THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/14/2014 Wilmywood Love, Max, Tammy, How & Why and more.

It’s the day of love, so let’s LOVE on some Wilmywood shall, we!  What I am already loving is the top three stars cast all have a Wilmywood connection. Ryan Phillippe w/ I Know What You Did Last Summer, Natalie Martinez w/ Under the Dome and Juliette Lewis w/ Hick.  Who else that has stepped before the sands of Wrightsville Beach will grace us with their presence?

If you missed it in the last blog, check out Our Wilmywood Valentines, some adorable couples throughout the decades of movies and TV shot right here in Wilmington, NC.

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

Showrunner Neal Baer.  Photo Credit: Davis Pascua

The latest winter storm charged fiercely upon the South, making Atlanta shut down production for a few days.  However, the NC Film crew didn’t let the latest polar vortex stop them from getting things done Under the Dome, and there certainly is a lot to do.  The construction team is currently the busiest, rebuilding last season’s sets at EUE/Screen Gems Studios and from what I hear building some new ones.

Writer/Showrunner of Under the Dome, Dr. Neal Baer will be honored on Feb. 27 by City Year Denver for his contributions on health, education and other issues involving youth. “I am committed to finding ways to keep kids in school,” he told the Denver Post. Baer will screen his NC shot documentary about new approaches to education, “If You Build It,” during the event.  But that’s not all he said.  You know they had to deliver questions about Season 2 of Under the Dome.

Baer told the Denver Post, “It’s bigger, bolder than last season. In the first five minutes you see the demise of one character; two die in the first episode. No one is safe.”

AhnOReillyOur Sleepy Hollow Heads are beyond busy as they are bringing yet another show to television. Yesterday we reported, that Kurtzman and Orci is bringing a CW pilot entitled, IDENTITY to Charleston, SC.  The show will star Ahna O’Reilly, who is best known for her supporting role as Elizabeth Leefolt in the The Help and of course Fruitvale Station.  Ahnna nabs the lead role as Mia. READ ARTICLE NOW

Also, in case you missed it,the family adventure MAX (the war dog movie) will be shooting in the Charlotte area.  The CREW CALL is out:  Please email your resume and crew position in the subject line to:  This family adventure film is inspired by true events and is produced by MGM StudiosSunswept Entertainment and Picture 8 Productions. READ ABOUT IT NOW

33rd Annual Young Artist AwardsJulia Sarah Stone, who is known for Vampire Dog (2012) and the most recent, The Killing (AMC), will join Michael Cera and John Hawkes in our Wilmywood FX pilot How and Why.  She wonThe Young Artist Award for Best Performance in an International Feature Film – Leading Young Performer for The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom (2011).  More details to come!

tammy-posterAnd now that we have seen the teaser trailer for TAMMY, take a look at the poster! (click to enlarge).

We are still having out little Tammy party, we had to push it to Saturday. We will be showing the EXTENDED trailer, a different one than the one on Youtube, so I still think it will be fun!  So come on out!  Post1200/Giant Culture will be playing the extended trailer in their screening room beginning Saturday at 6pm every half hour until 9pm and on Sunday from 11am -2pm.  CHECK FOR DETAILS ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/12/2014 Untitled Pilot is Named, Production Dates Set, Tammy Trailer and more.

Feature and Pilot coming to NC, Max Steel hires LP, Sleepy Hollow 2, Full Belly Project.


Headshots 101: Casting Directors’ Pet Peeves

Hank and Jed Sets Premiere Date for Doraleous & Associates

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

Julia Sarah Stone joins FX’s How & Why Cast


Julia Sarah Stone, who is known for Vampire Dog (2012) and the most recent, The Killing (AMC), will join Michael Cera and John Hawkes in our Wilmywood FX pilot How and Why.  She won The Young Artist Award for Best Performance in an International Feature Film – Leading Young Performer for The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom (2011).  More details to come!


STATUS: Pre-Production.  Offices open March 24th.  Production begins at the end of April (28th).
PRODUCER: Anthony Bregman
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Charlie Kaufman
CAST: John Hawkes, Michael Cera, Julia Sarah Stone

Goodman Hesselman (John Hawkes) is a long-lasting minor TV celebrity, the host of a science show for children entitled “How And Why.” He’s been explaining the wonders of the known universe to kids for the last 25 years — and he’s visibly bored with his job and his life; a guy in a rut. A skeptical rationalist who thinks the supernatural is a big load of hooey, Goodman loses his gig, gets dropped to a ratty little market in the middle of nowhere, and tries to start all over again, doing a TV show and working for a much younger boss (Michael Cera).  And that’s when the supernatural world has its dark vengeance on Goodman, catching him when he’s at the lowest point in his life, and forcing his grasp of reality to curl and fray and twist and shred — first at the edges, then working in towards the bones.  

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – Week In Review, January 18, 2014 (VIDEO)

Lawd! Technical Difficulties, one day late!  Yikes! Sheila Brothers gives you the scoop about the hottest shows and movies filming in Wilmington, NC. Here is a Week in Review from Jan 13 – Jan 18, 2014.

Why do productions come to NC? Ask FX Network Chief or CFO Noble House Entertainment

Why do productions come to North Carolina?  Ask FX chief John Landgraf:

John Landgraf

“Without the incentive, we wouldn’t be there. With it, then it essentially becomes a conversation about geography and topography. And then the location competes and wins on the merits.”  ~ FX Chief John Landgraf

Jeff Hidek from the Star News  grabbed that quote from Landgraf during the TCAs.  Here’s is the complete article that Hunter Ingram put together from the event.  It includes many other quotes you will want to read.

Nick Goundry of The Location Guide writes, “Confirmation of the pilot shoot is clearly good news, but North Carolina’s filming incentive is still set to expire at the end of 2014. If it is not renewed soon, the state’s production industry runs the risk of losing a full season of How & Why to a competitor, should the show get a season order from the network.” READ ARTICLE FROM THE LOCATION GUIDE NOW!


How about we ask Noble House Entertainment.  Is it the locations, the nice people?  What drives them to film in North Carolina?  Donald Driftmeier, chief financial officer for Noble House Entertainment Pictures, a movie production company based in Ontario, brings his projects to NC because…

Every investment is risky,” said Donald Driftmeier. “Each one of our films is a separate business. Not only do you have a theatrical release, but the film can end up on an airline, and it goes on DVD. It’s about mitigating the risk for investors. We find a location like North Carolina that fits and works and is going to be ok for us and still make a profit.”

Now his investor for his latest film, Becker’s Farm. that is in the final phase of pre-production wants not only this movie, but three more as well.  That would be 4 productions that North Carolina can take in from one company.

“For North Carolina, movie and television production means jobs,” Roemmich said.


Remember Thursday’s blog?   Are you listening Richard Lindenmuth?  Did you read this legislators?

FX Pilot Coming to Wilmywood!


FX is bringing “How and Why” to North Carolina this Spring.  My sources have confirmed that they have indeed been sniffing around Wilmington, and now Screen Gems has confirmed they will make Wilmywood their home!  Look for Michael Cera and John Hawkes around town in the next few months!  They have been signed to star in this comedy pilot which is coming from Charlie Kaufman.  How and Why tells the story of a man who can explain how and why a nuclear reactor works but is otherwise clueless about life.


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