Another sports legend hanging out in Wilmywood tonight!

English: Michael Phelps at Santa Clara, Califo...

English: Michael Phelps at Santa Clara, California, 2009. Français : Michael Phelps au meeting de Santa Clara, Californie, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps is here!  In fact, according to one of my sources AND as confirmed with a MP tweet, he is hanging out at the Carolina Yacht Club in Wrightsville Beach at this very moment!

Michael Phelps Twetted ‏@MichaelPhelps “#mdw USA there’s no better country!! @ Carolina Yacht Club ” Can’t blame him, we have some of the most beautiful beaches in America!

BREAKING NEWS: NBC’s Revolution leaves ILM for the Lone Star State


An email went out late last night to the crew of Revolution which revealed the NBC show is leaving North Carolina and heading to Austin, TX for Season 2.

Show creator Eric Kripke wrote:


Hey everyone. So I wanted to thank you, sincerely and from the bottom of my
heart, for the absolutely amazing work on Revolution Season 1. Time and
again, you pulled off the biggest show on network television. Every week,
we gave you the impossible, and yet you always executed beautifully. You
guys can accomplish anything. So thank you for the skill, the talent,
and for the incredibly hard work– and long hours– and time away from your
families. It means a lot to me, and you have my undying gratitude.

I also wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, we’ll be moving the show
to Austin, TX, for Season 2. This is not a decision that was made easily or
taken lightly. We agonized over it. And we really regret losing such a
terrific crew. Seriously.

Please know that when I have a show back in Wilmington, I’d hire any of you
in a second. I’m sure our paths will cross again. Until then, I wish you
the absolute best. And again, warmly, thank you– for the hard work, and
for your beautiful town.”

So the question is WHY?

I see that some people are blaming politicians, and while I appreciate the spirit, I don’t think it had anything to do with that.  TX’s Film incentives aren’t so hot, either.  Check them out!  From what people are telling me, there are mixed reports.  Some said location scouts didn’t like what they saw in Texas.  Other said the opposite.  I heard they wanted to start back up in June, not September.  Wow!  Texas in June….Good luck with no ocean air!  Poor makeup artists!  Hopefully, we will find out why they left.  I will keep you posted.

Interview with Rob Wiethoff, the voice of JOHN MARSTON on Red Dead Redemption

Sheila Brothers (The Sunny Morning Show) and Jon Etheridge (Battlefield Friends / Doraleous & Associates) spend some time with Rob Wiethoff, the voice of JOHN MARSTON on the video game, Red Dead Redemption.  He will be among the many attending Port City Pop Con this weekend (May 10&11th) at the Wilmington Convention Center.


WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 05/09/2013 Red Dead Dedemption, Fox’s Wild Blue, CFIFF and more



Lots of little tidbits and reminders today!  Let’s start with some star sightings.  This time was at Mayfaire.  The stars got a chance to get off the set any enjoy some of Wilmington’s finer things.  Like food!  We gotta add Roko Italian Cuisine to the list of restaurants in Wilmington where Hollywood dines.  Both Melissa McCarthy and Dan Aykroyd, who are here shooting the comedy, Tammy, dined there this week.  Tammy is shooting once again on Nun St.

Okay, moving on.  Under the Dome is back in Burgaw.  IMG_4108The Perfect Summer is in Carolina Beach again – just interior shots,  so no star gazing today.  Had to throw in this pic from yesterday.  Looks like our local surfer, Tony Silvagni  and Eric Roberts are best buds since the shoot yesterday.  Tony is Eric’s surf double in the movie.

Today is the last day to see Arthur Newman in theaters, so make your plans to head to Carmike Cinemas for this limited release!  (check Tuesday’s blog post for showtimes).

I haven’t said much about the Fox Network’s Wild Blue in a while mainly because there is not much going on.  My sources tell me the production has been pushed back.  Actually quite a few productions have, including Eastbound and Down.  From what I am hearing one reason for the delay is that the crew is all working on other productions.  I suppose now’s a great time to get into the field, if that is what your passion is!  SEE LATEST BREAKING NEWS ABOUT WILD BLUE HERE. Wild Blue stars Mykelti Williamson (Bubba of Forrest Gump) as Master Chief Donald Bowman along with Josh SalatinWill RothhaarAlano Miller and Gina Rodriguez.

I will be interviewing Rob Wiethoff, the voice of JOHN MARSTON on the video game, Red Dead Redemption.  He will be among the many attending Port City Pop Con this weekend at the Wilmington Convention center.  His interview will be up later today (or tomorrow). Get your tickets now!  Meet cast members of The Walking Dead, Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, Dee Wallace, Margot Kidder, Noah Hathaway (Atreyu in the Neverending Story), Hank and Jed Movie Pictures (creators/cast members of Battlefield  Friends and Doraleous & Associates) and so many more!

The 13th Annual Cape Fear Independent Film Festival begins today and it includes the screening of Heart of the Country, starring Gerald McRaney, and Jana Kramer. It  was shot here last year. For a complete schedule of events, head to

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  email me:  Until then, that’s a wrap!

TV Pilot “Home Again” a success!

HOME AGAIN is a television production company documenting a group of local Wilmington, NC volunteers coming together to show support and appreciation to our military families. At the beginning of this year, they began construction for their first Marine family and have been renovating their home and backyard to surprise a wonderful husband who arrived home from deployment this morning with the streets lined with exuberant cheers, a few tears, and flags waving!  Father and active duty Marine, Captain Murphy, was welcomed by his two young children and a military loving crowd.  They built a 40 sq. ft. addition to the back of the house, added/built a storage shed along with adding a back deck and landscaped the backyard. (pics to come)

Major kudos to Amy Tipton and Beth Crookham and their crew making this a reality for a very deserving family!

WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 05/07/2013 – Tammy, Homeland 3, Port City Pop Con, CFIFF



Lots of little tidbits today!  Let’s start with where the stars will be today.  The fabulous folks Under the Dome are back on the lot today.  The Perfect Summer will be in Carolina Beach today.  FYI they are looking for EXPERIENCED surfers for their upcoming beach scenes being filmed in Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach.  Please submit a current photograph, age, contact information & wardrobe sizes to: with the subject SURFER.

Tammy is already under way this morning along Nun St.  Allison Janney makes her way to set today. Folks who were involved in yesterday’s shoot at Two Fat Ladies gave glowing reports about their experience on set.  Kristin shares about her husband’s time on set.   “He had a blast filming today and Friday.  He said Melissa McCarthy was so nice and hilarious. He sometimes found it hard to keep a straight face while filming.  She thanked everyone at the end if the day. Class act!”

"Crystal Head Vodka"The highlight of the day, however, took place at the ABC store down the street.  No, I am not kidding!  Dan Aykroyd headed to the liquor store and signed bottles of his Crystal Head vodka.  Yep, Glenn was lucky to get his hands on one! She also gave major praise (well -deserved) to the extras casting director Marty Siu.  People are going to have fun filming on Tammy with such great people.  To get in on the action visit the extras casting page.  They will be hiring over 2000 folks for this film!

Let’s also give a quick nod to the filming going on west of us!  Homeland 3 is just about ready to roll in a couple of weeks.  They are back in North Carolina, mainly in the Charlotte/Concord area. You can find all the Extras Casting opportunities here for ‘Homeland 3,’ as well as ‘Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Banshee

Locally shot Safe Haven is hitting Blu-ray and DVD today. Although the film wasn’t released worldwide, it still managed to make a decent amount, pulling in over $71 million at the US box office.

You only have three more days to catch Arthur Newman (Colin Firth, Emily Blunt) at Carmike Cinemas in Wilmington.  It runs now  through Thursday, May 9th.  Showtimes daily are: 12:45pm, 4:10pm, 6:50pm, 9:25pm.


Finally, not only are we counting down the days until Port City Pop Con happening this weekend at the Wilmington Convention Center, but they have partnered with the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival which starts a day sooner (this Thursday)!  For this year’s line-up and to purchase tickets, visit CFIFF’s web site now!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am on Sunny 104.5.  Got Scoop?  email me:  Until then, that’s a wrap!

Find out how much film/TV productions spent in NC now!

ncfilmI swear I don’t know who I love more, Jeff Hidek or Cassie Foss at the Star News, both, as I stated in a blog a few days ago, are awesome!  Check out what Jeff sent my way.  Great job peeps!!

1) You can do a search and find out how much film and TV productions spent in North Carolina and what the state paid in incentives.  LOVE THIS!

2) Cassie put together this article: Film productions to collect nearly $70 million in tax credits for 2012




WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD 04/30/2013 – Upfronts, Tammy, Under the Dome, VIP Passes to Port City Pop Con and more



Happy Tuesday! Well,  NBC must be whistlin’ Dixie, and maybe a little of “We are the Champions”.  Kudos just keep coming for our Revolution!  Not only did they pick up a hefty 22 episode, season two, but TV Guide has now deemed the show a “Season MVP: This year’s Best.”

Revolution’s Giancarlo Esposito will be making a guest appearance this Thursday at the Country Club of Landfall for the annual fundraising luncheon for Coastal Horizons Center.  He will be getting personal, speaking about the things that have personally affected his life and family members.  This is a luncheon that should NOT be missed.  Tickets are still available by contacting Farah Boyce 910-790-0187 or  They are asking for a donation of $50 or more to attend the event.

FYI: In case you wanted to know, Lesley over at the Hollywood Reporter has been keeping a close eye on the Upfronts.  Here’s her up-to-date list of all the shows for network TV.

Tammy begins shooting this Friday and they are employing A LOT of people!  And when I say a lot…good Lord!  During the next 8 weeks, they will be hiring 2000+ Extras for this film alone.  And it’s all local!  So thank you Melissa & Ben!  Marty Siu Casting will be quite busy. You can visit her Facebook page for all casting opportunities.

Marty wanted to give a big shout out to the many who worked on Iron Man 3 including Jackie Burch and Tona Dahlquist for the Casting & Extras Casting along with all the local actors who got some screen time including  James Rackley, Anthony Reynolds and many more.

Iron Man 3 isn’t doing too shabby either and it won’t even hit theaters here in the USA until tomorrow.  IM3 has grossed a total of almost $200 million over seas so far.  In its Italian debut last weekend., it is officially the most successful April opening in Italy grossing $11.3 million!  Robert Downey Jr. will be on the Kelly & Michael this morning as well as the Daily Show tonight.

Under the Dome will be on location today.  They kick things off at 15th/Rankin this morning then make a short company move to Chestnut St.  There are a lot of extras casting opportunities for the show.  Visit Vanessa NCasting’s Facebook Page for all the details.

Finally, Port City Pop Con is just around the corner and I would just LOVE to give VIP tickets away!  Soooo, here we go.  ENTER TO WIN NOW!

Portcitypopcon_sunny2 copy

 Tomorrow I will give you complete details about a local screening for the Colin Firth flick, Arthur Newman, coming up soon!!

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow morning and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am.  Until then, that’s a wrap!


Major kudos to the Wilmington Regional Film Commission and the politicians who believe that the film industry needs to remain strong now more than ever.  For me personally, 90% of my friends either work directly in the film industry or are affected by it in a positive way.  The restaurant owners, the store owners.  And it trickles down to the people they hire.  It was a wonderful thing to see and show my son how when people band together, they can do great things.

Also, I wanted to personally thank the hundreds of people who turned out to show their support.  I caught up with Rachelle LeFevre who is currently cast in CBS’s Under The Dome.  She and her handsome man joined our industry folks at the rally and I thanked her for being there.  She smiled and said, “I absolutely had to come.  We love filming here.”  Well, we love having you here, you lovely lady!  On a side note, she loves to hang out at many of the local restaurants including, Manna and Catch.  She knows how important film is to our local economy.

On a final note, a flyer was handed out on Saturday urging you to THANK the North Carolina Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis for his leadership and support of our industry.  It said to be brief, and speak/write clearly.  Make sure to leave your name. address and phone number:

Thom Tillis – Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives

NC House of Representatives, 16 W Jones St. Room 2304, Raleigh, NC 27601, 919.733.3451,

The Hollywood Reporter: 1,000-Plus Protest Bill Targeting North Carolina’s Movie, TV Tax Breaks

The Star News: Film community rallies against bill that would undercut incentives

That just about does it. View more pictures from the rally here. Tomorrow, I go back to the airwaves with the live version of this blog with news of yet more films coming to the Port City.  “What’s Up In Wilmywood” airs Monday-Friday 8:30am on Sunny 104.5.