TNT’s ‘Good Behavior’ Chooses Wilmington for Season One

25747_002 Good Behavior Specials Wilmington NC

After posting yesterday’s news, I’ve had so many confirmations from so many folks, we’re gonna go ahead and call it! Plus, Production Weekly’s got Wilmywood as a location as well. Good Behavior is coming to Wilmington! We will see the TNT series open offices next month! Get ready to see those lighting and grip trucks lining the streets again the first week of March!! JOBS JOBS JOBS!

A huge thank you to TNT, our North Carolina writer Blake Crouch and to Chad Hodge for bringing the show here. We Wilmywood peeps appreciate your choice which benefits our local economy including our fabulous small businesses and the employment of our fabulously talented crew! Bless you!

To Michelle, Juan and the rest of the cast and producing team, we welcome you with open arms, big hugs and warm smiles. We hope you enjoy your stay!


NC Film Crew Members pay off 22 Layaways for Struggling Families in Wilmington.

The North Carolina Film Industry might be bone dry at the moment, but that didn’t stop NC film crew members whether currently unemployed or working out-of-state from donating to their annual Great Holiday Layaway Payoff.  This wonderful campaign started three years ago when crew members would pass around the hat at EUE/Screen Gems Studios and collect some cash so they could be “Secret Santas” for a few families. This year however, it went from few to twenty-two!!! This is their biggest year yet. Because there were no production offices open to pass around the proverbial hat, crew members created a Go Fund Me, so the film family could donate no matter where they were. In 8 days, they raised $2, 240 and paid off 22 layaways for families in the Wilmington area.

The crew member who spearheads this campaign wishes to remain anonymous, but said these words:

The folks who helped me at Toys R Us said they haven’t been much into the Christmas spirit, but seeing what we have done has both touched them and helped them feel festive. They also want to spread the idea and help spark more good deeds this holiday season, which is all we can ask for. Their favorite part of all of this, they said, is calling the families to let them know they can come pick up their Christmas layaways.

Children do not need to know pain, suffering or struggle. By doing this, I’d like to think we have kept them still children and innocent for at least another holiday season.

Very well said. The North Carolina Film Crew Members take family very seriously, and this behavior is typical of them. Good hearts. Good souls. Excellent community spirit!

UPDATE: One mom who had a Layaway at ToysRUs wanted me to express this to you NC Film Crew: “I don’t know if it was the film people or someone else but my layaway at ToysRUs was paid off today. I just want to be able to thank them from the bottom of my heart! Merry Christmas to all of you. I am shaking I am so grateful.”

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 06/09/2015 Dome Days, The Squeeze, Vacationland

Did you see something special in the News and Observer? There is a full page ad (above) provided by the Wilmington Regional Film Commission and Screen Gems. Thanks for this Robbie. “FILM” is spelled out with the names of all the businesses that are part of the Small Business for Film coalition, and the message says:

Small businesses understand the importance of the NC film industry. Film production supports hotels and restaurants, print shops and paint stores, antique dealers and clothing boutiques, equipment rental companies and lumberyards, florists, locksmiths and everything in-between. Legislators, your vote makes a difference. Support small business. Vote Film.

With that being said, while Dirty Dancing is not filming and is holding up $4 million of the grant, I am hearing that the show Vacationland  who very much wanted to stay here has settled on Georgia. I am being told that our NCFilm crew’s getting calls to work on the show. The pilot was filmed here late last year.

Meanwhile the News & Observer’s Spencer Parts hung with us during day one of Dome EddieCahillDays. Check out his article, “CBS drama films third season as NC film industry struggles to compete

In the article Under the Dome cast member Eddie Cahill said he thinks the town (Wilmington) is especially supportive of film. “It feels personal here,” he said. Yeah, Eddie gets it. Nail. Head. Nuff said.

Today is day two of Dome days. I will be heading back to EUE/Screen Gems Studios later this morning to interview some more of the cast. They are currently on Day 7 of Episode 8. And guess who I ran into? The fabulous Eriq LaSalle! Yep he’s back and is ready to direct episode 9 then guest star on a  few episodes too! He will play the ruthless Hektor Martin, the CEO of the energy company run by Barbie’s father played by Brett Cullen. So plan on seein’ Eriq around town for the next couple of months!


The Wilmywood shot, The Squeeze, is out on DVD today! The golf caper stars Christopher McDonald, Jeremy Sumpter, Jillian Murray and Michael Nouri, along with some of our local actors including Michael Rosander, David Andrews, and Logan Siu to name a few.

The Squeeze is a true story about a young man from a small southern town who gets caught in between two notorious gamblers, until the stakes become a matter of life or death. GET IT NOW!


Dear Sleepy Hollow Crew. Love Sheila.

Dear Sleepy Hollow Crew,

For months, I knew this day would come. The day we would say goodbye to a television show that employed hundreds of Wilmington, NC residents. Put money in the pockets of so many small businesses and brought so many fans of the show to this great city of ours. I’ve met many and took them around the town where they spent so many of their dollars here. I am sure many of you remember me sneaking them by and introducing them to you.

10348534_10152735410829184_8687216305793390917_nI tried my best, but even my best wasn’t good enough last year to educate the narrow minds of the North Carolina House and the Senate. My words fell on deaf ears. Some said we don’t need the incentives to keep the productions coming. Some said, it’s just not worth it, it costs the state. I urge them to ask the small businesses across the state how they are doing today. Ask them a week or two from now. A month from now.

sh_orlando_fireThey should ask you what your plans are. I’ve already said goodbye to so many of your peers and I know you have too. I’ve seen the moving trucks pulling out of their driveways, For Sale signs go up on their front lawns. I’ve seen families split apart, leaving for South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Georgia leaving their spouses and children behind to find work. Now, I am afraid it will be happening to you too. Some of you will stick around, but we will be saying good-bye to many of you.IMG_20130514_151916

Living in their own bubble, the NCGA doesn’t see this nor do they wish to. They only see and hear what they want. There is of course a few exceptions of course. Hamilton, Davis, Iller, Lee, and a few others, but there are not enough who wish to open their eyes to see what is unfolding before them.

Stage8I am grateful to Bill Vassar and the Cooneys along with a few other key people for saving Under the Dome. If you had any idea what they had to do to keep our CBS show here, it would blow your mind. I am sure though many of you know.

It is all out of our hands at this point. All we have is hope. Hope that our legislators who do truly believe in our film industry will really shake thing up in the Long Session in such away that it wakes up those who are clueless in the General Assembly.

Even though my heart is ridiculously heavy right now, I am holding on to that hope more than ever because you beautiful crew members are such a huge part of what made this state shine so bright. Your talent, your creativity, your teamwork and your undying energy has put this state on the map. You gave us incredible bragging rights, and you know how much I just LOVE to brag about you! Our small town charm, beautiful beaches and mountains were spread across the big and small screens because of your reputation of excellence. But we all know this is a business. And businesses will go where they get the most bang for their buck. And of course the slap in the face they call a $10 million grant just won’t cut it. The lights are now dim, but I don’t believe we will go into darkness. I have to believe that.sh_crew

I love you Sleepy Hollow crew. You are truly one of the best teams in the world. Your synergy is impeccable and your love and passion for your job is undeniable. Wherever you go, I hope you know I am always thinking of you and already look forward to seeing you on a Wilmington set again soon.

All the love in the world from your biggest fan,



World class film crew: What does that really mean?

The Longest Ride. Image credit: David Pascua

We hear it all the time.  North Carolina has a world class film crew.  You hear it from producers and directors on every project that comes here.  But what does TheLongestRide071014_0152that really mean?  Sure, we know we have the best, but why?  I caught up with producer, Marty Bowen.  Besides already having a connection to our crew with Safe Haven, Marty has worked with film crews all over the country with projects such as the Twilight Saga, Dear John and the latest The Fault in our Stars.  Now he is here for The Longest Ride.   He explains why our NC Film crew is world class and what it actually means.



A message to Speaker Tillis and members of the NC House.

Speaker Tillis (and members of NC House),

We represent over 10,000 registered voters who are either film workers, or are their families and friends. The decisions you make in the days ahead will determine if we can continue to work, pay taxes and raise families here.

We will all be voting in the November election, and you can be absolutely certain that we will be motivated to get others to do so as well. We love our communities, we love working here, and we do not want to see our livelihood pushed out of state. You have the power to help keep good, clean jobs here.

The fact is, North Carolina has built a clean, multi-billion dollar industry for over 30 years that employs thousands in life-long careers, and generates needed revenue for thousands of small businesses.

Film tourism brings unprecedented numbers of visitors and their vacation dollars here, making another dramatic and positive impact on our economy.

Georgia and South Carolina are most eager for you to do the wrong thing for North Carolina, and send our jobs and revenue their way. Just the rumor of losing our incentives has already sent several television series, their production dollars and jobs we need to other states.

We are asking you to do the right thing for our state, and extend the existing incentive as it is. We have a good thing going for all of North Carolina. Please, don’t destroy it. And you can count on the fact that we will remember, in large and active numbers, what you do to support the film incentive, or to destroy it.

Please see short video below from the NC Film Crew Members (Runtime 1:14).


Supporters of the NC Film Tax Incentive

NC FILM: Your mission today!


First, thank you for everything you have done this week! And just so you know, all hope is not lost!  There is still a chance that an amendment will be added this morning on the floor of the House to extend the incentives. It’s not over.  And it is not over BECAUSE of you.  They will reconvene at 8:45am this morning.

Everyone in support of the incentives you have a mission this morning!  Contact as many House members as you can.  Ask them to save NC Film.  Keep our film incentives. Thom Tillis is still on the top of the list.

This is no longer a Finance Committee issue; that’s over. Supporters should focus on the entire House and the Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis!

Also, supporters should keep the conversation nice…apparently there was a lot of negativity coming from people calling in yesterday (even toward legislators who support film), which only makes things worse.

Make sure you tell them to please please please support film and be sure to mention that the film incentives creates and maintains jobs. Losing the incentives means losing jobs.

Again, DO NOT threaten or name call!

Spread the word, call and email NOW before it’s too late.


Please call Speaker ThomTillis and tell him to keep the film incentives in the budget.  Phone: 919-733-3451  


Also, in case you haven’t seen it: There is a Petition to the North Carolina State Senate, “Leave the North Carolina Film Incentive alone.”  Sign it today.


Wilmington Loses a Treasure


Andy Griffith & Kevin “Cuz” Davis

Filmmakers and Musicians alike are mourning the loss of a great man.  Kevin Davis, “Cuz” as he was so lovingly called, passed away this weekend.

Kevin crossed over into both the music and film world.  He’s worked on more movies than IMDb listed.  Many knew him as an energetic and ever so loving Grip, but so many knew him as an iconic musician.  From his marching band days at New Hanover High, to the craziest of bands he put together throughout the decades. But no matter which side of the entertainment world, people all agreed he was the most loving and kindest spirits that walked this Earth.

His brother, Scott Davis, also an amazing part of the Wilmington Film Family, will be organizing a fundraising effort.  Please look for that effort, and of course all the love and stories about Cuz in this Facebook group. You are also encouraged to share your own stories.

“Kevin “CUZ” Davis ~A Tribute Page to our loved Friend& Local Rock Legend ♥”

Our loss is Heaven’s gain, and as most people have already said, you know he’s already started a party up there.

A Sleepy Hollow Christmas




Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lot,
creatures still stirring, til every scene was shot.
The horsemen galloped to the cemetery with care,
in hopes that Ichobod Crane soon would be there.

The film crew wished they were all snug in their beds,
while visions of a day off danced in their heads.
And Alexis in her ‘kerchief, and Darwin in his cap,
just knew this Christmas, there’d be no long winter’s nap.

On the roof of Stage 10, the crew heard such a clatter,
Jefferson yelled out, “Hey, fly out that ladder!”
Away to the window for a set dec redo,
Sullivan opened the shutter, “Hey look, it’s unit two.”

The moon was up, the cast and crew ready,
“Let’s do this!” exclaimed DP John Leonetti.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but Headless himself and an ax quite near.

The shot was well done, on to wardrobe real quick,
Geneveive gets them to Screen Gems in a fast lick!
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,
Ken Olin whistled and shouted and called them by name:

“Now Mison! Now Beharie!
Now, Gonzalez and Cho!
On, Winter! On, Greenwood!
On, Stenberg and Jones!
To the top of the set!
To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away!
Dash away all!”

As dry leaves that before Greens made fly,
“Too much crunching noise, Rebecca” said Michael, the sound guy.
So off to North 3rd St, all of them flew,
with trucks full of gear, Cinema Catering too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof,
it was Beavis’ effects that went BOOM and POOF!
As Iscove and Blake turned scripts out and around,
down Princess Street Tom Mison came with a bound.

He was dressed perfectly vintage, from head to toe,
and hair and make up, nailed it, ready to go!
The bundled up crew was so cold in the night,
“Action” was called, yep they got it right!

The crew, they slaved, but were all still merry,
their cheeks were like roses, their noses like cherries!
Sixteen hours in, almost done for the day,
but was the finale done?  Nope, just part way!

Back at the office, they had paperwork miles long,
Lisa and Hope made sure nothing was wrong.
Josh and Stacee had so much to do,
Karen and Shannon’s list grew and grew.

Hartley worked hard like a jolly old elf,
“Gotta stay on budget,” he sternly said to himself.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
soon gave FOX word they had nothing to dread.

Sleepy Hollow fans eager, ready for more,
waiting for January is too much to endure.
So they watched again, oh yes, they replayed,
the 13th and 20th their next special days.

“Cast and crew, we love you!” We exclaimed, we yelled.
“You deserve more kudos then we can possibly tell!”
So, with that being said, before we turn off the lights,

“Happy Christmas from Wilmywood, and to all a good night!”