EUE/Screen Gems Opens Weekend Tours on March 28, 2015

Image Credit: David Pascua. Courtesy of EUE/ Screen Gems Studios

EUE/Screen Gems Opens Wilmington, NC Studios for Weekend Tours on March 28, 2015

 Wilmington, NC (March 25, 2015) EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington announced today that tours resume at its production complex beginning this Saturday, March 28.

Guests will get an insider’s look at the largest studio complex East of California and experience the rich history of EUE/Screen Gems and the films and television shows produced at the facility over the last three decades. Attendees will walk the 10-stage working lot and go behind the scenes of the CBS series “Under the Dome.” The diner, a centerpiece for the show’s activity is a favorite part of the tour.


  • Guests will tour the house used by “Secrets and Lies,” airing now on ABC.
  • Posters and memorabilia from previous shows on the lot will be in the Commissary building where guests purchase tickets. This year, guests will be allowed to use to their cameras in this waiting area.

Guests will experience a visual history of the North Carolina film and television industry in the screening theater where many famous producers, directors and actors have reviewed footage of productions shot at the studio.

Tours will be hosted on Saturdays and Sundays at 10 am, 12 noon and 2 pm weather permitting throughout the summer. Guests should check the tour hotline before traveling to get the latest tour updates as tours can be cancelled or delayed at the last minute due to weather or changes in shooting schedules on the lot. Guests should arrive at the studios 15 to 20 minutes ahead of tour time to purchase tickets.

Tour Location: 1223 23rd Street North, Wilmington, NC 28405

Cost: $12 for adults

$10 for students

$10 for seniors (age 65 and over) and military personnel with an ID

$5 for children, ages 5 to 12; children under 5 are free

Admission is cash only at this time

More tour information: Get up to the minute tour information and answers to questions on the Tour Hotline at (910) 343-3433. Or visit

EUE/Screen Gems Tour Director Pam Stilwell advises wearing comfortable shoes and bringing rain gear if there’s a chance of showers. “We are indoors and out, and on our feet—all over this production complex—so we want to make sure our guests have a great experience, rain or shine,” she says. The tour lasts an hour.

Last season’s tours attracted more than 1000 guests from throughout the United States and Canada and around the world. “We are quite proud of the attachment fans have for this facility and its production history,” says Stilwell.

EUE/Screen Gems Studios hosted tours of the studios for 15 years and concluded them in the fall of 2011 when the CW series “One Tree Hill” wrapped production. The tours were hosted again last spring and summer.

About EUE/Screen Gems Studios Wilmington, NC

EUE/Screen Gems Studios supplies production space, studios, technological infrastructure and support for film, television and commercial producers in Wilmington, N.C. and Atlanta. The company is headquartered in New York City.

In the last two years, the Wilmington, NC complex has hosted films such as “Iron Man 3” for Marvel and “The Conjuring” and “We’re the Millers” for New Line/Warner Bros. Recent television projects include “Under the Dome” for CBS, “Eastbound and Down” for HBO and “Sleepy Hollow” for Fox Television and ABC’s “Secrets and Lies.” The Wilmington EUE/Screen Gems complex has hosted more than 350 productions since it opened. For more information, visit

BREAKING: BOTH NC House AND Senate file bills for NC Film!

Sooo, right after Gov Pat McCrory announced his proposed budget which would only allocate $10 million in funding for our North Carolina Film Industry for  each year over the next two fiscal years (effective July 1, 2015), I asked, “What will the NCGA do about it?”


SB 193, sponsored by Michael Lee and Bill Rabon was filed today.  Yep, you heard me right, THE SENATE!  It would put $66 million in “recurring funds for the 2015-2016 fiscal year for use consistent with the purposes of that Fund. This act would become effective July 1, 2015, and applies to grants made  on or after that date.”

The funds are reserved for a production on which the production company has qualifying expenses of at least the following:   For a feature-length film would thankfully drop to $1,000,000).  For a video or television series, it would go up from $250,000 to $1,000,000 per episode.  This bill also provides for Commerce to enter into multi-year contracts.  Take a gander and see what you think!  SEE FILED SB193 NOW


Meanwhile back at the House Representatives Ted Davis along with Lewis, Saine, and Iler filed a bill of their own for film HB171!!! Wait, strike that, both House and Senate filed the same bill!  YES!  Every damn word is the same!

Hold on, am I dreaming?  Both the House and the Senate both agree on something? SEE FILED HB171 NOW

More details to come.


Press Conference at EUE/Screen Gems set for tomorrow

Image Credit: David Pascua. Courtesy of EUE/ Screen Gems Studios

A press conference will be held tomorrow at EUE/Screen Gems studios at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, February 19th in regards to film. Mayor Billy Saffo, Bill Vassar, Johnny Griffith, and Beth Dawson among others will be in attendance to make an announcement. What that announcement is, no one is saying! Stay tuned! I will be attending the press conference and will keep you posted!

Sooo, what do I think they are going to say?  I have two theories.

1) The City/County are putting together there own “incentive packages” to entice film production here in Wilmywood.
2) That 5 % chance of Sleepy Hollow staying will pan out.

Take that with a HUGE grain of salt. Hell, a whole salt lick!  I am totally guessing.  What do you think the announcement will bring us?  Comment below!

Dirty Dancing Reboot coming to North Carolina as TV Movie

The 1987 romance that made Lake Lure in Western NC famous might be headed back to the very same place for the reboot of Dirty Dancing. This flick is for the small screen this time around, so don’t be looking for a theatrical release or an $8M budget.  No, we won’t be getting any medium to large budget films until the NCGA fixes the incentive mess, but at least a few of our film friends in the West can get 6-8 weeks of work!  We definitely know it will not be shot in Wilmywood and we think it will be back in the Asheville area again.  That, however, is yet to be confirmed.

Coming from Allison Shearmur productions and ABC (along with Lionsgate) is the remake of the 1987 romance film Dirty Dancing, a coming-of-age drama that documents a young debutante’s rebellion against her father by starting a relationship with a dance instructor during a family summer vacation.  Projected shoot dates are April 6th – May 28th, however, after speaking with the a production company team member, it might be pushed a little further down the way. Producing is Alli Shearmur and Steven Meinen.  The reboot screenplay comes from Jessica Sharzer.  The director as well as the cast has yet to be named.

Production offices will be opening next month.  More details to come.

STATUS: Development / Pre-Production
LOCATION: North Carolina
PRODUCERS: Alli Shearmur, Steven Meinen
WRITERS: Jessica Sharzer

NC FILM Update: New House Bill Includes Film Incentives.

The Omnibus Economic Development Improvements Bill aka HB 89 was filed today and was sponsored by House Reps Susi Hamilton (New Hanover, Brunswick) and Rodney Moore (Mecklenburg). This house bill is an act to restore various tax credits such as the jobs catalyst fund, the Mill Property Rehabilitation Tax Credit, Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits and yes the North Carolina Film Incentives.  You heard me right.  Not the grant.  The film Incentives.  That’s what the language certainly looks like.

At first glance, starting on page 20, HB 89 is reverting to the 25% film incentive we had in previous years, with some very minor changes.  Minimum would revert back to $250,000 and the cap again on the 25% back would be $20 million.  Slight changes such as certified CPAs to audit instead on IRS, and other minor details have been added.  The sunset proposed is January 1, 2020.

Take a look and see what other differences you can find.  I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high, but I am glad that Susi and Rodney have gotten the ball rolling.  We gotta start somewhere in this fight to keep NC Film.

We know recently, Small Business for Film has collected more than 450 memberships statewide in less than 30 days and Governor Pat McCrory has recently stated the urgency for JDIG to be reinstated.

Of course, it was proven that when the film incentive is gone, production companies with medium to large budgets will not come to North Carolina to employ film workers and inject money in the local economy.  We have seen two existing shows with big budgets (Banshee and Sleepy Hollow) cease to return.  And of course, still a sore subject, Danny McBride and Jody Hill’s latest HBO show, Vice Principals setting up shop in South Carolina.

Now, it’s between the House and the Senate to decide on the “state of the slate.”


Dear Sleepy Hollow Crew. Love Sheila.

Dear Sleepy Hollow Crew,

For months, I knew this day would come. The day we would say goodbye to a television show that employed hundreds of Wilmington, NC residents. Put money in the pockets of so many small businesses and brought so many fans of the show to this great city of ours. I’ve met many and took them around the town where they spent so many of their dollars here. I am sure many of you remember me sneaking them by and introducing them to you.

10348534_10152735410829184_8687216305793390917_nI tried my best, but even my best wasn’t good enough last year to educate the narrow minds of the North Carolina House and the Senate. My words fell on deaf ears. Some said we don’t need the incentives to keep the productions coming. Some said, it’s just not worth it, it costs the state. I urge them to ask the small businesses across the state how they are doing today. Ask them a week or two from now. A month from now.

sh_orlando_fireThey should ask you what your plans are. I’ve already said goodbye to so many of your peers and I know you have too. I’ve seen the moving trucks pulling out of their driveways, For Sale signs go up on their front lawns. I’ve seen families split apart, leaving for South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Georgia leaving their spouses and children behind to find work. Now, I am afraid it will be happening to you too. Some of you will stick around, but we will be saying good-bye to many of you.IMG_20130514_151916

Living in their own bubble, the NCGA doesn’t see this nor do they wish to. They only see and hear what they want. There is of course a few exceptions of course. Hamilton, Davis, Iller, Lee, and a few others, but there are not enough who wish to open their eyes to see what is unfolding before them.

Stage8I am grateful to Bill Vassar and the Cooneys along with a few other key people for saving Under the Dome. If you had any idea what they had to do to keep our CBS show here, it would blow your mind. I am sure though many of you know.

It is all out of our hands at this point. All we have is hope. Hope that our legislators who do truly believe in our film industry will really shake thing up in the Long Session in such away that it wakes up those who are clueless in the General Assembly.

Even though my heart is ridiculously heavy right now, I am holding on to that hope more than ever because you beautiful crew members are such a huge part of what made this state shine so bright. Your talent, your creativity, your teamwork and your undying energy has put this state on the map. You gave us incredible bragging rights, and you know how much I just LOVE to brag about you! Our small town charm, beautiful beaches and mountains were spread across the big and small screens because of your reputation of excellence. But we all know this is a business. And businesses will go where they get the most bang for their buck. And of course the slap in the face they call a $10 million grant just won’t cut it. The lights are now dim, but I don’t believe we will go into darkness. I have to believe that.sh_crew

I love you Sleepy Hollow crew. You are truly one of the best teams in the world. Your synergy is impeccable and your love and passion for your job is undeniable. Wherever you go, I hope you know I am always thinking of you and already look forward to seeing you on a Wilmington set again soon.

All the love in the world from your biggest fan,



THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 01/06/2015 – With new grant in place, NC is only attracting Reality Shows

With the new grant program in place with a $10 million cap, the only productions North Carolina is attracting right now are reality shows. Digging through Production Weekly and other sources, there is nothing else on the radar for NC at the moment. I will keep you posted. I am grateful there are some job openings. So, thanks to these production companies for coming.

National Geographic Channel’s Wicked Tuna North vs. South is back in North Carolina. They will be shooting in the Outer Banks from January through April.

Antonio Sabato WebAlso gearing up for the month of January is Antonio Sabato Jr’s Fix it & Finish It. The former models hit repair show will be fixing up Charlotte for the month of January.

The good news is yesterday as expected, The New Hanover County Commission passed a resolution in support of the film industry during their first meeting of the new year. We have 8 days until the Long Session begins in the General Assembly.

Sleepy Hollow is back downtown. Some fun prop gun fire is expected to sound off today.

Bolden will be back in action tomorrow.

tuskICYMI: The Charlotte shot feature film Tusk, is out on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) It was written and directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks) and stars Michael Parks, Justin Long , Haley Joel Osment (AThe Sixth Sense), and Genesis Rodriguez. Variety says Tusk is “Kevin Smith’s very best work.” Sweet!

Update on North Carolina Film Incentive Program


In 2015, North Carolina will implement its new Film and Entertainment Grant program.

Capped at $10 million, productions will be eligible to receive back up to 25% on their qualified in-state spending with a maximum award of $5 million available to feature films and television series and $250,000 for commercials. A minimum spend of $5 million for feature films, $250,000/episode for television series, and $250,000 for commercials is required.

A working draft of the guidelines for the new grant is now available for review. As indicated, this is a working document and is subject to change. The official guidelines will be posted January 1 with a public comment period taking place prior to the guidelines being finalized and the application being available. Please continue to check for the latest updates and information.

As a reminder, our current 25% refundable tax credit incentive is still available for all projects with a minimum spend of $250,000 for work and spending that takes place on or before December 31, 2014.

If you have any questions and/or we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
The North Carolina Film Office

EUE/Screen Gems getting Mini-Facelift this Weekend.

Okay, after a couple of concerned texts and a panicked phone call, I feel I need to share this tidbit.  If you have noticed (pictured above) EUE/Screen Gems will be doing some painting above the wardrobe building, which is where you normally see those big bold letters at the entrance:  EUE/SCREEN GEMS STUDIOS.

They are not selling the place, they are not closing!  For cryin’ out loud!  Please squash the rumors. Now with that being said, due to the little mini-facelift, tours will NOT be rolling this weekend.  Feel better? Good!

EUE/Screen Gems is the heart of Wilmington film and it is here to stay!

TOMORROW: Voting Day for Wilmington Film


We have been waiting for this chance to prove our power at the polls since the short session ended and Gov. Pat McCrory refused a special session for the NCGA.  We know many of you are working, so Saturday may be you only chance to rock your vote!

MARKETPLACE MALL (near 10 Pin Alley just off S College Rd.)
230 Government Center Dr.

bETSYjORDANCandidate for NC House District 20 Betsy Jordan has made an open invitation to all crew members as well as background extras and small business owners that benefit from film to join her at the polls at high noon this Saturday!!  Yep, High Noon! It’s a showdown.  The ammunition?  Our vote.   So, please join her at the Government Complex at 230 Government Center Dr. If you can’t make it at Noon, they are open from 8am-8pm.

PLEASE bring a friend, family member, or another crew member to the polls!  It is vital that we exceed voter turnout expectations!

Now I wanna be very clear about this so there is no misunderstanding WHAT SO EVER!  This is an FYI list for you in regards to which candidates fully support our film industry. That being said, you should NEVER vote for a candidate based on one issue. I can’t tell you where they stand on every issue, but I can tell you where they stand on film.

These are the folks that I know are pro-film:
NHC Commissioner – Rob Zapple
NHC Sheriff – Ed McMahon
NHC Board of Education – Emma Saunders
NHC Board of Education – Chris Meek
NHC Board of Education – Tom Gale
NC House (14) George Cleveland
NC House (15) Philip Shepard
NC House (16) Steve Unger
NC House (17) Frank Iler
NC House (18) Susi Hamilton
NC House (19) Ted Davis
NC House (20) Betsy Jordan
NC Senate (6) Harry Brown
NC Senate (8) Ernie Ward
NC Senate (9) Michael Lee
NC Senate (9) Elizabeth Redenbaugh
Supreme Court Associate Justice Robin Hudson
U.S. Representative (District 7) Jonathan Barfield
U.S. Senator Kay Hagan

Now to add my own personal opinion on the film matter, one of the most important races this election cycle is the Kay Hagan / Thom Tillis race for US Senator.KayHaganBannerREDO

Thom Tillis is called “Thom 2Face Tillis” for a reason. He has said one thing and done another so many times, he is a disgrace to our state. ESPECIALLY when it comes to our North Carolina Film industry. Most recently, remember the “Double Cross” in the short session? Remember his back door escape to avoid the film supporters at the Dixie Grill? I personally think we can not let him continue his actions. He sure as hell didn’t represent us in the House, why would we ever let him represent our entire state?