DVD/Blu-Ray Release – Under the Dome: Season 2 is here!

Woo Hoo! Under the Dome: Season 2 is here!

You’ve been eagerly waiting for it, and now it’s all yours for you to take home! See Wilmywood aka Chester’s Mill in all it’s glory over and over again!

Under the Dome Season 2 is on DVD and Blu-ray and both formats include an in-depth conversation with Stephen King.  You also get to geek out with the VFX team as they give you a closer look at the visual effects used on the show. Best Buy and Amazon both have the same pricing right now for Blu-Ray + Bonus Disc for $42.99. For DVD, it is $34.98 at Amazon.

It’s the perfect stocking stuffer! Merry Christmas indeed! BUY NOW