THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – June 9, 2016 – Under the Dome, Neebs Gaming, and SIX

Mornin’ peeps! Giving you a few tidbits before I head out on vacay, so let’s do this!

Netflix recently conducted a study to find which shows are binge-watched the most and which shows are binge-watched the least.  Looks like Under the Dome is still a hot show to watch!

The most binge-watched shows are … Ascension, Between, Heroes, Orphan Black, Sense8, The 100, The 4400, Under the Dome, American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove, Penny Dreadful, Scream, The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Bates Motel, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Fall, The Following and The Killing.

The least binge-watched shows are … Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, Club de Cuervos, F is for Family, Love, Summer Heights High, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Wet Hot American Summer, Homeland, House of Cards, Occupied, The Good Wife, The West Wing, Mad Men, Narcos, Peaky Blinders, and The Americans.


Our local production company Hank and Jed who run the YouTube Channels HankandJed and Neebs Gaming have become quite the You Tube stars. Recently, EA Games brought them to London and now they have been invited to EA Play to have some fun at their con. They will be doing a  livestream of Battlefield 1. Check it out on June 12 at 5pm EST. They will be going up against other youtubers and celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Zedd. Haha! Awesome! Here’s one of their crazy trailers for it!

Plus, EA was kind enough to write an article about our local guys! READ NOW! 

Brent Triplett, Jon Etheridge, Tony Schnur, Bryan Mahoney and Nate Panning make up the lead team of Hank and Jed.

Neebs Gaming, their gaming channel, is on par to reach ONE MILLION subscribers by the end of this year.


SIX is flying through production and I know the cast is so pumped about our History Channel show airing on Monday July 18 10/9c! Have you seen the latest trailer?

There are also two previews for you to check out! GO THERE NOW!

So what has our SIX team been up to?  Let’s check in!

CBS wants you to ‘Take Home the Dome’

CBS is giving you a chance to Take Home the Dome. Here’s your chance to own a few props & memorabilia from our Wilmywood show Under the Dome.

On November 30, fans of Under The Dome from around the world will have the opportunity to take home a part of the show when leading Hollywood collectibles auction site ScreenBid hosts an exclusive online auction of more than 500 production-used props, wardrobe items, set decorations, and other memorabilia from the CBS Television Studios produced series.

Under The Dome auction items are available now for preview.

Bidding will begin on November 30 and begin closing December 7.

Highlights from the auction include:

  • Chester’s Mill Map
  • Barbie’s Dog Tag
  • Angie’s Waitress Name Tag
  • Linda’s Engagement Ring
  • Rebecca’s Notebook
  • Pauline’s Sketchbook
  • Angie’s Bloody Bracelet
  • Christine’s Amethyst Ring
  • Dawn’s Bassinet
  • Angie’s City Postcards
  • Pauline’s Postcards to Lyle
  • Aktaion Energy Mug
  • Broken Dome Egg with Base
  • Dome Edge Rubber Asphalt
  • Sweetbriar Rose Diner Blood Rain-Stained Awning
  • Joe’s Dog Graphic T-Shirt Outfit

Fans can preview the auction online NOW at

Source: CBS

The Wilmywood Daily – 9/25/2015 A few tidbits for your Friday

Good Mornin’!  A few things of note today!

utd_s3_dvdFirst up,  in case you haven’t heard, Under the Dome Season 3 is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on December 8th. PRE-ORDER NOW

JamesLaffertyReturn to Tree Hill 3, the One Tree Hill Convention is set for March 11-13, 2016 at the Wilmington Convention Center. And this time we finally get to hang with one of our favorites! EyeCon had confirmed that James Lafferty will be attending this year.

Good Behavior named its Extras Casting Director. Vanessa Neimeyer of NCasting will be heading that up. Here’s the first casting call for the TNT pilot.

“AFRICAN AMERICAN CLUB GOERS” Looking for African American Men and Women 18-40’s that can work as upscale club goer in the Wilmington area. This is Paid.
To submit please email with the subject line with your “AGE AND SEX AFRICAN AMERICAN CLUB GOER” and with a current head and body shot and the following information:


INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER for NC indie flick, The Terrible Two – starring David Reid and Lydia Chandlera. It’s a psychological, paranormal thriller that follows the Poe family over the course of time that is around the one year anniversary of their two daughters deaths. The couple struggles with terrorizing events from some dark paranormal entity that has targeted their fragile family. DONATE NOW


Under the Dome says goodbye after Season 3

After careful consideration, CBS has decided to end the run of our sci fi show Under the Dome. The season finale will air September 10th.

We thank the network for giving our crew members jobs, our small businesses cash flow, and we will always consider the cast members family.

Thanks for a good run.



North Carolina Natives bring two productions to the state.
TV pilot with a Durham, NC story-line heads to Vancouver.
Under the Dome Set Dec/Prop Sale: Come get a Piece of Dome
VIDEO: Under the Dome tours come to an end at EUE/Screen Gems Studios
Under the Dome Vacates Wilmywood: More details
Under the Dome’s Mackenzie Lintz’s emotional goodbye to Wilmington


‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Reckless’ Costume Dept. Sale this Thursday

In addition to  the Sec Dec and Prop Sale for Under the Dome, there will be a wardrobe sale as well. This sale is ONE DAY only and it is from both CBS shows, Under the Dome and Reckless.

The sale will be open to the public on Thursday, August 27th from 10am-5pm at EUE/Screen Gems Studios, 1223 N 23rd St., at the Costume Department Warehouse 17 & 18.

All parking will be outside the gates.

Please note, they will only be able to take about 20 people back at a time because the warehouses are small, so expect a line.  My advice –  get there early!


Under the Dome Set Dec/Prop Sale: Come get a Piece of Dome

The Under the Dome Set Dec and Prop Sale is coming up at the MCO Warehouse at 802 N. 23rd St.  It will be this Thursday through Saturday, August 27th-29th from 8am – 4:30pm.

There will have over 30,000 sq feet of furniture, art, household items, lighting, books, etc. If you saw it on TV, they have it – from Seasons One, Two and Three of the show.

It will be CASH only and no deliveries. So, hit up the ATM and get your piece of Wilmywood television history from Under the Dome!


VIDEO: Under the Dome tours come to an end at EUE/Screen Gems Studios

The last weekend of the Under the Dome Tours at EUE/Screen Gems Studios was this past weekend.  Production on season 3 of Under the Dome wrapped  a little over a week ago. And now with the news that came out two weeks ago that the show would not return to Wilmington if they get picked up for another season, this was the final opportunity for folks to go behind the scenes and visit the sets on the sound stages.

Wilmywood Daily correspondent Charles Roark has the story.

So when will tours resume?  EUE/Screen Gems Studios Executive Vice President Bill Vassar says, “As soon as we have another series with a lot of public interest, we will resume tours.”

So now it all comes down to what our legislators put together in the state budget which is already seven weeks overdue. However, today the House and the Senate did agree on a $21.735 billion spending compromise for the entire state budget. It was a House difference of $415 million less and Senate difference of $265 million more. Now that they have a number, things will be moving more rapidly.  We should find out hopefully in the next week what they will put in the NC Film Grant for the next two fiscal years.

EUE/Screen Gems tours wrap this weekend!

Image Credit: David Pascua. Courtesy of EUE/ Screen Gems Studios

FROM: EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, NC

EUE/Screen Gems will wrap seasonal tours on Saturday and Sunday,  Aug. 15 and 16, 2015. Tours are wrapping because “Under The Dome” (CBS) is breaking down sets that will not be used in future seasons.

Visitors who come for these last summer tours will experience a visual history of the North Carolina film and television industry in the screening theater where many famous producers, directors and actors have reviewed footage of productions shot at the studio. Posters and memorabilia from previous productions that have shot on the lot will be in the Commissary building where guests purchase tickets. Guests are allowed to use cameras in this waiting area only; cameras and photography are not allowed on the rest of the tour.

The last Summer 2015 tours will be hosted on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 15 and 16 at 10 am, 12 noon and 2 pm, weather permitting. Guests should check the tour hotline before traveling for the latest tour updates. Tours can be canceled or delayed at the last minute due to weather changes. Guests should arrive at the studios at least 30 minutes ahead of time to purchase tickets.

Tour Location: 1223 23rd Street North, Wilmington, NC 28405

Cost: $12 for adults

$10 for students

$10 for seniors (age 65 and over) and military personnel with an ID

$5 for children, ages 5 to 12; children under 5 are free

Admission is cash only; memorabilia is also for sale. No credit cards accepted at this time.

Tour HOTLINE: Get up-to-the minute tour information and answers to questions at (910) 343-3433.

Tips:  Wear comfortable shoes (you’ll be on your feet for about an hour) and bring rain gear if there’s a chance of showers.

– See more at:

Under the Dome’s Mackenzie Lintz’s emotional goodbye to Wilmington

Under the Dome’s Mackenzie Lintz wrote something today that was so heartfelt and so beautiful that I asked her if I could share it with you. And in her usual bubbly way, she responded with “Of course!” This was especially tough for me to read because A) She is one of my favorite cast members.  Her whole family is such an amazing group of beautiful human beings and B) Under the Dome is saying good bye to Wilmington.  Take the time to read her letter to you, Wilmington. It is emotional.  It is honest. It speaks volumes about our community that we love to call home. Wilmywood.

Seeing as the final day of shooting season 3 is tomorrow, I can’t stop thinking of the news we heard this week. We do not know for sure if Under the Dome is going to get a season 4 yet because the season is not finished airing. But this week we did find out one thing. Hearing the announcement that even if we do get a 4th season, we will not be returning to Wilmington, gave me a pit in my stomach. Not because I will miss tower 7 cheese dip. Not because I won’t get to spend more time on Wrightsville Beach than in my apartment. But because the people on our crew are my family and leaving them is giving me the toughest feeling.

It’s hard to put this feeling into words. How do you put 3 years into words really. I cannot even explain how much I have loved, laughed, and grown in the past three years working in Wilmington, NC. The people on our crew are the hardest working group of people I have ever known and I feel privileged to have gotten to spend the time with them that I did. They are not just co workers- they are family.

From helping me pick my junior prom dress, to trash talking me about college football, to watching me graduate high school- these people have seen me grow up and go through many crucial moments in my life. I don’t have enough big words and long paragraphs to explain how thankful I am to each and every one of them for in some way shaping the person I am today.

To everyone who has put their time, heart, and soul(and sometimes mental health 🙂 ) into making our show here in Wilmington, I love you dearly and I will never forget these past three years, as they have been the best of my life. Thank you for your hard work and for loving me as a adopted little sister, an adopted daughter, or just as “Mack”.

I love you guys so so much.

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 08/06/2015 Local actor joins Fantastic Four, The Choice, One Tree Hill, Under the Dome

First things first let’s give HUGE kudos to our local boy, Anthony Reynolds. He is hitting the big screen this weekend in Fantastic Four. He was fortunate to have been on set for 12 weeks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, playing opposite Tim Blake Nelson and the Four. He plays a Civilian Military Official. So give him a huge round of applause when you see him on the screen this weekend!


As Under the Dome officially wraps on season 3 and on the City of Wilmington, The Choice begins their reshootsBenjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer and Maggie Grace have returned to Wilmywood and will begin tomorrow morning. They will be shooting in multiple places around town including EUE/Screen Gems. There will only be one full shoot day.UTDradio

Oh and in case you wanted to know, our Domies head to Ideal Cement today and will finish the season at EUE/Screen Gems.

HilarieToday and tomorrow our One Tree Hill gang home home.  The One Tree Hill Convention is this weekend at the Wilmington Convention Center. Please welcome Chad Michael Murray, Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilary Burton, Barry Corbin, Craig Sheffer, and Paul Johansson.  


LeeNorrisAlso in attendance will be Lee Norris, you know him as Mouth.  I still love him as Minkus (Boy Meets World). He will be my special guest on the Sunny Morning Show tomorrow in the 9 o’clock hour on Sunny 104.5. Feel free to call in with your questions and comments. Sunny 104.5 Studio Line: 910-790-1045 or Tweet me your questions and comments: @WilmywoodNC

Since it’s Thursday, I thought I would do a throwback and break out some photos from my fun times on One Tree Hill. I only got to do 4 episodes, but I loved every moment. Now, can you name these episodes? Pictured with me are some awesome peeps!  SFX Make Up Artist and all around bad ass Rick Pour and the incredible stuntwomen Tina Wanner and Haley Nott.