We need to go National. Let’s do this!

Indeed it does. A few people have approached me over the past couple of days asking why the large media networks aren’t covering the battle we are facing.  In the scheme of things, we might feel it is bigger to us because we live and breathe it.  However, we hear about all kind of things in the daily National News that is irrelevant to us.  So, great thinking, folks!  I think over the weekend, we should write a message to some news networks and shows and let them know about the war that is waging in our state.  Tell them what is at stake, tell them your story.

It is getting some press however.  Check out our awesome UPM, Chris Bromley (and Dan) in P3 Update. READ NOW!

bromley I will be updating this blog over the next couple of hours, so any input would be amazing!  Thanks!  Throw the suggestions out, I need your help!  Let’s make some headlines!


Variety – Ted Johnson


Rachel Maddow Show

Send a story Idea to CNN

I think Jon should know about his show’s “abuse” of the NC film incentives, according to the Governor, don’t you? (Missed it?  Read all about it!)

The Daily Show with/ Jon Stewart
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