SLEEPY HOLLOW: RATINGS REPORT – Sandman brings sweet dreams to FOX


The Sandman gave us nightmares last night, but sweet dreams are coming true for FOX with the 3rd Episode Sleepy Hollow.  The overnight numbers are in and it looks as though Sleepy Hollow was #1 in it’s time slot, keeping 7.93 viewers on the edge of their seats (adjustments will come later today).

What do the experts say?

Gaude Paez Morose  – Nice to see that #SleepyHollow held up well in Week 3, with a 3.0/8 in Adults 18-49 (vs last week’s 3.1/8)!  #ScarySandman


Joe Adalian – SLEEPY HOLLOW hanging in there, notches 3.0 A18-49. Renewal assured.
Deadline | TV ‏ – Logging an even stronger hold than The Blacklist was Fox’s newbie Sleepy Hollow (3.0/8), down just a tenth (3%) from last week.

Broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, September 30, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.6/13  14.15
  CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.1/9 7.73
  FOX Bones 2.2/6 7.07
  ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.0/5  12.81
  CW iHeart Radio Music Festival Night 1 (8-10PM) 0.4/1  1.05
8:30 CBS We Are Men – Series Premiere 2.0/5 6.40
9:00 FOX Sleepy Hollow 3.0/8 7.93
  CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.4/6 7.59
9:30 CBS Mom 2.2/5 6.93
10:00 NBC The Blacklist 3.6/10  12.08
  ABC Castle 2.2/6  10.9
  CBS Hostages 1.5/4  5.99
I will update this blog about 50 times as more details come in throughout the day!  We will see if the numbers adjust up later in the day as well.  That’s my prediction anyway 🙂

Sleepy Hollow Rolls Heads with Ratings!


Another great night blended with suspense, hilarity and down right creepiness!  So, let’s find out who was watchin’!  SH had some serious competition last night, but regardless it held its headless high beating CBS sitcoms with a 3.1 A18-49. It’s down four tenths from last week’s 3.5, but that is norm for the second episode.  So, down a bit, yes, but still chopped some competition! See what Joe says below, and you will smile.

What do the experts say?

Anthony Crupi  “Sleepy Hollow week 2 pulls a 3.1, which translates to a 91% retention rate versus the premiere overnight. #renewal
Joe Adalian SLEEPY HOLLOW’s 11 percent decline from premiere qualifies as a great week-to-week hold. Per Fox, REVOLUTION declined 17% W2, ELEMENTARY 19%”



Broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, September 23, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) -Premiere 4.9 13 14.67
CBS How I Met Your Mother -Premiere (8-9 PM) 3.6 10 9.19
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.3 6 13.36
FOX Bones 1.9 5 6.66
CW Hart Of Dixie -R 0.2 1 0.76
9:00PM FOX Sleepy Hollow 3.1 8 8.56
CBS 2 Broke Girls -Premiere 2.8 7 8.76
CW Whose Line is it Anyway? -R 0.2 1 0.65
9:30PM CBS Mom -Premiere 2.5 6 7.92
CW Whose Line is it Anyway -R 0.3 1 0.73
10:00PM NBC The Blacklist 3.8 10 12.62
ABC Castle 2.2 6 13.80
CBS Hostages -Premiere 1.8 5 7.59


In an interview with TVLine, Dean Norris gave us a little insight about this Monday night on Under The Dome.

“You’re going to learn a lot about the Dome,” Norris explained. “It’s all very satisfying and it will make you go, ‘Oh, wow. OK, how are they going to play that out in Season 2?’ It sets up for a great second season.”

And don’t think the season’s ending is even close to the book.  Here’s a taste of what’s coming this Monday night.

If you missed Episode 12 last Monday or only caught 30 minutes of it on your DVR (due to the US Open), CBS is running Episode 12 again this Saturday night ay 9pm EST.

UTDPremiere062013_0080We’ve got an interview lined up today with the most adorable Mackenzie Lintz who plays Joe’s little “firecracker” friend Norrie on Under the Dome.  Send me your questions and I will pick from a few and ask her!

And of course I can’t forget to say:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN FORD!  He turns 17 today!

Our buddy Tommy Danger needs as many volunteers as possible to 200873_10200195448349369_1964083808_ocome to Wrightsville Beach by the Johnny Mercer Pier to be a part of the new video they are working on for the More Than Just Me Foundation. Please tell your friends. We need all ages, color, shapes, and sizes of people. Friday, September 20th from 6pm-7:30.  Click on the FB invite if you will be attending!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!


Last night we went Under the Dome didn’t air until 10:30pm last night due to the overrun of the US open.  It earned a 2.1  adults 18-49 rating, down from last week’s 2.7 adults 18-49 rating, but expects this number to change significantly in the finals later todayIn case you missed it, I added an additional blog with the locations used for Under the Dome if you geek out about those things 🙂

sleepyWith 6 days to go until our biggest Monday night here in Wilmington where Under the Dome ends and Sleepy Hollow begins, Orlando Jones gave a personal insight of what he is most excited for you to see while he attended the advance screening of Sleepy Hollow in LA at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery over the weekend.

“There’s one shot, and it’s not even a gory shot, where Headless chops off somebody’s head, and I like the fact that you don’t expect it.  And it’s not even like a big special effect or anything, it just makes me chuckle every time I see it.” ~Orlando Jones

SunnyRadiothon2013I will have more details coming about the auction that begins this week for some great auction items from some of our favorite productions that shot right here in Wilmington including autographed items from: Tammy, The Conjuring, Under the Dome, Sleepy Hollow, Arthur Newman and even a Screen Gems Experience.  The auction benefits this year’s Sunny 104.5 Caring for Kids at NHRMC Radiothon.

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WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD – 08/21/2013 UTD, EBD, Sleepy Hollow and more…

under-the-dome-cbsRatings for Monday night’s Under the Dome matched last week’s season low of 2.4 (10.30 million viewers) but still easily won overall at the 10pm slot.

We are still waiting on word whether or not we get our early screening of Sleepy Hollow.  They are still “tallying the votes.”  As soon as they reveal the winners, I will get you the location for the screening.  The folks are back in Currie today.

sleepyMissy and Susan of Revo Casting are looking for a male between the ages of 9-13 that is a MASTER PIANO PLAYER. MUST BE ABLE TO READ MUSIC AND PLAY FLUENTLY and have open availability for filming TOMORROW (8.22.13) in the Wilmington, NC area. The pay for this very featured role is $250.  Visit Revo’s FB page for full details.

English: Danny R. McBride in March 2009 promot...

English: Danny R. McBride in March 2009 promoting the film Observe and Report. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas in Conway is filming at their regular location on Forest Hills Dr in Wilmington.

Eastbound and Down back on the stage today, their final day before they head to Charlotte.   Another big star is in town, but I’m not sayin’ who, because the folks at Enemy Mig don’t like stuff leaking out.  Can’t say I blame them if they want people to be pleasantly surprised with all the cameos episode to episode.  But hey, if TMZ leaks it, it’s fair game 🙂

Rumors on the lot say that Bolden! will shoot some of their scenes in Atlanta, thoughI don’t see any solid reasons why that might be true.  Not believing this one so much.  But I will find out for ya.

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 08/01/2013 UTD, Sleepy Hollow, We’re The Millers and more.

At first I thought I was going to have a very weird day not reporting where Under the Dome was shooting, but thanks to the rain, I get to hold on to that one more time!

British bats

British bats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are having a bit of a crisis.  It seems as though the cast and crew are competing for space with the creatures of the night.  Under the Dome has pushed their shoot not only because fo the rain but also because these flying rodents are everywhere.  100s of them.  I have to say though the Ideal Cement Factory is an Ideal place for a bat cave.  I would totally live there if I was a bat!

Here’s what’s in store for us Monday night on CBS!

Andy Garcia Deauville 2009

Andy Garcia Deauville 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gorgeous Andy Garcia joins the cast of Christmas in Conway!! Somebody get me a personal meeting stat cuz oh my goodness!!!!  Also joining Mary Louise Parker is the returning Mandy Moore.  She has walked Wilmywood’s street before in “The Walk to Remember” back in 2002.  Nice memories 🙂

Sleepy Hollow is finally coming back to Wilmington from their long nights in New Bern.  They are looking for several “detective types” and “city hall types” for filming this Monday.  They are looking for both male and females between the ages of 25-65.  For more details, visit Sleepy Hollow’s casting FB page.

Don’t forget to VOTE for Wilmington to get an early screening of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow! We need about 100 votes to stay ahead of the game today!  Chicago is catching up to us!!

Danny McBride

Danny McBride (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

It’s Christmas in…well August for Eastbound and Down as they head over to the Icehouse.  Poor Danny is going to kill himself before this season wraps!  Let’s hope is better at ice skating than roller skating.  I can picture him playing hockey, can’t you?  After some chilly fun, they will can be seen throughout the Ogden area.  Some Caroling, maybe?

Heads up! I am gonna have tickets to see We’re the Millers that was shot right here in Wilmywood.  It opens Tuesday at Carmike Cinemas!  Tune in to Sunny 104.5 at 8:30am to win!

filmjobsAlso, I will be at Carolina BBQ (Murrayville Station location) tomorrow from 11am-1pm for our 1st stop to raise money for the upcoming Sunny 104.5 Caring For Kids at NHRMC Radiothon.  I will be passing out those “Film=Jobs” stickers!  So come on out and see me!

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