PROOF: NC Film pumps money into the economy

You want proof that the North Carolina Film Industry creates revenue? Just ask the state’s own Department of Revenue who have released the numbers.  As one crew member said, “This official state report PROVES that film in North Carolina pumps money into the economy…and lots of it!”

The report above gives you an exact look of how much money was spent in North Carolina via production companies and exactly how much each production got back.

The NCDOR reports from 2005-2014 all in one PDF (above).

The last page illustrates that in 2014 film productions spent over $241M in the state and got back just over $60M.

These numbers come from the state, not any bias party. How much more proof does one need?


North Carolina’s Small Business for Film is LIVE!

Thanks to the collaborate efforts of small local businesses including: Port City Signs & GraphicsLanier Property GroupJulia’s FloristStrickland’s Window CoveringsHomewood Suites WilmingtonParker-Brinson Communications and Bon’s Eye Marketing, there is now one web site for all small businesses in North Carolina to come together to keep NC Film.  Their main goal is to create awareness in regards to the film incentives — that this is a small business issue, not just a film industry issue.  Perhaps the legislators were not clear on that in the short session just a few months ago.

When we removed the 25% film incentive, it not only wiped away crew jobs in the state, but as this organization points out,  it removed revenue and jobs from local small businesses as well.

The organization is working dilligently to keep the film incentive alive.  According to

The group was established in response to concern that legislators do not realize the impact that the film industry has on small businesses throughout the state, and is working to raise awareness about this issue. The mission is to organize small businesses throughout North Carolina that recognize the positive impact the film industry has on generating jobs and revenue in our state. Small Business for Film is working to preserve the only small business incentive in North Carolina–an incentive that attracts the film industry to North Carolina, giving small businesses the opportunity to thrive.

Again, taken from, some of the small businesses the film industry directly impacts include:

  • Printers and Sign Manufacturers
  • Florists/Plants sales
  • Restaurants and Caterers
  • Hotels
  • Window Coverings
  • Event Rental Services (tents, etc.)
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Physicians
  • Camera and Lighting Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Car/Van Rentals
  • Security and Locksmiths
  • Hardware/Lumberyards/Paint
  • Medics/Police/Firefighters
  • Antique Dealers
  • Teachers/Tutors
  • Marine Services
  • Artists
  • Calligraphers
  • Garbage/Recycling
  • Mobile Restrooms
  • Aerial Services

If you are a small business in North Carolina that benefits from the film and television industry, please join the other small businesses in continued support and become a member.


A message to Speaker Tillis and members of the NC House.

Speaker Tillis (and members of NC House),

We represent over 10,000 registered voters who are either film workers, or are their families and friends. The decisions you make in the days ahead will determine if we can continue to work, pay taxes and raise families here.

We will all be voting in the November election, and you can be absolutely certain that we will be motivated to get others to do so as well. We love our communities, we love working here, and we do not want to see our livelihood pushed out of state. You have the power to help keep good, clean jobs here.

The fact is, North Carolina has built a clean, multi-billion dollar industry for over 30 years that employs thousands in life-long careers, and generates needed revenue for thousands of small businesses.

Film tourism brings unprecedented numbers of visitors and their vacation dollars here, making another dramatic and positive impact on our economy.

Georgia and South Carolina are most eager for you to do the wrong thing for North Carolina, and send our jobs and revenue their way. Just the rumor of losing our incentives has already sent several television series, their production dollars and jobs we need to other states.

We are asking you to do the right thing for our state, and extend the existing incentive as it is. We have a good thing going for all of North Carolina. Please, don’t destroy it. And you can count on the fact that we will remember, in large and active numbers, what you do to support the film incentive, or to destroy it.

Please see short video below from the NC Film Crew Members (Runtime 1:14).


Supporters of the NC Film Tax Incentive

Game Time: Senate passes the “film-incentive grant program”[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Keep-Filming-Nc-While most of us want to send hate mail to Bill Rabon (SEE ARTICLE), it has come to light that we must praise him. He has everyone and their mama trying to tear down the film incentives so he is fighting for our film lives. He is simply playing the game.

If he did not move this bill forward it would have died and we would have nothing. No other bill would have passed in the Senate. It would have stalled out like a Yugo trying to drive through Kill Devils Hills.

We are in the third quarter of the Superbowl. It is now going back to the House and if the game is played correctly it will go in to conference. This is exactly where we want it.

At that point our star players on our team can then craft it into the best film incentive we can get at this time.

It won’t be perfect, but it will hopefully be enough to continue to draw productions into North Carolina. The legislators have been schooled over the past few days on what will work and what won’t from some, let’s just say, VERY knowledgeable folks. Let’s not forget, we have a solid crew, and productions need our local crew to curb the otherwise insane expense of bringing them in.

Stay strong, stay positive. Remember how politics operate.  It’s all a strategic game.  We will be at :06 on the clock during the 4th quarter until we know the final outcome. In the meantime, let’s keep praising those who are fighting for us and continue to show our support.