Under the Dome Set Dec/Prop Sale: Come get a Piece of Dome

The Under the Dome Set Dec and Prop Sale is coming up at the MCO Warehouse at 802 N. 23rd St.  It will be this Thursday through Saturday, August 27th-29th from 8am – 4:30pm.

There will have over 30,000 sq feet of furniture, art, household items, lighting, books, etc. If you saw it on TV, they have it – from Seasons One, Two and Three of the show.

It will be CASH only and no deliveries. So, hit up the ATM and get your piece of Wilmywood television history from Under the Dome!


NC Film Incentives – Vendors Speak Out on the Impact of Film

keepncI would like to give major kudos to Gary McNair for his take on the film incentives.  His latest “My Turn” editorial was exactly what most of us think when it comes to the incentives.  As always he ends his schpeel with, “That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn.”  Well, thank you Gary, don’t mind if I do!  Let’s add something to his little piece.  We have a few friends in the industry that have went out of their way to speak with some local business owners and get their thoughts about the film industry and the impact it has on our economy.  One of which is our friend Beth who turned the camera to Gwenyfar Rohler, managing partner of Old Books on Front St.

(If you are getting an error message, click the title and watch it directly on YouTube) I completely feel the urge go drive down there right now and buy something. Gwenyfar is one of many local business owners who have a story to tell.  We encourage other vendors and local businesses to follow suit. Let your voices be heard.

Now, back to Gary.  His title, “My Turn: film incentives create jobs, tourism” was a perfect follow up to his previous editorial about “uncertainty” hurting our economy in Wilmywood.

Gary writes, “Now, I’m not in favor of incentives for every industry, but none makes more sense to me than incentives for the film industry.  For me it’s about jobs.  It’s about tourism. It’s about the other businesses it brings to the area.  And it’s about the good things that industry brings to the cultural aspects of our community.

Thanks for letting us chime in Gary!  And thank you to WECT for letting the man speak his mind!  NC Film lovers, please send him an email and give him some love – >READ ‘MY TURN’ NOW