ABC’s Secrets & Lies names Extras Casting Director

Congrats again to Ashli Bogart who has officially been deemed Extras Casting Director for ABC’s Secrets & Lies. Ashli did extras casting on the pilot. Production begins in mid-July. If you haven’t haven’t done so already, make sure you register on her web site to be considered on any projects she is working on. Ashli is also the Extras Casting Director for Sleepy Hollow.


STATUS:  Pre-Production
PRODUCER: Aaron Kaplan, Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield
UPM: David Brightbill
DIRECTOR: Charles McDougall
CAST: Ryan Phillippe, Natalie Martinez, Juliette Lewis, KaDee Strickland, Belle Shouse, Clifton Collins, Jr., Indiana Evans, Charles Dutton, Steven Brand, Kate Ashfield






Clifton Collins, Jr. Joins ABC’S Secrets and Lies Cast


Aaron Kaplan announced today that Clifton Collins, Jr. is joining the cast of ABC’S Secrets and Lies.  You’ve seen him in Star Trek, Pacific Rim and many other features and television shows.  Now he joins our star studded cat including Ryan Phillippe, Natalie Martinez, KaDee Strickland and Juliet Lewis.  

Clifton will play Ben’s childhood friend who lives in Ben’s pool house.  He stands by Ben when he becomes the main suspect in 4 year old, Tom’s murder.

Congrats Clifton!  


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/14/2014 Wilmywood Love, Max, Tammy, How & Why and more.

It’s the day of love, so let’s LOVE on some Wilmywood shall, we!  What I am already loving is the top three stars cast all have a Wilmywood connection. Ryan Phillippe w/ I Know What You Did Last Summer, Natalie Martinez w/ Under the Dome and Juliette Lewis w/ Hick.  Who else that has stepped before the sands of Wrightsville Beach will grace us with their presence?

If you missed it in the last blog, check out Our Wilmywood Valentines, some adorable couples throughout the decades of movies and TV shot right here in Wilmington, NC.

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

Showrunner Neal Baer.  Photo Credit: Davis Pascua

The latest winter storm charged fiercely upon the South, making Atlanta shut down production for a few days.  However, the NC Film crew didn’t let the latest polar vortex stop them from getting things done Under the Dome, and there certainly is a lot to do.  The construction team is currently the busiest, rebuilding last season’s sets at EUE/Screen Gems Studios and from what I hear building some new ones.

Writer/Showrunner of Under the Dome, Dr. Neal Baer will be honored on Feb. 27 by City Year Denver for his contributions on health, education and other issues involving youth. “I am committed to finding ways to keep kids in school,” he told the Denver Post. Baer will screen his NC shot documentary about new approaches to education, “If You Build It,” during the event.  But that’s not all he said.  You know they had to deliver questions about Season 2 of Under the Dome.

Baer told the Denver Post, “It’s bigger, bolder than last season. In the first five minutes you see the demise of one character; two die in the first episode. No one is safe.”

AhnOReillyOur Sleepy Hollow Heads are beyond busy as they are bringing yet another show to television. Yesterday we reported, that Kurtzman and Orci is bringing a CW pilot entitled, IDENTITY to Charleston, SC.  The show will star Ahna O’Reilly, who is best known for her supporting role as Elizabeth Leefolt in the The Help and of course Fruitvale Station.  Ahnna nabs the lead role as Mia. READ ARTICLE NOW

Also, in case you missed it,the family adventure MAX (the war dog movie) will be shooting in the Charlotte area.  The CREW CALL is out:  Please email your resume and crew position in the subject line to:  This family adventure film is inspired by true events and is produced by MGM StudiosSunswept Entertainment and Picture 8 Productions. READ ABOUT IT NOW

33rd Annual Young Artist AwardsJulia Sarah Stone, who is known for Vampire Dog (2012) and the most recent, The Killing (AMC), will join Michael Cera and John Hawkes in our Wilmywood FX pilot How and Why.  She wonThe Young Artist Award for Best Performance in an International Feature Film – Leading Young Performer for The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom (2011).  More details to come!

tammy-posterAnd now that we have seen the teaser trailer for TAMMY, take a look at the poster! (click to enlarge).

We are still having out little Tammy party, we had to push it to Saturday. We will be showing the EXTENDED trailer, a different one than the one on Youtube, so I still think it will be fun!  So come on out!  Post1200/Giant Culture will be playing the extended trailer in their screening room beginning Saturday at 6pm every half hour until 9pm and on Sunday from 11am -2pm.  CHECK FOR DETAILS ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/12/2014 Untitled Pilot is Named, Production Dates Set, Tammy Trailer and more.

Feature and Pilot coming to NC, Max Steel hires LP, Sleepy Hollow 2, Full Belly Project.


Headshots 101: Casting Directors’ Pet Peeves

Hank and Jed Sets Premiere Date for Doraleous & Associates

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/06/2014 – GOOD LAWD! Max Steel, Secrets Lies, Under the Dome, Steven Fiore and more!

Wow!  Such an amazing week for BREAKING casting news. Yep, last week was the quiet before the storm.  I have blogged all damn day and night monitoring all the media outlets and doing some major snooping around with my own sources.  So, basically, I haven’t slept in days!  I have GOT to hire some staff!  Okay, so, let’s review what we have so far and put it together in one blog. Damn, I need a nap!

SecretsLies_CastABC’s SECRETS AND LIES  – Ryan Phillippe signed the dotted line yesterday and now he is a done deal.  Just after that announcement came one that made us go Hmmmm.  Natalie Martinez is playing leap frog with the networks. Martinez will play the character Jess, the child’s devastated mother.  Secrets & Lies centers on a house painter and family man (Phillippe) who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a young boy when he finds the body while out on a morning run. He must find the real murderer to clear his name and save his marriage, his reputation and any chance of having a normal family life again. If you remember EP Neal Baer said earlier last month, that two of our favorite characters on Under the Dome won’t live to see episode two. Now with that being said, if Natalie is joining the cast of ABC’s Secrets & Lies, could “Linda” be the one of the two that won’t live to see another episode?? Hmmmmm….  WAITING ON CASTING CHOICES FOR  16-year-old Natalie, 12-year-old Abby, Ben’s wife, Christy.

UTD_CASTCBS’S UNDER THE DOME SEASON 2 – The 18-year-old newbie actress Grace Victoria Cox  will recur as the mysterious and beautiful Melanie, who catches the eye of Joe (Colin Ford). Eddie Cahill CSI: New York has been cast as Big Jim’s brother in law, Sam, who is the “crazy drunk” who lives in the woods!   Also, Karla Crome (Misfits) joins the enclosed gang!  Crome will play Rebecca, the beautiful school teacher who we’ve been talking about.

MAXSTEEL_CASTMATTEL’S MAX STEEL – Open Road will release domestically in 2015. Atlanta boy, Ben Winchell will take on the lead role of Max McGrath.  He’s best known for his roles in Lifetime’s Pregnancy Pact, as well as Dixon in season 3 of A.N.T. Farm (Disney) and Eric in season 2 of Necessary Roughness (TNT). Ana Villafane will play Max’s love interest, Sydney Gardner.  She’s an up-and-coming Latina actress and singer from Miami, Florida.  Villafane is best known for her starring role in Anchor Bay’s 2012 release Hiding playing a protected witness relocated from New York City to Montana.  Also, in this flick was Jeremy Sumpter who we just had here working on The Squeeze.



CREW MEMBERS: Hunter Ingram from the Star News is writing an article about Wilmington crew members who produce our fabulous TV shows and films. Those people who work project to project. He wants to know what you do in their off time, how many months a year do you have to work, how you choose projects, etc.. With the incentive talk only getting louder, he figured this could be a nice feature to work on.  So, if you are interested in being part of this article, you can email or call Hunter at 910-343-2327.

STEVENUniversal Publishing Artist Steven Fiore will be appearing live at Post 1200’s Giant Culture this Friday evening. It all begins at 7pm.  This will be an “Austin City Limits” style setting. On the east coast from Los Angeles to work with Art Garfunkel – Steven will captivate the audience the same way he has caught the attention of artists like Kate Vogel, Keith Urban, Alison Krauss and Jason Castro. Regional favorite Howie Day has also used Steven’s music. 5$ seats will sell fast! Buy online with no fees!  BRING YOUR OWN BEER OR WINE & PAY A CORKING FEE!


That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB  or on Twitter You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 01/20/2014 Brothers Olson set release date, Under the Dome, Jackie Burch, Sleepy Hollow

Happy Monday my Wilmywood peeps! Hope you had a great weekend! If you missed it over the weekend, we posted two production heads stance on incentives!  It’s a total MUST READ.

John Landgraf

“Why do productions come to NC? Ask FX Network Chief or CFO Noble House Entertainment” READ IT NOW!

Buzz, buzz, ohhh the buzz about tonight’s epic 2 hour finale of Sleepy Hollow tonight! Don’t forget, it’s starts one hour early. 8pm EST on FOX!

In tonight’s episode, Ichabod and Abbie uncover a secret in George Washington’s Bible; Irving makes a decision that alters his future; the battle between good and evil comes to a head, changing Sleepy Hollow forever.

Can’t wait!  Now let’s move on to our other hot show, Under the Dome!

UTDJim_LindaAt the TCA’s last week, a teaser trailer was played and interestingly enough, some weird things are happening, including Big Jim (Dean Norris) kissing Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez).  Ahhh!

According to EP Brian K. Vaughn,  “The second season is going to take us places the book never got to go, he’s bringing his own twists and turns. Stephen King gave us ideas we’ve never imagined. What’s outside [the dome] comes inside.”

UTDSet062013_0102It seems that a little more has come out about the new characters we talked about last month.  Like Sam, the crazy man in the woods, is actually Junior’s uncle.  He will be makin’ trouble for Barbie.    But that’s not the worst!  Neal Baer revealed that not one, but two of our favorite characters won’t live to see the second episode!   Ahhhhh! Noooo!!


Just when I was wondering if any Wilmington peeps were going to be getting any of the limelight at Sundance (besides out NC Film Reps hosting a little function), WECT discovered indeed a sweet young man by the name of Beau Wright is in a movie titled, Little Accidents.  It’s about the disappearance of a teenage boy in a small coal mining town.  READ STORY FROM WECT.

Obin and Amariah Olson

Obin and Amariah Olson

Our local boys are The Brothers Olson are getting some attention for their latest film, Unknown Caller, and they have set a release date.  This suspense/action/thriller is set for a limited theater release March 1st.  They have also released their movie posters.  This is one of the two.   The film stars Louise Griffiths, David Chisum, Assaf Cohen, Henri Lubatti and Victor McCay.

The directing duo Amariah and Obin Olson already have their eyes set on their next project.  READ MORE ABOUT UNKNOWN CALLER


Before our beloved Jackie Burch heads to Atlanta, she will be holding a casting workshop.  They will be held February 8th & 9th.  This workshop is for ages from 8-80.  Here are all the deets:

Jackie Burch Casting Workshop – Wilmington, NC
Session A – Saturday, February 8th, 10am – 5pm
Session B – Sunday, February 9th, 10am – 5pm

$175 for either session, A or B
Workshop will include:
– Headshot Appraisal
– Live Taping and Playback
– Cold Readings
– One-on-one Scene Study
– Q&As
Please contact to sign up!


That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning we do “What’s Up in Wilmywood” at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  You can also just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 09/27/2013 Eastbound, Cucalorus, The Remaining and more.

timguineeTim Guinee (Charlie’s father from Season One of NBC’s Revolution) is back in North Carolina, but this time is is for our other NC hit show, Homeland. While he was in Charlotte, he had to sound off and be his usual grateful self complimenting the writers, the cast and the NC Film crew.  I had a quick exchange with Tim this morning and he said:

“Being a graduate of UNCSA in Winston-Salem, it’s always great to come back to work in North Carolina. So glad there’s so much work here.”  He went on in support of our NC Film Incentives, “I hope the state is smart enough to keep the tax incentives which are above all such a great thing for the NC economy. It would be sad to see all those jobs pack up and move to another state as it so often happens.”

Tim, we love your support and we definitely glad you are back in NC for a few days!  Love to you my friend!

Our Under the Dome creator Stephen King join the ladies on The View today 11am EST He’s there of course to talk about his new book, but I am sure they touch upon the success of our show.


And we can congrate Linda aka Natalie Martinez for landing the lead in the upcoming thriller, Home Invasion. Find out more about it NOW 

Kenny Effin’ Powers has finally arrived! The new season of Eastbound and Down premieres this Sunday at 10 PM on HBO. Those who has already gotten a sneak peek at the first two episodes are letting you know you will not be disappointed.

Acido On The Mound 2

FROM REBECCA GOLD: Immediate need for extras for this weekend!

Acito on the Mound a short film by Fiddler’s Creek Productions and Lighthouse Films companies NEEDS extras THIS WEEKEND! They are looking for [Townspeople] Caucasians aged 18-65 for the big game!  Saturday September 28th, and Sunday September 29th – All day. SAG short film agreement. No pay, but credit and meals provided. This is a volunteer position. This is a fun shoot, with professional locals crew. Please contact Rebecca Gold at: with contact information, picture, and availability.

Cucalorus needs your help! 58 Hours left on their Kickstarter campaign!

CUCALORUSWe’re looking to you, our friends and fellow artists, to make a donation to Cucalorus. Your donation will support more than 250 artists who will be presenting new work at the 19th annual Cucalorus Film Festival in November. Roughly half of your donation will go directly to filmmakers. Each year Cucalorus provides artists with over $35,000 in direct financial support (that’s more than half of all ticket sales!). The remainder of the funding will be used to rent the equipment we need to show movies! It’s really that basic. We hope you’ll help us in our mission to bring people together to celebrate, discover and create independent films. Donate to their Kickstarter NOW! 

_MG_7385.CR2Now, where is everyone filming today.  Well The Remaining is ALL OVER THE PLACE!  LOL – Guess they gotta get ‘er done!  You will see them on One Tree Hill Way, the Goody Goody Omelette House and Bicentennial Park for starters!

Sleepy Hollow will be back in New Bern and it looks like they will have a very long day.  Crew members aren’t returning to Wilmington until Saturday.

nickGI have to say I love when our stars give shout-outs to the local restaurants.  This time it was Nick Gonzalez aka Detective Luke Morales on Sleepy Hollow who gave some kudos to Roko and Manna, which are of course two of the many favorite restaurants of the stars that pass through Wilmywood.  Thanks Nick! We appreciate you talkin’ local!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you Monday morning (unless something breaks) and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!!



Good Morning!  Another great episode for Under the Dome.  Actually, I think it was the best one yet!  I will be posting the overnight numbers for Episode 3 after 11am, so hang on.  These numbers are likely to determine if indeed there will be a season two.  Which means, according to my sources, the cast will leave us for only 6-8 weeks before they would return to Wilmington.  John Elvis who plays Ben, the skateboarding life loving friend to Joe will be in the Sunny  studio today.  I will air it tomorrow morning on What’s Up in Wilmywood at 7:30am and 8:30am on Sunny 104.5.

Also the Under the Dome Radio guys and I chat on today’s podcast talking about Under the Dome, Wilmywood and the film community.  They will post that later today.

Today the folks will be in Southport they will be shooting on  Howe St.,  Lord St.,  and E Bay St.   I would finally like to welcome Mare Winningham (Agatha) and Natalie Zea (Maxine) to the cast!  Better late than never!  Maybe you will see them in Southport today.  The cast just keeps getting better!

PerfectSummerSydney Penny will be on  the show “Home and Family” today on the Hallmark Channel chatting about The Perfect Summer that was shot here just a few months ago.  The movie airs this Saturday night on the Up Network which is on Time Warner Cable channel 283 at 7pm ans 11pm

No big news for Eastbound and Down as they are super closed mouthed about EVERYTHING!  But I can say they are shooting at Trask Lake all day today.

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every weekday morning at 7:30am & 8:30am LIVE on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  Email me:  Or message me on Wilmywood’s FB .  Or just post your comments below!  Until then, that’s a wrap!





 Left to Right: Jolene Purdy, Nicholas Strong, Mackenzie Lintz, Colin Ford, Aisha Hinds, Britt Robertson, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Mike Vogel, EP Jack Bender, Natalie Martinez, EP Stephen King, EP Brian K. Vaughan, and EP Neal Baer. Center: Mayor Bill Saffo.


City Of Wilmington, North Carolina Proclaims Today

Monday, June 24, 2013 “DOME DAY” In Honor of

CBS’ New Summer Series “UNDER THE DOME”

Executive Producer Stephen King Also Receives a Key to the City

From Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo

Monday, Jun. 24, 2013 — In a presentation to cast and executive producers on Thursday, June 20 in Wilmington, NC, Mayor Bill Saffo proclaimed Monday, June 24th “Dome Day” in the city in honor of CBS’s new summer series. UNDER THE DOME, which premieres tonight at 10PM ET/PT on CBS, films in Wilmington.

Mayor Bill Saffo also presented a key to the city to author and executive producer, Stephen King, who wrote the best-selling novel Under The Dome, on which the series is based.

The premiere screening event took place in Thalian Hall in downtown Wilmington, where nearly 600 local residents, cast, producers, officials from the City of Wilmington, New Hanover County, the Towns of Burgaw and Southport, and press were treated to an advanced viewing of the first episode, followed by a Q&A panel with cast and producers, moderated by OMG! Insider co-host, Kevin Frazier.

Under The Dome tells the story of a small town that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by a massive transparent dome. The series stars Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Nicholas Strong, Jolene Purdy and Aisha Hinds.  Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Brian K. Vaughan, Neal Baer, Stacey Snider, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, and Jack Bender serve as the series’ executive producers.

Under the Dome is filmed at EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, a state-of-the-art 15,000-square-foot, 50-acre film and television production complex with 10 sound stages and two special effects water tanks. Other filming locations included downtown Burgaw and Southport.

The Wilmington Regional Film Commission, Inc. facilitates on-location filmmaking within our eleven county Region by offering production companies a complete range of pre-production services through a central contact. This office provides information regarding local film procedures, permits, and guidelines, and serves as liaison with governmental departments. The Film Commission also serves as a general resource and clearinghouse for information about the Wilmington area and can assist with the following services: Site location photography, Location library, Regional scouting services, Liaison with federal, state, county and city agencies, Logistical information: crew, talent, studio, equipment, stages and support services. More information is available at

*   *   *

Wilmington Regional Film Commission

1223 N. 23rd Street

Wilmington, NC 20403

(910) 343-3456