THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/05/2014 – Under the Dome adds Cast, No Secret about Ryan Phillippe, More on Max, Dirt Poor Fest and More


Woo Hoo!  Happy Hump Day!  HUGE news came out yesterday regarding two of our shows and there is more.

eddie-cahillEddie Cahill CSI: New York has been cast as Big Jim’s brother in law who is the “crazy drunk” who lives in the woods!   Also, Karla Crome (Misfits) joins the enclosed gang!  Crome will play Rebecca, the beautiful school teacher who we’ve been talking about.  READ STORY

And the third piece of good news, although the casting details have not been revealed yet, it looks like the dead will rise as Junior’s mother, Pauline, will return to Chester’s Mill.  Or did she even leave? No word yet on how many episodes.  Under the Dome Season 2 premieres Monday, June 30 at 10PM EST


ryan-phillippeAlso, yesterday, we found out Wilmywood might get their hottie back!  Ryan Phillippe is reportedly in final negotiations to star in ABC’s Secrets & Lies.  If you remember he was here in the 90′s for I Know What You Did Last Summer.   Let’s hope the negotiations go well, because he would be the leading man in this series.  A premiere date has been set for October.  More casting choices will be coming out soon, so stay posted.  READ STORY

Max-SteelVariety’s Dave McNary wrote an article yesterday morning on the unveiling of Max Steel which will happen tomorrow in Europe.  He opens with:

 “The Berlin festival may not unspool on a sunny beach, but the European Film Market, which runs alongside the fest, is becoming much more like Cannes and the American Film Market — at least when it comes to serving as a launching pad for major movies.” 

So get ready for Max Steel which will make an appearance at the EFM (European Film Market) and Mattel and Dolphin Films will unveil more details about the live-action adaptation.  So, that means we can look forward to more details this week!

It’s official, our North Carolina American Idol runner-up who has  six albums under his belt, Clay Aiken, announced this morning that he will indeed run for the Democratic nomination in the 2nd Congressional District.  You know what question we want answered!  Here’s his pitch.

dirtpoorTONIGHT!!!  The Dirt Poor Filmmakers Fest is tonight at the Calico Room and it’s all local!  Johnny Gray  will be your host.  Here’s the sweet line up of  local shorts:

Jack to the Future: Directors Nate Daniel and Derek Pons.
Alex is about to find out just how far he’s willing to go to fulfill his life long dream of time travel. All that stands in his way is a big stack of cash, a little self respect, and his best friend Jack. Narrative RT: 17:30

Imperium: Directed by Kathryn Hazelton
The devil makes a deal with death. Narrative 17:30

McDuffy: The Urban Eagle: Directed by Troy Carlton
In present day New Orleans, Narco Detective Connor McDuffy prowls the streets for crime and battles the hot new street drug, bath salts, in this action comedy. Narrative. 19:00

Withdrawal: Directed by John Anthony
After giving up smoking, a man slowly loses his mind as he struggles with withdrawal.
Narrative. 8:30

We Can’t Help You: Directors Brad Land and Alan Scott Neal.
After making a careless mistake a young vagrant is guided by his boozing and charismatic mentor to carry out a vicious act.
Narrative. 13:00

803: Directed by Jacob Joyner
An intern awakens to the blare of television static in a strange compound.
Narrative 8:30

Tuesday: Directed by Nick Cocuzza
Andrew, a young computer science major, passes through life without excitement until Tuesday comes along.
Narrative: 15:00

DRAG HIM OUT!: Directed by Chase Kliber
A self-loathing bounty hunter is called on to pull an unlikely target from a crumbling warehouse.
Narrative 13:50



That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 01/10/2014 C.D. Jackie Burch Moving to Atlanta, More Noms for Sleepy Hollow and more.

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Now before I get to some fun news, if you are in the film community, especially if you are an actor, this is some breaking news.

Yesterday, Jackie Burch one of our most talented industry people here in Wilmington, announced that effective March 1st, she is moving to Atlanta, GA.  This is a woman we have been so honored to have in our film community as she has an incredible resume that dates back to the Brat Pack.  Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science.  Add at least 50 more titles til we get to the most recent Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games, Arthur Newman, 42, and let alone the films that have not been released yet: Tammy, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Two.

Robert Downey JrDid you know that Jackie was the one who gave Robert Downey Jr. his big break casting him in Weird Science?  And it came full circle when she cast IM3.  When Jackie relocated from Los Angeles to Wilmington, NC in 2008, we were so excited to have her here and officially call her our own.  But now, with 4 productions coming here and over 20 going to Georgia, well…

I caught up with her last night and here is what we talked about.

SHEILA:  So tell me, is it true?  Are you really moving to Atlanta?

JACKIE: Yes, however, I am still keeping an office here because I still want to work in Wilmington, but with the film incentives up in the air like they are, there is no work here for me right now.  I already have some projects that are in Atlanta at the moment. And with Pinewood Studios coming. I cannot just sit here waiting around.  I need to go where the work is available.

SHEILA: So you are not completely leaving us.  That’s at least some good news.  Just so you know, Jackie, people love you here, especially the actors in town.  You are responsible for so many of them getting the part!

JACKIE:  Oh, please tell them, I will not forget them. I always consider North Carolina talent for anything that I am casting in Georgia.  We have a lot of talented actors here.  And like I said, I will be available for any project that shoots in North Carolina, even if I am residing in Georgia.  I do that now, even though I currently live in Wilmington, I am casting projects in Atlanta.

SHEILA:  You know you are breaking  my heart right now, right?

JACKIE: (laughs) It’s so sad that I have to make this move.  I am hoping when they vote again this time,  they will do the right thing.  This incentive affects so many people, and not just the crew, but the small businesses, so many of them rely on the film industry to pay the bills.  I hope that they not only extend the incentives, but they get rid of  the expiration.  They need to make the incentives permanent.

I spoke with Jackie this morning and she asked for me to take the picture down, I laughed, cuz she never puts up a pic of herself up anywhere.  Lord, I love this woman!  But while we were chatting, she added:

I am really going to miss the theater in Wilmington.  I’ve cast many of actors right from theater, always trying to discover new talent.  I am very proud of the work they do here.

Jackie will be having a final workshop coming up before she heads out to Georgia.  It will be the weekend of February 8th.  I will keep you posted about all the details.

filmjobsBut back to the conversation.  That is the key, isn’t it? Ending the sunset. Politicians continue to make one HUGE mistake that they just simply cannot process how damaging it is.  They think it’s a good idea to just keep extending the incentive instead of permanently end the sunset once and for all!  And if you are in the industry then you know how BAD that is.  Not as bad a losing it, but, you know, production companies don’t know what to think of us.  Is there an incentive this year?  Well, I am planning my production two years from now, and NC’s incentives are up in the air.  No thank you, I will go to Georgia or Louisiana. The month of May cannot come soon enough. Look, extending the incentives is better than nothing, I agree, but it only puts a band-aid on an open wound.  Unless you stitch it up, it will never heal!  We will be back in crisis mode when we are 24 months away from “renewal” time.  So, let’s get this sunset outta here!  The sooner we do that, the more productions will make plans to film here and we can break the cycle of hesitation from production companies when they think of North Carolina.  We cannot afford to lose more amazing people in the film industry that call North Carolina their home!


Nicole-Beharie45th NAACP Image Awards have released their nominees, and we have some of our own to congratulate!   Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie nabbed two and the adorable Chitra was nominated for her mad writing skills!  See the category and who they are competing with:

Outstanding actress in a motion picture
Angela Bassett – “Black Nativity” (Fox Searchlight Pictures/Mavin Pictures/Wonderful Films)
Halle Berry – “The Call” (TriStar Pictures)
Jennifer Hudson – “Winnie Mandela” (Ma-Afrika Films [PTY] LTD and Equinoxe Films Inc.)
Kerry Washington – “Tyler Perry Presents Peeples” (Lionsgate)
Nicole Beharie – “42” (Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary Pictures)

Outstanding actress in a drama series
Chandra Wilson – “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC)
Kerry Washington – “Scandal” (ABC)
Khandi Alexander – “Treme” (HBO)
Nicole Beharie – “Sleepy Hollow” (Fox)
Regina King – “SouthLAnd” (TNT)

Outstanding writing in a dramatic series
Aaron Rahsaan Thomas – “SouthLAnd” – Babel (TNT)
Chitra Elizabeth Sampath, Damian Kindler – “Sleepy Hollow” – Sanctuary (Fox)
Janine Sherman Barrois – “Criminal Minds” – Strange Fruit (CBS)
Karin Gist – “Revenge” – Mercy (ABC)
Sara Hess – “Orange is the New Black” – Blood Donut (Netflix)


bansheeNC Shot Banshee is gearing up for Season 2 tonight on Cinemax!  Thanks to Darla for finding this video!

“Ivana Milicevic chats with Access about creating Vine videos to promote “Banshee” Season 2. Also, she talks about Lucas Hood’s troubles in the upcoming season. Plus, Ivana tells Access why her character, Carrie, will have a “horrible” time in the new season.” WATCH IT NOW!



McDuffy_LetterREMINDER:  McDuffy: The Urban Eagle  screening is tomorrow night.  Tickets are only $5 and THEY WILL SELL OUT for the screening Saturday night, 7pm, so BUY THEM NOW!  The screening also coincides with the grand opening of GIANT Coffeehouse, which is connected to Post 1200 on N 23rd St., right across from Screen Gems.


  • JAN 13 – Monday: Sleepy Hollow Episode 11 “Vessel” –  9pm EST on FOX
  • JAN 15 – Voting ends Wednesday for Encore’s Best of 2014 VOTE NOW.
  • JAN 20 – The epic two hour season finale of Sleepy Hollow at 8pm EST on FOX.
  • JAN 29 – America’s Got Talent Auditions Greensboro Marriott Downtown.

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 01/07/2014 – Casting Directors named for Max Steel, Dawson’s Creek Reunion? and more

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you are surviving the Polar Vortex!  Got a few tidbits for ya.  Starting with Max Steel.

Max-SteelLooks like Max Steel is pushing their schedule just a bit, so offices are going to open a little later than initially planned.  I did get a confirmation this morning, so I gotta give a huge congratulations to Tara and Chase over at Feldstein|Paris Casting for getting the principal casting gig for Mattel’s live-action feature.  I was told there will be some nice day player roles for our local and regional actors.  With that being said, no casting calls have been lined up yet,  so DON’T pester them about roles, just tell your agent to be ready!  No word yet on Extras Casting.  I will keep you posted!

Max Steel tells the story of teenager Maxwell McGrath and alien companion Steel who can combine special turbo-energy powers to generate sensational superhero Max Steel. The storyline centers on bringing a positive and relatable hero to kids, drawing upon turbo-charged teamwork, laughter and friendship.’s got some detailed info about one of the writers as well as the director:

Max Steel writer Christopher Yost most recently rewrote and did the production work on Thor: The Dark World for Marvel and director Alan Taylor. He also wrote the superhero adventure Secret Headquarters for Paramount and Stuber Pictures. Previously, Yost was a member of Marvel’s Writers Program, where he worked on the first ThorMax Steel director Stewart Hendler recently directed and executive produced H+, a digital series for Dolphin Entertainment and Warner Brothers Entertainment, winning a Best Director award and sharing in a Best Sci-Fi or Action Series award at The 2013 Streamy Awards. Hendler also recently completed work on the award-winning digital series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Between them, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and H+ have garnered 24 industry nominations, thus far. He also manages an active feature film career, having directed the studio features Whisper and Sorority Row, as well as developing several large-scale studio projects.


david_billyLove that local media is putting our local actor David Andrews in the spotlight.   He’s got a four episode gig on the new NBC show, Crisis. Congrats David!  Before this project he had a little fun on Brad Pitt’s  World War Z.

DawsonAccording to Ok! Magazine, Katie Holmes is interested in taking part in a reunion of our teen drama, Dawson’s Creek.  If you remember earlier last year Michelle Williams was itching to do one as well. As of now there is nothing scheduled or scripted, but if something does indeed brew, I will let you know.  READ ARTICLE NOW

SophiaAnd speaking of Wilmywood shows of the past, set your sights on Wednesday nights.  Look out for One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush on Chicago PD premiering tomorrow at 10pm EST after Law and Order SVU.

McDuffy_LetterDon’t forget this Saturday McDuffy: The Urban Eagle will screen at the fabulous Post 1200 followed by Q & A with the filmmakers! Tickets are only $5, so buy them now for you and some friends.  There is limited seating and it will sell out!  The event begins at 7pm. You can do it online, or stop by Post 1200, they are right across from Screen Gems.  It is rated R so keep in mind, it is ages 17 and up! It stars Matt McHughShane Callahan, Madison Moss, Zeeko Zaki, Patrick Bryant Hayden, Nate Panning, and Jim Mahorney.



  • JAN 8 – Wednesday: The People’s Choice Awards 9pm EST on CBS
  • JAN 9 – Thursday: Variety’s upcoming Breakthrough of the Year Awards, at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Dean Norris will be on hand to accept the award for Under the Dome.
  • JAN 10 – Friday: Banshee Season Two premieres on Cinemax
  • JAN 13 – Monday: Sleepy Hollow Episode 11 “Vessel” –  9pm EST on FOX
  • JAN 15 – Voting ends for Encore’s Best of 2014 VOTE NOW.
  • JAN 20 – The epic two hour season finale of Sleepy Hollow at 8pm EST on FOX.
  • JAN 29 – America’s Got Talent Auditions Greensboro Marriott Downtown.

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks). Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 01/06/2014: Wilmywood’s 2014 Film Slate, McDuffy: The Urban Eagle and more.

Happy Monday Wilmywood!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Waiting…yep that is what is driving me crazy at the moment.  Waiting for more details to come out about Max Steel.  If you remember they did some test screenings on some teens for the lead and the female counter part for Mattel’s live-action version of Max Steel.  We should find out any day now who got the roles.  Also waiting for an update of when and where offices will be opening up.  Waiting, waiting, waiting.  Blah!

MaxSteel Test

Who will get the roles in Max Steel?

We are also waiting on the casting choices for ABC’s Secrets & Lies.  It was already given a green light for 10 episodes.  We hope they shoot more than the pilot here in Wilmywood.

So let’s look at the timeline again. Looking into the new year, it’s looks like Wilmywood will be quite busy, so let’s review about what we’ve been talking about over the past eight weeks.

    • Mattel’s Max Steel will be the first out of the gate for 2014, with offices opening in January, production beginning in February.
    • Not far behind will be the return of CBS’s Under the Dome, opening offices in January (supposedly next week), but production won’t begin until March 4th.
    • ABC’s Secrets & Lies opening offices in February, with production a go in March.
    • Bolden! WHO KNOWS!
    • Next slated to hit the town is up in the air as we have Loomis Fargo, and the return of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow for Season Two in mid to late spring.  No solid dates as of yet.
    • The Legend of McCoy Mountain & The Gold 45 Revolver is also still up in the air for this spring as well, but we don’t know where in NC they will be filming yet, so can’t put this one in the Wilmywood bucket quite yet.

clay-aikenThe Wrap claims the openly gay “American Idol” runner-up, Clay Aiken, may run for Congress in North Carolina. He is consulting with Al Gore’s as well as former North Carolina Gov. Bev Purdue‘s political strategist and could seek the seat now held by Republican Renee Ellmers.

McDuffy_LetterThis Saturday, I’ve got the perfect event to kick off your Saturday night.  How about we hang out with our fellow local filmmakers, watch a comedy short and hang out  at a really cool place that serves amazing organic coffee and treats for an hour or so?   I thought you might like that.  Get ready for McDuffy: The Urban Eagle!  The comedy/action short takes place in “New Orleans.” It’s about Narco Detective Connor McDuffy who prowls the streets for crime and battles the hot new street drug, Bath Salts.  The cast is great.  It stars Matt McHughShane Callahan, Madison Moss, Zeeko Zaki, Patrick Bryant Hayden, Nate Panning, and Jim Mahorney.


Matt McHugh is McDuffy: The Urban Eagle

This is the first public screening for this 18 minute action comedy.  McDuffy: The Urban Eagle will screen at the fabulous Post 1200 followed by Q & A with the filmmakers!  If you haven’t been to Post 1200 before, the screening room is beautiful. Tickets are only $5, so buy them now for you and some friends.  There is limited seating and it will sell out!  The event begins at 7pm. You can do it online, or stop by Post 1200, they are right across from Screen Gems.  It is rated R so keep in mind, it is ages 17 and up!

 A REMINDER TO VOTE VOTE VOTE!   Encore Magazine has released their Best Of Nominees and you can VOTE NOW.

Don’t forget these important categories!
  • Best Thing to Happen in ILM 2013:  Film/TV Production, Ziggy’s Opening, California Roots: Carolina Sessions.
  • Best Local Independent Film: Pieces of Talent, Bound by Sea, Children of Salt
  • Best Local Filmmaker: Joe Stauffer, Keith Welborn, Brannigan Carter.
  • Best Blog: The Wilmywood Daily, Port City Foodies, Girls Gone Gluten Free

You can vote until January 15th! So, go on get to votin‘!!



  • JAN 8 – Wednesday: The People’s Choice Awards 9pm EST on CBS
  • JAN 9 – Thursday: Variety’s upcoming Breakthrough of the Year Awards, at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Dean Norris will be on hand to accept the award for Under the Dome.
  • JAN 13 – Sleepy Hollow Episode 11 “Vessel” is next Monday, 9pm EST on FOX

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks). Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!