Third times a charm for FOX’s ‘Shot Fired’ Extras Casting

It’s been musical casting for FOX’s Shots Fired, starring Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss, and Stephen Moyer, is filming in Charlotte, NC. It started with Extras Casting Director Tona Dalquist. She decided to pass on the project a few weeks in. Then NCasting took over for another two weeks. And now it looks like Vanessa is stepping down as well. She will be helping the new Extras Casting Directors make a smooth transition and  Vanessa’s casting assistant Keema Mingo will remain on the show.

Marinella Hume Casting will be taking over from here. They are out of Atlanta, so If you worked on Sleepy Hollow after they moved to Georgia, you probably know who they are. Go to web site now:

Check on NCasting’s Facebook page for an upcoming open call for background actors in the Charlotte area soon.


FOX’s ‘Shots Fired’ gets new Extras Casting Director.

Tona Dahlquist of Tona B Dahlquist Casting who is the Extras Casting Director for Dirty Dancing as well as FOX’s Shots Fired (starring Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss and True Blood vet Stephen Moyer) posted yesterday that she was stepping down as ECD for the Fox show.

After serious thought and consideration, we have decided it is best for us, as well as production, for us not to continue on Shots Fired after Episode 1. We are letting everyone know Thursday will be our last day handling the extras. Don’t worry of feel bad, it was our choice. If we have you booked for Tuesday or Thursday, you remain booked and will receive your information from us as usual. Please know how very thankful we are to all of you for helping us out on this episode. You guys were FANTASTIC! We love you all and as always -stay tuned to the casting pages for our other casting needs. The series will continue filming until July in the Charlotte area. We wish it and all of the crew nothing but the best. The show will be a good show everyone. Please know my decision was personal and not based on any law passed or story line. Please continue to support the show if interested in filming. As I said, I wish nothing but the best for the show and all of the crew.

Well you know how many folks react to things, so it was a very smart on Tona’s part to add that her decision was personal and NOT based on any law passed or story line. She wants everyone to continue to support the show. – LOVE YOU Tona!

Well, 16 hours later, a new Extras Casting Director has been named – it’s yet another respected ECD we all know and love. Please congratulate Vanessa Neimeyer of NC Casting. She will be taking on the role effective immediately, so please refer to her Facebook page for all background acting opportunities in the Charlotte area.

I can tell you right now Vanessa will be looking for A LOT of teenagers for Thursday. So, if you are in the Charlotte, NC area, be on the lookout!