RUMORS FROM THE LOT: Mattel to bring Wilmywood a feature??


A lovely RUMOR from the Lot.  My sources have just told me that we may be hearing an announcement soon about a big budget movie that has been shrouded in secrecy.  My sources tell that Mattel Entertainment could indeed be bringing us Max Steel.  The feature revolves around teenager Maxwell McGrath and alien companion Steel who can combine special turbo-energy powers to generate superhero, Max Steel.

As Mattel reboots its “Max Steel” franchise with a new line of toys and an animated TV series, the company also teamed up with Open Road Films picking up the project to release in theaters late next year. Dolphin Films, a production banner of Dolphin Entertainment, will produce the film.

We can chalk this up as rumor but we will find out soon enough because they are reported to open up offices in January 2014.

More to come.  Stay Tuned.