THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 05/28/2014 Locations, Sleepy Hollow, Under the Dome, Max Steel

Happy Hump Day!  Let’s start with where the stars are today!

Max Steel is back at the Max Steel headquarters aka the  Ideal Cement Plant.  Can you believe they are wrapping Saturday?  Argh!  I miss them already!

Peter_wellerUnder the Dome is running 2 units today and they are also working on two episodes as well. They are wrapping up episode 8 and it is day one for episode 9. This is Peter Weller‘s first day on set as director. He arrived into town just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.  They will be shooting all over town including Wrightsville Ave, One Tree Hill Way, and the Screen Gems soundstages.  Dwight Yoakam who plays the character Lyle is making his way back into town for this episode as well!

SH_Savings_LoanSleepy Hollow is downtown today!  Yesterday, the sleepyheads shot interiors at the “Sleepy Hollow Savings & Loan” on Oleander Drive.  Now today they are shooting the exteriors of the said savings & loan on N. Front. They are also returning to the Sleepy Hollow Police headquarters aka the NHC Courthouse.

A lot of news came out yesterday regarding Sleepy Hollow.

The 30th Annual TV Critics Association Awards which will be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 19th have released their nominees.  They have added Sleepy Hollow to that list for “Outstanding New Program.”  The sleepyheads are up against: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Fox), “Fargo” (FX), “Orange Is the New Black” (Netflix) and “True Detective” (HBO).  READ MORE

MATTBARRWe also discovered One Tree Hill alum Matt Barr will return to Wilmywood for Sleepy Hollow as the bounty hunter Nick Hawley, who just happens to be quite dashing.  He will be aiding  Ichabbie on a supernatural case for season 2.

Also, House of Cards’ Sakina Jaffrey will play Leena Reyes who will be coming in to replace Irving at the SHPD Her character is described as being “smart, forceful, highly trained and commanding” with a warm maternal side.



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The Wilmywood Daily – Week In Review – February 1, 2014 (VIDEO)

Sheila Brothers gives you the scoop about the hottest shows and movies filming in Wilmington, NC. Here is a Week in Review from Jan 26 – Jan 31, 2014.


WILMYWOOD – Where Wilmington and Hollywood Collide

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Snowy Hollow – Sleepy Hollow Locations in a Winter Wonderland.

1514995_524155091025820_1845409132_nHey There! It’s Bob. The one who should be the main host of the Wilmywood Week in Review. No worries I have a plan. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to show you what Sleepy Hollow looks like in a winter wonderland. I stopped by at a few locations just as Winter Storm Leon hit Wilmington, NC! What can I say, I live for danger! Just click on the picture for a description and a much bigger view. I have some real nice close ups, if I do say so myself. Enjoy!

NC Film: So what exactly is a “sunset?”

SUNSETQUESTION:  Everyone is talking about a sunset when it comes to the film incentives.  What exactly is a “sunset?”

ANSWER:  Another very popular question.  It’s basically a metaphor for when our film incentives expire.  So, when someone says, “Our NC Film incentives will sunset January 1, 2015,” that means that they will go away on that date unless our legislators vote otherwise.  This is a very dangerous and confusing way of doing business with production companies. Currently, unlike other states, we don’t have a film incentive permanently in place, our Reps just keep extending them every couple of years.  That means every couple years they are in danger of going away.  Production companies found our method to be unstable, and so they would rather do business with states that have something permanently in place.

You see, when these production companies look at states to film their movie or TV show, they can look as far as two years in advance.  So, for example, if Warner Brothers is looking at North Carolina today, and they wanted to begin shooting a movie in the summer of 2015, they would see that currently our film incentives are at risk of expiring six months before their start up date, so they wouldn’t bother even looking at us at all.

There is a BIG vote on our incentives in May 2014, and what we are pushing for is to do away with the “sunset” for good, and keep our incentives indefinitely.  That will be a game changer and we will see a hell of a lot more business here in our state!

LOCATIONS: CBS’s Under the Dome

Under the Dome is shot in three different counties: New Hanover (Wilmington), Brunswick (Southport) and Pender (Burgaw and Currie).

– The scene where Mike Vogel (Barbie) crashed in the pilot and where the dome came down on him and Colin Ford (Joe) was shot in Currie, NC

– Big Jim’s Car Lot took over Southport Motorcars on North Howe Street in Southport.

– Chester’s Mill Clinic is actually The Ocean Trail Convalescent Center also in Southport.

– Big Jim’s house is actually in two different counties.  His porch is in Southport on E. Bay St, but the inside of his house is near downtown Wilmington on Chestnut St.

6thstbridge– The location used for the kids partying after the dome comes down with John Elvis (Ben) and Colin Ford (Joe) is called the 6th St Bridge (aka Harry Forden Truss Bridge) which is just past Downtown Wilmington.

– The location used for the gas station where Mackenzie Lintz(Norrie), Aisha Hinds(Carolyn) and Samantha Mathis(Alice) stops before the dome comes down is in downtown Burgaw at a defunct gas station at the corner of E. Wilmington/N. Wright St.UTDset062013_0454
– The exterior radio station is in Southport, but the interior is on Sound Stage 7 at EUE/Screen Gems studios in Wilmington.

– Other interiors at EUE/Screen Gems includes the bunker where Alexander Koch (Junior) holds Britt Robertson (Angie) captive.  This is also on Stage 7.UTDSet062013_0306

– On Stage 8, you will find the Sweetbriar Rose, the cafe run by Beth Broderick (Rose).

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