TICKETS ON SALE OCT 1: “Tainted Love” starring Orlando Jones ft. Eric Roberts.

A press release just came out regarding Orlando Jones’ “Tainted Love.” Of course you know Orlando Jones from Sleepy Hollow as Frank Irving.  It is a graphic novel of the film kind starring Orlando and features Eric Roberts who was here in Wilmywood last year for The Perfect Summer.

This is an evening of film, with music by Wicked Warlock and Gang Stir Rock, dance and a Q & A from Orlando Jones at the end of the film! Tickets will be $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Though it is not part of the Cucalorus, it is playing the week of the film festival.  See below!

The Scottish Rite Temple Theater
1415 South 17th Street
Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tickets go on sale, October 1st. (more details for ticket purchase to come)
Check out their Facebook invite for all details.


A Graphic Novel Style Action Comedy created by Orlando Jones and Avi Youabian
Executive Produced by Ron Bloom
Produced by Ted Andre & Noam Dromi

-Plot Outline-

Black Barry (Orlando Jones) is a binary man: one part criminal, one part new father. He is a grossly underpaid bag man for Fred Lucas (Eric Roberts), the baddest gangster in town. The love of his life, Jezebel Jackson (Deanna Russo), is his perfect match: one part thief, one part new mom. Jezebel has a two step plan to establish their new family. Step one: rob Fred Lucas. Step two: marry Barry. Her plan goes horribly wrong and puts Barry at odds with Detective Jamshid (Maz Jobrani) and Lucas’s goons. Barry will stop at nothing to ensure his family’s safety

Genre   Action Comedy
Starring Orlando Jones, Deanna Russo, Maz Jobrani, Jim Jefferies and Eric Roberts
Directed By         Avi Youabian
Written By          Orlando Jones
Produced By      Ron Bloom, Ted Andre, Noam Dromi

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