INTERVIEW: Amandla Stenberg talks about Sleepy Hollow, No Kid Hungry and more.


The big debut episode for Jill Marie Jones and Amandla Stenberg is tonight on Sleepy Hollow!  We’ve been talkin’ about them for weeks, so glad to finally see them on the small screen!  Amandla joined me on The Sunny Morning show today and let me just say she is so stinkin’ cute I wanna squeeze her til she pops!!  Hear the cuteness for yourself!  She talks about Sleepy Hollow, her advocacy with No Kid Hungry and a little Catching Fire. I’ve got the whole interview –  LISTEN NOW!

SLEEPY HOLLOW RATINGS: Did the Necromancer Conjure up Viewers?


“What Sleepy Hollow lacked in zingers it made up for in breath-baiting tension.” ~Rose Maura Lorre,

Man, if Sleepy Hollow doesn’t win an Emmy for VSX, it will be a sad day!  The black minions blew me away!  Let’s see who else was glued to the TV last night.  The overnight numbers are in.  Last week, The Midnight Ride took  7 million viewers on a journey garnering a 2.6 (adjusted up a 1/10 from 2.5) rating.  The Necromancer (Episode 8) managed to maintain its 7 million viewers A18-49 with a 2.5 average.  As always, we still need to see if SH will adjust up or down later in the day. All in all, I would give Ichabod a fist bump for the ratings.  I will be updating this blog as more details come in.

“Tonight’s Sleepy Hollow: So good! So darn good.” ~Joe Adalian,


Broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, November 18, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.1 9 8.08
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.3 6 13.87
NBC The Voice (recap) 2.2 6 7.56
FOX Almost Human -P 2.2 6 6.63
CW Hart Of Dixie 0.4 1 1.04
8:30PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.7 7 7.85
9:00PM NBC The Voice (9-11PM) 3.4 9 10.48
FOX Sleepy Hollow 2.5 6 7.07
CBS Mike & Molly 2.3 6 7.95
CW Beauty And The Beast 0.3 1 0.70
9:30PM CBS Mom 1.9 5 6.73
10:00PM ABC Castle 2.3 6 12.02
CBS Hostages 1.0 3 4.48

SLEEPY HOLLOW RATINGS: Did The Midnight Ride win the race?


“Now THAT is the #SleepyHollow episode I have been waiting for!” ~Den of Geek  

Took the words right out of my mouth!  What a midnight ride indeed, best episode to date!  But let’s see who was watching.  The overnight numbers are in.  Last week, The Sin Eater gave Sleepy Hollow a 2.5/6 rating with 7.08M viewers.  A  season low, but we expected that with the VERY LONG baseball hiatus.  This week Episode 7, The Midnight Ride took  7 million viewers on a journey maintaining last week’s audience garnering a 2.5 rating.  This episode managed to put Sleepy Hollow back to #1 in its time slot with A18-49.  Plus, this is an episode that has serious buzz, so I am thinking major DVR and +3 LIVE numbers will be beautiful! We still need to see if SH will adjust up or down later in the day. I will be updating this blog as more details come in.  

“The Midnight Ride was great fun, simultaneously batshit crazy and somehow coherent, with the usual mishmash of historical fan fiction, gruesome horror, and witty repartee mixed into a cocktail that should be overpowering and trite, and yet isn’t” ~ Zack Handlen, A.V. Club

What do the experts say?  

Gaude Paez Morose “Choptastic!! #SleepyHollow held steady with last week’s 2.5 rtg and 7 mil viewers!”
Joe Adalian ‏“SLEEPY HOLLOW steady at a 2.5 A18-49. In a related note/editorial comment, last night’s episode was pretty much perfect.”


Broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, November 11, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 3.8/10 11.89
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.1/9 8.08
FOX Bones 2.0/6 7.36
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 1.7/5 12.508
CW Hart Of Dixie 0.4/1 1.16
8:30 CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.7/7 8.20
9:00 FOX Sleepy Hollow 2.5/7 6.986
CBS Mike & Molly 2.2/6 8.56
CW Beauty & the Beast 0.3/1 0.91
9:30 CBS Mom 1.9/5 6.93
10:00 NBC The Blacklist 3.0/8 10.73
ABC Castle 1.9/5 10.09
CBS Hostages 1.1/3 4.49

SLEEPY HOLLOW RATINGS: Did the Sin Eater gobble up the competition?


Finally what felt like a century’s wait, we had ourselves a fresh episode.  Did the Sin Eater gobble up the competition last night? The overnight numbers are in giving Sleepy Hollow a 2.5/6 rating with 7.08M viewers.  A  season low, but I think we expected as much with such a long hiatus. Looks like Mike & Molly and The Voice took away Hollow’s #1 spot, but hey there is always next week! The last episode earned a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating, down a tenth from the previous week’s 2.8 adults 18-49 rating.  I will be updating this most as details pour in.

What do the experts say?  

Gaude Paez Morose “Thanks, #SleepyHollow fans, for a solid return last night! With a 2.5/6 rating it dipped only slightly- not bad after 2 wks off! #basketface
Joe Adalian ‏“Vs. the premiere of VOICE live eps,SLEEPY HOLLOW scored 6.9M viewers and a prelim 2.5 A18-49. As of now, this is a series low for the show.”
Cancellation Bear ‏ “BONES, SLEEPY HOLLOW ratings down on return from baseball hiatus, academic interest only, no dining for the bear” 


Final Ratings for Monday, November 4, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 3.6 9 11.75
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.4 9 8.67
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.0 5 13.72
FOX Bones 2.0 5 6.97
CW Hart Of Dixie 0.4 1 1.00
8:30PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.6 7 8.12
9:00PM CBS Mike & Molly -P 2.6 6 9.22
FOX Sleepy Hollow 2.5 6 7.08
9:30PM CBS Mom 2.0 5 7.38
10:00PM NBC The Blacklist 2.9 8 10.34
ABC Castle 2.2 7 10.87
CBS Hostages 1.1 3 4.79


INTERVIEW: Matt Lintz on his upcoming episode of Sleepy Hollow

MattLintzMonday night is a very special night for this Georgia tween who might as well call Wilmington his second home.  From A Cinderella Story to Revolution, he’s filmed in this town a lot!   And he’s only twelve!  Matt Lintz (Under the Dome’s Mackenzie Lintz’s lil bro) will be guest starring on Sleepy Hollow as Thomas Grey, a young boy from the past.  He took a few minutes out of his day to chat.

1) Did you get a chance to watch Sleepy Hollow before you shot episode 5?   I was actually up there shooting when they had the screening of the pilot, which they were kind enough to invite me to see.

2) What do you think about the show?  I love the show so far!

3) What can we expect is this episode of Sleepy Hollow? Another mystery for Abbie and Ichabod, of course! Its very scary and exciting and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire episode!

4) With your sister being on Under the Dome, did you get a chance to hang out in Wilmington much during that time? I did visit her a few times, but I’d spent a lot of time in Wilmington before that working on projects like Cinderella Story and Pirahna 3DD. Just before Under the Dome started shooting, I actually did an episode of Revolution with Colin Ford, so I worked with him first! Ha!

5) What makes working on Sleepy Hollow a unique experience? I liked working with such a great cast and crew. It was also fun to play a boy from the 1500s, which is something I’ve never done. I got to do a stunt and have SFX make up as well which was a new experience.

6) How do you like having a set tutor vs. going to school everyday? Which do you like better? I like going to school better because I can hang out with friends and not worry about my lines!

7) What do your friends think of seeing you on TV? They think its cool, but they don’t pay much attention to it.

8) Are your friends in the acting world too? I have a few friends who are actors but most of my friends are not actors.

9) Who has been your favorite actor you have worked with? Favorite actor on Sleepy Hollow? I liked everyone, but working with Lucy Hale was particularly fun on “Another Cinderella Story” (also shot in Wilmington) I enjoyed ALL the actors on SH.

10) Any advice to the kids that are inspiring actors about the biz, for example – breaking into the industry, what it takes? Always follow your dreams and don’t let anything stop you!

Thanks Matt!  You got a great career ahead of you.  We will be cheering Monday night!  And LIVE tweeting of course!!

SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Lesser Key of Soloman brought us a great number of viewers!

The Lesser Key of Soloman brought us a great number of viewers! Personally, it had me at Yolanda!  The overnight numbers are in and it looks as though Sleepy Hollow was #1 in it’s time slot again, keeping 7.8 million viewers on the edge of their seats and falling off of it from laughter.  This show can make you do both within a 2 minute period!   Although there was a slight dip, the numbers are still strong.  Adjustments will come later today, and I am betting they will adjust up!  If you look across the board, it seems as though a majority of the shows actually dipped in their numbers last night.  What was America doing besides watching TV?  Nevermind, don’t answer that, I don’t wanna know!

What do the experts say?  

Gaude Paez Morose  -With 7.8 million viewers, #SleepyHollow held up well– +97% retention –versus last week’s audience (8.0 million)! #TheDestructionOfTheTea


Joe Adalian –   SLEEPY HOLLOW dips 10% to a 2.7 A18-49 and 7.8M viewers
. ‏ – On FOX, Bones scored a 2.0, down two tenths from last week’s 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Sleepy Hollow garnered a 2.7, down three tenths from last week’s 3.0 adults 18-49


Broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, October 7, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.5 12 14.32
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.9 9 7.38
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.1 6 13.04
FOX Bones 2.0 6 7.12
CW Hart Of Dixie -Season Premiere 0.4 1 1.18
8:30PM CBS We Are Men 1.8 5 5.42
9:00PM FOX Sleepy Hollow 2.7 7 7.76
CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.2 6 7.18
CW BEAUTY AND THE BEAST -Season Premiere 0.4 1 1.22
9:30PM CBS Mom 2.0 5 6.65
10:00PM NBC The Blacklist 3.2 9 11.26
ABC Castle 2.0 6 10.79
CBS Hostages 1.2 3 5.14



HUGE CONGRATS to the amazing and extremely hard working cast and NC film crew for making the magic!!  It’s what we’ve been waiting to hear!  Of course it was inevitable, but it is always nice when the OFFICIAL word comes out!  And the best part is we didn’t even have to wait for a back 9 order.  It was just BAM!  Season 2!  I like this 13 episode idea! No pressure for a full 22!  And with all the building on the back lot in addition to the sets on stage 5 & 10 at Screen Gems, odds are in favor of Wilmywood to continue to be the home of Sleepy Hollow!


Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Renewed For Second Season

And the first pickup for a new series this fall goes to — Fox’s drama Sleepy Hollow. But instead of the standard back 9 order, the adventure series is getting a 13-episode second season renewal. Sleepy Hollow is part of Fox’s strategy for shorter, largely uninterrupted, cable-style runs. It was designed to air its 13-episode first season in the fall before another drama series ordered under the same template, The Following, returns in the Monday 9 PM hour, likely in January. Given the success of Sleepy Hollow, it probably was tempting to try and extend its freshman season to the standard 22 episodes, but Fox brass stuck with their original plan.