THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 11/14/2013 War Hero movie to come to NC, Cuck Coo for Cucalorus

Cucalorus 19 is here!  Finally, we can chow down on popcorn and wacth movie after movie until our eyeballs explode!  I would like to welcome MovieMaker Magazine.  They are in town covering the event!  So, are you ready for a full day of films from all around the world?  I, however,  gotta highlight the locals!  The must see movies of the day!


Don’t Know Yet 4:15 pm – 6:15 pm (City Stage)

Adrift in misery, a heartbroken man lets the hitchhikers he picks up determine his destination and destiny. Everything changes when he meets a free-spirited woman who leads him on a journey of healing and self-discovery while hiding a secret of her own. Directed by UNCW professor Terry Linehan, and starring faces familiar from both around town and the silver screen, this heartfelt tale explores what it means to be lost, and what it means to be “home.”  The flick stars: Cullen Moss, David Andrews, James Kyson, Lisa Goldstein Kirsch and Shane Callahan

Short-History-of-Decay2A Short History of Decay 7:15 pm – 9:00 pm (Thalian Hall – Main Stage)

Nathan Fisher (Bryan Greenberg) is a writer who doesn’t write and a boyfriend who won’t commit. But everything changes when his father has a stroke. He receives a crash course in love, loyalty and forgiveness in this dark comedy about stepping up when your parents are going downhill – Michael Maren’s love letter to anyone who’s ever been a caregiver for someone who raised them. Filmed in Wrightsville Beach, NC and featuring a heart-wrenching performance from former Wilmington resident, Linda Lavin.  The flick also stars: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Bryan Greenberg, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Harris Yulin

stateslateTODAY!!  Don’t miss this presentation about the future of film and the incentive at Cucalorus Film Festival this Thursday, Nov. 14 at Thalian Hall at 4pm.  State of the Slate: The Future of Film in North Carolina.  This special panel presented by Entertainment Partners at the 19th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival will highlight the Film and Television production incentives tax structure and production resources that have made North Carolina an evolving filmmakers destination.  GET ALL THE DETAILS NOW!

Also during Cucalorus, Post 1200 invites you to stop by their open house Thursday-Sunday.  So many stars have passed through Post 1200  for some post work and it was also the production office for Hallmark’s Christmas in Conway.  They will be doing some screenings and giving a tour of the facility along with some coffee and munchies!  It a good place to just get away for a bit, have some fun and chill.


MedalofhonorNow onto another flick to come to North Carolina!  Chris Leto will direct Medal of Honor,  based on the story of a real american hero, Captain Lance Sijan. “He was a Vietnam war hero that endured 46 days of hell while fighting for our country.”

They will begin principal photog in April 2014 and will shoot for about 4-6 weeks. Katrina Cook of Katz Kasting has been hired to cast principals. No word of them filming in Wilmywood, but I will keep you posted!  This is a good deed project as they are donating a large portion of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. I like these kinds of flicks! Looking forward to hear more about it! Like the “Medal of Honor” page NOW!

werethemillersWe’re the Millers’ DVD Release is 5 days away on Nov. 19th and to celebrate, we’re giving away a “We’re the Millers” T-shirt!  Subscribe to the blog to enter to win! If you are already subscribed, then you are already entered to win. Click on “Follow” at the bottom right of the blog to subscribe! (Giveaway date is 11/19)

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WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 07/30/2013 UTD Season 2, Eastbound, Sleepy Hollow and more!

Of course on Dome Day, Under the Dome “official” notice of a season 2 came out via CBS: “UNDER THE DOME” RENEWED FOR SUMMER 2014 – Television’s #1 Summer Series to Return with 13 New Episodes.”

And yes what we’ve been buzzing about for months now, Stephen King will finally get what he’s been wanting: to write the Premiere Episode for Season 2.

Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store.

Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We’re excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester’s Mill, and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season,” said CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler.

And you can bet he will be here for that entire episode.  Earlier it was reported the UTD crew would be getting everything back in order here in October. But another source said they would run the same schedule as season one, coming back in February 2014.  Well, a girl can dream, right?  I mean, can you imagine having Stephen King here for Halloween?!

Another great episode last night.  Man, every week, the show gets better and better!  I have to remind myself to breathe when they break for commercials!  We will see what the critics had to say about it later today, and of course we are waiting for those Nielsen ratings.  I will get them to you this afternoon!  The UTD folks filmed into the overnight just beyond the back lot, some LIVE tweeting from the set!  Looks like they will get a late start for the second to last day filming, the folks return to the Ideal cement Factory, possibly on stage again, too.

Danny McBrideDanny McBride and his Eastbound and Down posse head downtown today shooting at the fantastic Manna restaurant downtown as well as the Wilmington Convention Center.  They have over 100 extras on hand today…I smell fun!  Oh, and a quick trip tot he rumor mill.  Regardless of this being the “last season,”  a source told me talk was heard about HBO really liking what they have seen so far, and it might not be a final season after all.  But that is definitely just rumor!  Danny and Jody Hill are busy enough with another HBO show plus, Loomis Fargo, but you never know!

sleepyhollowDon’t forget to VOTE for Wilmington to get an early screening of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow!  The folks are back in New Bern shooting episode 2.

Check out Wilm on Film’s blog about Sleepy Hollow shooting in Havlock yesterday at the Sherwood Motel.  Great story Drew!

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