CASTING CALL: Secrets & Lies – Need Child Photo Double for Belle Shouse

Belle2Wilmington, NC- “Secrets & Lies” is looking for a PHOTO DOUBLE for Belle Shouse.


Please note that whoever is selected for the photo double will need to be available to work for multiple days, at least 4, during this this time frame:  February 28-March 18.  There will be no weekend filming.  I know this can be an issue with school so please keep that in mind, or if your child is homeschooled that is a plus.

The photo double rate is $125/day total for up to 8 hr.

Must match as close as possible to the following:

Hair: Blonde
Age: 12-14yr old
Height: 4’10
Weight: 76lb

Wardrobe Sizes:
Youth 12
Shoe- 5.5/6

If and ONLY if your child meets the listed requirements please submit 3 photos:

1) full body (head to toe)

2) headshot

3) full length photo from the back with the hair down.

Email photos, contact information and wardrobe sizes to SUBJECT: ABBY STAND IN.

***About a minor working, a parent or guardian must accompany child on set and for liability reasons we cannot have any other children around who are not booked to work.

CASTING CALL: Ryan Phillippe Photo Double/Stand In

CASTING CALL: Wilmington, NC- Ryan Phillippe Photo Double/Stand In for ABC’s Secrets & Lies

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ABC’s Secrets & Lies is in need of a male who can work as a photo double AND a stand in for Ryan Phillippe for the filming of the television pilot in Wilmington, NC.  Must be available the entire shooting schedule (February 28- March 19).

They are looking  a male who is physically fit and able to run (must be a close body type to Ryan).  Absolutely NO VISIBLE TATTOOS on legs and arms.

You MUST match as close as possible:

Height: 5’10”
Shoe: Size 10
Jacket: 40/42
Shirt: Med or large
Pant: 32/30

If you are an exact or close match and are interested, please submit recent photos (must be how you look today).

Please submit 3 photos: full body (head to toe), headshot, and a photo of the back of your head.  ALL 3 MUST be submitted.

Email photos, contact information and wardrobe sizes to SUBJECT: BEN STAND IN.

***Only inquiries about Ryan Phillippe Photo Double/Stand In at this time.

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 04/18/2013 – Hillary Swank, Rachelle LeFevre and more.



Not too much going on in Wilmywood today.  Under the Dome is shooting in Southport today.

They are also looking for a stand-in for Rachelle LeFevre.  Casting details are as follows: Need a permanent Caucasian female red headed stand-in between 5ft 6- 5ft 8. You must be available to work almost everyday till July. I need someone with the color red that matches the actress below… You are guaranteed to make at least $125 for up to 10 hrs and time and a half after that.  Visit Vanessa Ncasting‘s Facebook page for all the details.

Last summer we had the honor of having the lovely Hillary Swank visit Wilmington for the HBO movie, Mary and Martha.  And now, we finally get to see it.   Mary and Martha premieres on HBO this Saturday, 8pm.

View the trailer now

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am.  Got Scoop?  Dish it at:  Until then, that’s a wrap!