The cast of SIX has arrived in Wilmywood.

Now, we’ve been going on and on about the boys, but let’s not forget the ladies of SIX! Please welcome the beautiful and talented Nadine Velazquez and Brianne Davis to the Port City!

Nadine Velazquez (Ride Along 2) and Brianne Davis (True Blood, Jarhead) have been cast in our eight-episode military action/drama series.

Nadine_VelazquezNadine Velazquez will play Ricky’s wife Jackie. She is a strong military wife who is excited about the possibility that her husband is going to retire from the SEAL Team Six, but he really wants to go on that one last mission. Jackie is used to him leaving at a moment’s notice, but this time, she feels he is neglecting his family.

BrianneDavisBrianne Davis will play Lena Graves, the wife of John ‘Bear’ Graves who is a hard-working teacher. She is happy to be here in Wrightsville Beach and is so ready for her role!

Okay, now back to the boys!  Oh dear Lord help every single woman in Wilmington! And some cheeky married ones too! The boys of SIX are arriving in Wilmington this week…hence the climate change! Let’s check in ans see what they’ve been up to!

Filming on History’s SIX begins next week! Woo Hoo! Go NC Film!

Leap into Wilmywood! Tidbits for the day!

Good Leap Day Monday morning to ya! Such a beautiful day for great news!

Juan Diego Botto, the male lead in our TNT show Good Behavior, was proud to show the view he woke up to this morning to all of Twitterland.

A week from today, Good Behavior will be out on the streets again! Yes! I can’t wait to see those lighting and grip trucks lining the streets! For day one, they will be around the Cape Fear Country Club! Let’s hope it’s a beautiful day like today for their first day! They will also be hanging out on One Tree Hill Way.

And speaking of One Tree Hill, tickets go on sale today at 2pm EST for Inside OTH!  This the Cast/Crew/Fan reunion that is being put on by Wilmington Locals that worked on the show! Here are the 8 confirmed cast members so far. There will be more announcements soon!


And speaking on One Tree Hill yet again, did you see why there was climate change in Wilmington? Joe Manganiello (One Tree Hill Alum) and his Seal Team enjoying some time together before they take on History Channel’s SIX. They are shooting in LA right now, but they will begin filming here in Wilmington March 10th! Our first sighting for these guys on location will be on the 14th and 15th on Shirley Rd . They are really heating things up in this little Port City for sure!

And just for fun, let’s see some more of what Joe posted in the last week!

Two more cast members for History Channel’s SIX.

Mornin’ and happy Thursday to ya Wilmywood! I’ve got one thing to say: HELLLLOOOOO BOYS!

So glad to see we got our hot Tric bartender back. Yep! Joe Manganiello (Owen for all the Tree Hill Fans) is back for our History Channel series, SIX! You’ve also seen him in True Blood. He’s playing Rip Taggert. Variety describes his character as “a onetime leader of the SEAL Team Six squad who now patrols an African village to protect its residents from Boko Haram.”


Kyle Schmid who you might know as the 470-year-old vampire Henry Fitzroy on Lifetime’s supernatural drama series Blood Ties, or as Henry on Syfy’s Being Human. Schmid will play Alex Caulder a witty, efficient, and philosophical soldier, a veteran Navy Seal and one of the key members of Seal Team Six. Family comes first for him, that is his Seal family. He’s loyal to his brothers and nothing more.

Inside OTH is announcing their One Tree Hill cast member confirmations between now and February 29th when tickets go on sale for the reunion taking place July 23 & 24 here in Wilmington. So far they have announced Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz and Antwon “Skills” Tanner. Follow them on Twitter for further updates or visit



Extras Casting Director named for History’s ‘Six.’

The new History Channel series, SIX is gearing up here in Wilmywood. Offices are opening and things are buzzing. I have had a TON of folks ask the same question over and over again. “Who is the Extras Casting Director? I am ready to work!” I hear ya, well, it won’t be too much longer! Production for the show begins in March!

MartySiuSo, who is the Extras Casting Director?

Can we give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Marty Siu of Marty Siu Casting! Yes! SO excited as she gets to work AT HOME and not in another state!

Marty is so ready and she says to “Stay tuned! I will have more information later today to share on my Facebook casting page!”

Way to go Marty!

SIX (SEASON ONE) – History Channel
STATUS: Production begins in March
WRITERS: William Broyles, David Broyles
DIRECTOR: Lesli Linka Glatter
LP: George Perkins
UPM: David Brightbill
CAST: Juan Pablo Raba, Dominic Adams
PRODUCERS: Harvey Weinstein

Director for History Channel’s ‘Six’ revealed.

Director Lesli Linka Glatter (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DGA)

Well, look at this. Looks like we are keeping it in the NC Film family. Award-winning director Lesli Linka Glatter has signed on to direct the first two episodes of our History Channel show, Six. If you worked on the series Homeland, filmed in NC for the first few seasons, then you probably already know her. This makes complete sense as our UPM for Six is David Brightbill, who also worked on Homeland while it was in North Carolina.  Not only will she be directing, but she is also one of the Executive Producers of the Wilmywood filmed show.

Deadline got a great quote from Jana Bennett, President and General Manager of History. She says, “Not only is she an incredible talent, but A+E Networks has been a leader in providing more behind-the-camera opportunities for gifted female storytellers and incorporating her voice in a male-dominated landscape is vital to the success of the series.”

You don’t see many female directors, so I am pleased she will be taking on this role. That being said, our TNT  show Good Behavior‘s pilot episode, titled, “So you’re not an English teacher,”  was also directed by a woman whom the crew absolutely adored. Charlotte Sieling. Let’s hope she returns.

First actor revealed for Wilmywood’s ‘Six’
More on Wilmywood’s ‘Good Behavior’ and ‘Six’

First actor revealed for Wilmywood’s ‘Six’

Wow, do you see a trend here?  Our fabulous lead Juan (Diego Botto) from Argentina in TNT’s Good Behavior and now Juan #2, the first cast member announced for The History Channel’s Six.  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Juan Pablo Raba, a Colombian film, TV series and telenovela actor. He will be playing Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz, one of the veterans on SEAL Team Six.

Six follows a Navy SEAL Team Six, whose 2014 mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan goes awry when they uncover a U.S. citizen working with the terrorists.

You can spot Raba in Narcos and The 33 and next appears, according to Deadline,  in the indie drama Shot Caller.

We welcome you with open arms Juan! We can’t wait until your arrival here in Wilmington, or as I like to call it Wilmywood!


Some tidbits for Monday, January 11, 2016
More on Wilmywood’s ‘Good Behavior’ and ‘Six’
History Channel to bring ‘Six’ to Wilmywood.

Some tidbits for Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Monday Peeps!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Offices should be opening up today at EUE/Screen Gems Studios for the History Channel series Six. I am hearing that they are already crew up for the most part, so I don’t know if they will be putting out a crew call or not.  However, if I hear anything, you know I will post it. So, welcome to Wilmywood, Weinstein & Company!

SIX is a series that recognizes this country’s great heroes and soldiers, and there’s no doubt that it will make for some of the most important, provocative television seen in ages.  While we had vast interest from other networks, our great relationship with Nancy Dubuc, Paul Buccieri and Barry Jossen made HISTORY the clear choice. ~Harvey Weinstein.

We will be getting 8 episodes to work on and they should be in production by end of February unless something changes. UPM David Brightbill is happy to be working at home again and I am sure the crew will be happy as well.

Here’s the official press release fro A+E networks in case you didn’t see it last week: READ NOW

SYNOPSIS: Members of the Navy’s most prestigious and lethal squadron know the dangers, responsibilities, and high risks involved with charging into battle. For John “Bear” Graves,  Alex Caulder and Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz, it’s a way of life. Being a member of SEAL Team 6 means committing yourself to a life away from family, and the constant knowledge that you may never return home. For some it’s what they live for. For others who feel they put in their time, they might be afraid of not knowing what to do once they’re out.

More on Wilmywood’s ‘Good Behavior’ and ‘Six’
History Channel to bring ‘Six’ to Wilmywood.
Here’s a couple of other links of note that the Star News put out that are worth giving a read:

NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ to briefly shoot in Wilmington

‘The Detour’ producer – I’d rather have filmed in Wilmington than ‘Hotlanta’


More on Wilmywood’s ‘Good Behavior’ and ‘Six’

Happy Monday boys and girls!  Last week we had a double dose of great news when it came to jobs! To quickly recap,  we found out we have not one, but two shows opening offices here in Wilmywood next month.

First up, TNT’s Good Behavior. After shooting the pilot here in October, the producers and writers fell in love with Wilmington and our crew base.  And we were all like, “Well yeah! Of course they did!”

The crew has told me on multiple occasions how great the set was, how easy it was to work with producers/writers Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch, and they bragged about the excellent quality of the show. So of course it was fingers and toes crossed for all involved for a return to our fabulous Port City. They also hoped the pilot’s director Charlotte Sieling would return as well.

Last week, TNT made the announcement that Good Behavior got the green light and will shoot 9 more episodes.

The fabulous Dale Williams will be the UPM on this project. From what I hear they plan on opening offices at the end of January and will begin shooting in the first week of March. They will be shaping up the pilot, then they will shoot nine more episodes. That will bring our NC film crew employment until around the end of June.

blakecrouchI caught up with our NC native, Blake Crouch, over the weekend and he had this to say:

We are absolutely thrilled and grateful for the chance to continue Good Behavior. We wouldn’t have gotten here without our tremendous Wilmington crew. We share this success with them. Can’t wait to return!

See that crew? It’s official, you are indeed that awesome!

Blake is from the Piedmont area and already has a television series on the air — the adaptation of his trilogy Wayward Pines (great read BTW). Now although Pines got a second season pickup from FOX, Chad Hodge won’t be returning to the FOX show. We get to keep him here in Wilmington.

The show stars Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto.

TNT’s ‘Good Behavior’ Chooses Wilmington for Season One

navy-wallpapers-8Now as for the second series, Six coming from the History Channel, David Brightbill will be UPM on this one and he is “looking forward to working at home!” He is not alone. There will be quite a few folks returning home from working out of state due to the lack of productions. (Yeah, don’t even get me started about that). The latest is that Six will open offices the first week of January, get about 6 weeks of prep in and begin shooting around mid-February.

History Channel to bring ‘Six’ to Wilmywood.

Quite a few of you have asked me about casting and crew calls. There is nothing yet. I got up with our Wilmington Film Commissioner Johnny Griffin to be sure and he said that things will probably be quiet until we get past the first of the year. Johnny is optimistic about the coming year. “2016 is looking good as we are starting off with a bang so early in the year,” he said. “The response from L.A. is a positive one from this point. ”

There is quite a bit of interest in Wilmington right now, so let’s hope we can keep the momentum going!


History Channel to bring ‘Six’ to Wilmywood.

Boy, it’s a great day for more fabulous news for our local economy and our film crew! Ladies and Gents, please welcome The History Channel to Wilmywood! Looks like they will be setting up shop next month for the series, Six. They are slated to begin production in February.

This series is coming from the famous Weinsteins! Yep, Bob and Harvey! And from what I am hearing, the line producer George Perkins has quite the resume! William and David Broyles are the writer/ producers. I am hearing David Brightbill got the UPM position.

Here’s the deets on this series:

Members of the Navy’s most prestigious and lethal squadron know the dangers, responsibilities, and high risks involved with charging into battle. For John ‘Bear’ Graves,  Alex Caulder and Ricky ‘Buddha’ Ortiz, it’s a way of life. Being a member of SEAL team 6 means committing yourself to a life away from family, and the constant knowledge that you may never return home. For some it’s what they live for. For others who feel they put in their time, they might be afraid of not knowing what to do once they’re out.

That’s two crews deep for the 1st quarter of 2016! Can we go for three? I am hearing rumblings about a feature as well. As soon as I get more deets, I will share!

Woop! It’s a damn fine day in Wilmywood!


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How is 2016 shaping up for NC Film?

The Longest Ride. Image credit: David Pascua

It sure has been a while since I last blogged. Hell, there’s not a damn thing happening at the moment, so maybe we should look into the approaching new year. Here’s what I’ve been hearing. A LOT of conflicting information. One day I hear a production is definitely coming, people got interviewed, then the next day, it’s all up in the air. So lemme just give you a glimpse of what MIGHT happen. It’s the best I can do!

  1. Good Behavior – TV Series (TNT) – They shot the pilot here a couple of months ago. Will they return? Lord knows. From what I’ve heard, it is a traveling show, so it wouldn’t be necessary to stay in our area to shoot it.  So, mark this one a maybe. And, for the record, they have not announced a pick up yet, so, we might have to wait a bit longer.
  2. Untitled – TV series (CBS) – Back and Forth conflicting reports. A show that until about 2 months ago was a definite Wilmington pick up, now, I hear Toronto might be a possibility.
  3. Six – TV Series (History Channel) – A Weinstein Production that is sniffing around. If they do make Wilmington their home, it looks like a February start.
  4. Dirty Dancing – Telefilm (ABC) – Yes, you read that right. They are looking at Asheville. Again.  Hopefully it will be a go this time around. April is what I am seeing for things to get underway IF all things work out swimmingly. Abigail Breslin will play ‘Baby.’

None of these are set in stone at all. In fact, we might get one or two. That’s it. But I figured I would keep you in the loop. Now you know what I know thus far. I will keep you posted when I hear more.