmWilm2WE GOT MORE!  Last time, they flew out of here in 24 hours!  Thanks to Jed and the gang over at Image Monster, you can now pick up these fab stickers at the Sunrise Broadcasting, too! Film=Jobs folks!  Spread the word!


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A Sleepy Hollow Christmas




Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lot,
creatures still stirring, til every scene was shot.
The horsemen galloped to the cemetery with care,
in hopes that Ichobod Crane soon would be there.

The film crew wished they were all snug in their beds,
while visions of a day off danced in their heads.
And Alexis in her ‘kerchief, and Darwin in his cap,
just knew this Christmas, there’d be no long winter’s nap.

On the roof of Stage 10, the crew heard such a clatter,
Jefferson yelled out, “Hey, fly out that ladder!”
Away to the window for a set dec redo,
Sullivan opened the shutter, “Hey look, it’s unit two.”

The moon was up, the cast and crew ready,
“Let’s do this!” exclaimed DP John Leonetti.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but Headless himself and an ax quite near.

The shot was well done, on to wardrobe real quick,
Geneveive gets them to Screen Gems in a fast lick!
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,
Ken Olin whistled and shouted and called them by name:

“Now Mison! Now Beharie!
Now, Gonzalez and Cho!
On, Winter! On, Greenwood!
On, Stenberg and Jones!
To the top of the set!
To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away!
Dash away all!”

As dry leaves that before Greens made fly,
“Too much crunching noise, Rebecca” said Michael, the sound guy.
So off to North 3rd St, all of them flew,
with trucks full of gear, Cinema Catering too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof,
it was Beavis’ effects that went BOOM and POOF!
As Iscove and Blake turned scripts out and around,
down Princess Street Tom Mison came with a bound.

He was dressed perfectly vintage, from head to toe,
and hair and make up, nailed it, ready to go!
The bundled up crew was so cold in the night,
“Action” was called, yep they got it right!

The crew, they slaved, but were all still merry,
their cheeks were like roses, their noses like cherries!
Sixteen hours in, almost done for the day,
but was the finale done?  Nope, just part way!

Back at the office, they had paperwork miles long,
Lisa and Hope made sure nothing was wrong.
Josh and Stacee had so much to do,
Karen and Shannon’s list grew and grew.

Hartley worked hard like a jolly old elf,
“Gotta stay on budget,” he sternly said to himself.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
soon gave FOX word they had nothing to dread.

Sleepy Hollow fans eager, ready for more,
waiting for January is too much to endure.
So they watched again, oh yes, they replayed,
the 13th and 20th their next special days.

“Cast and crew, we love you!” We exclaimed, we yelled.
“You deserve more kudos then we can possibly tell!”
So, with that being said, before we turn off the lights,

“Happy Christmas from Wilmywood, and to all a good night!”

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 11/11/2013 Jill Jones, Amandla Stenberg on set of Sleepy Hollow, A Cucalorus Must See and More.

JillJonesIn case you missed it last week, Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends) has joined the cast of Sleepy Hollow as Cynthia, the former wife of Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) and mother to their teenage daughter, Macey played by Amandla Stenberg.  (Might I add I love the fact that Jones and Jones are playing the ex married couple.)  Jill and Amandla have been in Wilmywood since last week and their debut episode airs November 25th.  Both have recurring roles, so look forward to having these two lovely ladies in town for a few weeks.  Amandla is already having a great time on set.

Let’s back up a bit and take a look at tonight’s episode, The Midnight Ride, shall we! Abbie and Ichabod look for clues to stop the evil in town; Abbie receives an unexpected visit from Andy Brooks (John Cho).

Bad_Grandpa_USAlthough Thor: The Dark World hammered the competition at the weekend box office earning $86 million in its debut, our North Carolina shot Bad Grandpa remained strong with $11.3 million. The comedy’s three-week total stands at $78.7 million.


CUCALORUSA CUCALORUS MUST SEE: Broadcast – A Man and his Dream is the story of Ralph Epperson growing up in the 1920s and 30s the son of tobacco farmers in the hills of Southwestern Virginia/Northwestern North Carolina and daring to dream of a different life. As a boy he discovered radio and from then on was led by a desire to understand how to transmit sound through the airwaves. This love of technology was coupled with a passion for the broadcast2music native to his growing up, “it was then called old time and now we call it bluegrass,” along with a strong faith in God and community. In 1948 Ralph realized his dream with the opening of his first station, WPAQ 740 AM, Mt. Airy, NC, “the voice of the Blue Ridge” but his dream didn’t stop there. Most of his family followed him out of the tobacco fields and into radio. broadcastToday more than 150 radio stations around the nation owe their beginnings to Ralph Epperson and his dream as well as countless musicians who continued their music and passed along the tradition that still exists today of Blue Ridge style string music. In 2005 Director, Jordan Nance, dared to dream that despite his physical limitations from severe cerebral palsy he could make a film about Ralph and WPAQ. Now in 2013 Jordan’s dream is a reality.

The screening will be on Sunday, Nov 17 at 10:45AM in the studio theatre at Thalian Hall. There will be live bluegrass for those who come a little early and enjoy Jones Smith & Co.

Catch the opening minute of Jordan Nance’s first documentary film, Broadcast: A Man and His Dream. WATCH IT NOW


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THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 10/22/2013 Another movie coming to Wilmywood?



Happy Tuesday!  Let’s kick it off with “Rumors from the Lot.”  Another movie could be coming to Wilmywood.  It’s an independent flick with a big heart. It’s called Fragile, a true story about high school football team embracing a mentally challenged boy, and could be in production before the holidays.   It’s a small project (under $5 million) and from what I understand is funded by folks in NC.  I think it will be a project that everyone will want to be a part of. So to sum it up, the movie is a fact, whether it comes here is still bookmarked as rumor, at least for now.  I will keep you posted.

mtvMTV is casting a new show!  Do you live in a real-life Modern Family?

Are your parents and siblings the anti-1950s nuclear family? Do you have same-sex parents? An internationally-adopted cousin? A hot, young new step-mom or dad? Is your clan multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multiplying? Perhaps your brood is made up of a recently blended family or an ever-expanding and hilarious, random group. If your family is fun, dynamic, diverse, and the new normal, MTV would love to hear from you!  If you appear between the ages of 16 and 25 and believe your household is totally modern,  please email  Don’t forget to include your name, phone number, email and a photo of your family!


James-FrainWhen Sleepy Hollow comes back on November 4th following its baseball break,  James Frain  will put in his first appearance, and it looks as though Stretch Armstrong aka John Cho —will have his return. A few weeks later, on November 25th, Amandla Stenberg will make her debut as Macey, Captain Irving’s daughter.

The Sleepy folks head to The Graystone Inn, on S. 3rd St.  this evening.  There will be one of the horses at this location, but I cannot tell you if it will be Zach.  That’s Headless’s horse.  Also, it looks like we will see James Frain on set today. Another reported location for the day is the Cape Fear Club on Chestnut.

Well Wishes, a little film out of Raleigh, will be taking up space on the 100 block of Water St. until Noon today.  The characters will be spreading the wealth by filling parking meters.

ConjuringThe Conjuring is FINALLY out on DVD and Blu Ray today!  Buy it now in the Wilmywood A-Store, powered by!

And finally, congrats to local filmmaker Joe Stauffer.  His flick Pieces of Talent, won Best Feature, Best Psycho Feature, and Best Actor at the Fear Fete Film Festival in D’Iberville, Miss.


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