Wilmywood production ‘The Sin Seer’ names lead cast

Isaiah-WashingtonOverflow Entertainment’s The Sin Seer has been through the rounds casting local actors here in Wilmington, and they chose quite a few.  But they also rumored to have picked up some very well known thespians for this feature, that happens to have a quite intriguing storyline. Get ready for the likes of Isaiah Washington, Michael Ironside to waltz through town.  And can we please welcome back C. Thomas Howell(Jailhouse) and Lisa Arrindell Anderson(Bolden!)!  Yay!  Sounds like a great cast to work with!  Congrats to producers Paul and Angela for nabbing that great talent!  Production begins in just a couple of weeks!


THE SIN SEER – Overflow Entertainment
STATUS: Production begins April 28th
PRODUCERS: Paul Hannah, Angela White
WRITER: Paul Hannah
DIRECTOR: Paul Hannah
CREW RESUMES TO:  sinseercrew@gmail.com

 Rose Ricard has been given a very special gift by God — the ability to see the sin a person carries in their soul. While she uses her gift to, hopefully, rights the wrongs in society, she alsp knows the gift comes with a price tag…