NC Film and small businesses that benefit.

Even though I have said this until I am blue in the face, it seems as though the message isn’t getting out there enough. 4200 people who hold full time jobs in the film industry isn’t the whole story; it’s just a part of it. Small businesses benefit from film in a big way. Talk to folks at The Ivy Cottage, Triangle Rent a Car, Old Books on Front, Manna, Brown Dog Coffee Co., Image Monster, etc. 100s of small businesses benefit from our NC Film Industry. Even Barber Shops.

Meet Mr. Graham. I did a story on him a few months back. (SEE STORY NOW), but if you have never met him, you probably didn’t realize he would be one of your favorite folks who live in Wilmington. With his infectious joyful personality and smile, he tells the story of how proud he is to support NC Film. Mr. Graham owns the barber shop at 5th and Castle Sts.  He had the opportunity to work with the film industry on Under the Dome. Listen to what he has to say. He has just one of 100s of stories that our politicians need to hear.

So, how can you help save NC Film? The majority of the general public loves the film industry here and agrees it needs to stay. So, get out and vote wisely. I can help you in a few counties.

FRIENDS of the NC Film Industry:
New Hanover: Elizabeth Redenbaugh, Betsy Jordan, Susi Hamilton, Ted Davis, Frank Iler
Bladen, Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender: Ernie Ward
Pender, Onslow: Steve Unger
Bladen, Columbus, Robeson: Ken Waddell
Guilford, Rockingham: William Osborne
Guilford: Scott Jones


Still looking for MORE volunteers at the polls!  We are looking for folks who are pro-NC Film to work in 2-4 hour shifts at the one stop early voting (October 23, 2014 – November 1, 2014) locations and on Election day (November 4, 2014) in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender County locations. GET MORE DETAILS NOW

ABSENTEE VOTING BY MAIL: Absentee voting runs through October 28, 2014

EARLY VOTING (ONE STOP) PERIOD: October 23, 2014 – November 1, 2014


Official Press Statement:

Representatives Susi Hamilton, Ed Hanes, Rodney Moore, Ken Waddell and Michael Wray


Despite the length of this ‘short’ session, the General Assembly has thus far failed to adequately address one of the most important issues facing North Carolina – job protection and creation. Good jobs are the foundation of our families and our communities.  The North Carolina General Assembly has failed to enact any serious programs that will assist capital expansion, create an environment conducive to hiring, and actually secure the jobs of new and existing workers.

The good news is that this year’s legislative session has not yet adjourned. There is still time to support a bi-partisan economic development plan that will move this state forward.  We are convinced that a bi-partisan approach is the only chance of preventing the crippling of economic development opportunities for North Carolina in the next nine months.  Without the basic tools of economic development, the North Carolina Department of Commerce cannot be competitive in job recruitment.  Every one of our county economic development offices, the new Public Private Partnership (PPP), and the new prosperity zones will all be unable to effectively “sell” our state if a comprehensive plan does not pass.

Many of the elements of S 763 are supported broadly by members of our caucus. However, it is clear that in some areas the plans offered by the Governor are not aggressive enough.

We offer the following items that would make it worthy of vigorous bi-partisan support:

  • Historic Rehabilitation Investment Program – This inexpensive program is one of the few tools to encourage rehabilitation of commercial buildings in small towns and cities across the state. While the credit has been used extensively in Durham, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh and other larger cities, it has been particularly helpful in our smaller communities to create the type of re-investment we need to keep these communities vibrant.


  • New Market Tax Credits – This program is creating major investment by private capital in 14 others states. It fills a giant gap that exists where Banks are now reluctant to lend in rural and distressed areas.  Where this law has passed, the state has seen an immediate influx of capital and lending, often near the half billion mark in the first year.  This program does not cost the taxpayer money; it generates jobs and taxes for the state.  It must be part of any bi-partisan comprehensive economic development plan.


  • Film Tax Credit – This program has long been supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike. It makes money for state and local government by supporting 4,200 highly paid permanent jobs and 15,000 part time jobs, which in turn pays gasoline, payroll, property, sales and all other taxes and fees that support the government.  These workers have no job option in their field and will be forced leave the state if North Carolina turns its back on this knowledge-based industry.

Without S 763 and parts of H 1224:

  • Two proposed manufacturing plants and their 1,400 jobs that the Commerce Department is seeking will not come
  • The EPA will close the plant in Canton laying off 1,200 workers in Senator Apodoca’s and Senator Davis’ district
  • The state will eliminate 4,200 jobs in the film industry
  • The ELIMINATION OF OUR MAJOR RECRUITMENT TOOL, JDIG, EFFECTIVELY TAKING NORTH CAROLINA OUT OF THE JOB RECRUITMENT BUSINESS FOR ONE YEAR. If past performance is a guide, this will cost 6,000 jobs just in the recruits the Secretary is engaged with now

There are other tax provisions of H 1224 that could possibly be added to this compromise, some of which we are aware are much needed by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Revenue.  These include, but are not limited to, Crowd Funding, JMAC, JDIG, solar energy tax credits and the Secretary’s new Catalyst Fund.

We are calling on Governor McCrory and Senator Berger to sit down with House leadership and our caucus so we can finalize a package that can pass both houses with a strong bi-partisan vote.


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 11/12/2013 Hunger Games, Under the Dome, Film Incentives, Sleepy Hollow and More.

hungergames Happy 11/12/13 day to ya!  Lots to cover today, so let’s get right to it!  In love with the Hunger Games? Well, you can own a piece of the movie…and wear it!  It is wardrobe galore from our beloved North Carolina shot Hunger Games!  In fact, over 200 original screen-worn costumes from the flick will be on the auction block. Interested bidders can participate in person, by telephone, absentee and Internet. The auction site says:

“Included in the auction will be costumes worn by Jennifer Lawrence as “Katniss,” Josh Hutcherson as “Peeta,” Elizabeth Banks as “Effie,” Stanley Tucci as “Caesar,” Liam Hemsworth as “Gale,” Woody Harrelson as “Haymitch,” Lenny Kravtiz as “Cinna,” Donald Sutherland as “President Snow,” Wes Bentley as “Seneca,” and many, many more.”

AmandaSternbergAnd that does include wardrobe from our fabulous Rue, Amandla Stenberg who is currently in Wilmywood playing Macey, Captain Irving’s daughter on Sleepy Hollow.  CHECK OUT ALL THE ITEMS NOW!  Proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. And speaking of Sleepy Hollow, an amazing night for a Midnight Ride! I will have the ratings report later today in a separate blog post per usual.  Phillip Iscove (co-creator Sleepy Hollow), posted a great article from Forbes which finally answers the question, “Why is Sleepy Hollow a hit?”  READ IT NOW! tscc3 UTDScript_MealsOnWheelsAlso up for grabs is an autographed Pilot script from Under the Dome!   Make your bid now.  All proceeds benefit Meals on Wheels of Pender County. Folks can bid online or bid in person at the Pender Adult Services Dinner Gala and Silent Auction this Thursday evening.  The cover page is complete with actors, directors, and production staff signatures.  A few of the names include:  Mackenzie Lintz, Colin Ford, Neil Arden Oplev, Jack Bender, Dean Norris, Jolene Purdy, Aisha Hinds, Rachelle Lefevre, Brian K. Vaughan, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel, Alex Koch, Britt Robertson. stateslate ATTENTION NC FILM LOVERS: Don’t miss this presentation about the future of film and the incentive at Cucalorus Film Festival this Thursday, Nov. 14 at Thalian Hall at 4pm.  State of the Slate: The Future of Film in North Carolina.  This special panel presented by Entertainment Partners at the 19th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival will highlight the Film and Television production incentives tax structure and production resources that have made North Carolina an evolving filmmakers destination.  GET ALL THE DETAILS NOW!

Meanwhile, state legislators have film incentives on the list to talk about today as they explore ways to make up for $600,000,000 of lost revenue.

State Rep. for Columbus, Robeson, and parts of Bladen Counties, Ken Waddell,  is on the Revenue Law Study Committee and when it comes to film incentives he said he would like to see state lawmakers increase them, since the film industry affects almost every county in our region. Amen brother!  Let’s hope all ears are open today!
“A part of Revolution was filmed in Chadbourn. There’s been some other filming going on in Whiteville and in other places. Filming is really important. It provides a lot of jobs to a lot of people. That helps small businesses pass the bucks around,” said Waddell.  READ THE STORY FROM WECT

Yesterday, Eastbound and Down release a tease for the season finale.  What?  Finale, you say?  I know, time is flying!  But there are a few left until we reach that point.  No doubt we all want to see the tease anyway!

Also during Cucalorus, Post 1200 invites you to stop by their open house Thursday-Sunday.  So many stars have passed through here for some post work and it was also the production office for Hallmark’s Christmas in Conway.  They will be doing some screenings and giving a tour of the facility along with some coffee and munchies!


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