TV pilot with a Durham, NC story-line heads to Vancouver.

News is starting to come out in regards to the unused Dirty Dancing cash. ($4m). It looks like NBC will not be shooting the pilot, The Wilding (Tim Kring) in North Carolina though through no fault of their own. NBC was among 16 other productions who applied for the unused portion of the previous grant money. I’ve been unofficially told they were turned down. The supernatural drama’s storyline is based in Durham, NC. A perfect match, wouldn’t you think?

From what I’ve been hearing, NBC is very disappointed in this decision as they have already invested in this state with the previous show Surface (Season 1) and the pilot they shot in early 2014, Red Zone. They are repeat customers who have spent more than $50M in North Carolina.

NBC will sadly be taking the pilot to Vancouver.

As stated before in my earlier blog, this is an NBC production shooting for the USA Network. And you know how USA operates. If they see a show doing well, they will order multiple seasons! Just look at Burn Notice and White Collar.

This project would have used the statewide crew base and these are exactly the type of productions that the legislators wanted: long term productions that showcase the state. So, this is quite baffling. I don’t know all specifics, so I can’t say much at the moment.

It is safe to say however if the state budget was not 7 weeks overdue and the NC Film Grant was replenished, The Wilding would have called Wilmywood their home.

The pilot would have created 135 jobs and used 80 businesses across North Carolina.

As for the series, they don’t have to stay in Vancouver, they could shoot it anywhere. Let’s hope it will be here (trying to be optimistic).

Official details should be coming out within the next 7 days which productions applied and which were awarded the grant. I’ll keep you posted.



Are these projects coming to North Carolina?
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Are these projects coming to North Carolina?

The deadline to apply for some of that Dirty Dancing money that went unused ($4M) was August 7th.

Although there has been no official statement, out of the 17 productions who applied, I have been hearing things. You know how that goes. I can’t officially tell you for sure if these projects got approved and accepted the grant money, but I can tell you they applied.  You know how things go in the biz, things change every 5 minutes. But, lemme tell ya what the buzz is all about.

First up, TNT could be bringing us the pilot, Good Behavior, a one hour drama.

And for all you Downton Abbey and Wayward Pines fans, you will be quite pleased if they film here!  The series is based on the Letty Dobesh books by Wayward Pines author Blake Crouch.  Good Behavior is written both Blake Crouch and Chad Hodge. They will serve as executive producers for the show as well.  The show will star Michelle Dockery who you know as Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey.  She will play Letty Dodesh.

The storyline is about “a thief and a con artist whose life is always one wrong turn, one bad decision from implosion — which is exactly how she likes it. Fresh out of prison, Letty is attempting to stay afloat, but when she overhears a hit man being hired to kill a man’s wife, she sets out to derail the job, putting her on a collision course with the killer and entangling them in a dangerous and seductive relationship.”

JoshBrolinAlso applying for the Dirty Dancing cash is the father/son flick The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter. If they got approved they would be heading to the Asheville area.  The feature stars Josh Brolin and Danny McBride. Danny and his partner in crime Jody Hill are the writers and executive producers. The project is coming from Scott Rudin Productions and Rough House. Jody Hill will be directing.  They also looked at Georgia for locations as well, so will they take the money or head south?

Both project are slated to begin in October.


Now I don’t think there is anymore money until the state budget is finalized and the NC Film Grant is replenished. With that being said, remember that 2nd pilot I was telling you about? I know they applied, but I don’t know if they got it or not. If they didn’t, I am really hoping they will reapply. It’s called The Wilding and it’s another supernatural project from Tim Kring.  You know, the Crossing Jordan/Heroes guy!

This is an NBC production shooting for USA Network. And you know how USA operates. If they see a show doing well, they will order multiple seasons! Just look at Burn Notice and White Collar.

Now the cool part!  The NBC project was specifically written for North Carolina, most of it in Durham. When does a North Carolina city get the chance to play itself? It’s rare!

The supernatural drama gives us the storyline about a group of “disparate families who realize they are enduring the same haunting in Durham, North Carolina. As parents turn against their children, one fractured family realizes they have the potential to save their neighbors. The mother, a psychiatrist, learns to help her daughter whose condition is indefinable by modern medicine.”

This project would use the statewide crew base. These are exactly the type of productions that the legislators want. Long term productions that showcase the state.

So, now we wait for the official word which should be any day now.

Whoever didn’t get the Dirty Dancing money will have to reapply when the film grant is refilled IF there is any change in the language when the budget comes out (with a number we don’t know yet). There will be projects that just can’t wait and will go to other states, but there will be some who will.  Then there will be those applying for the first time.

All we can do at this point is hold our breath until the budget comes out –  you know that thing that is 7 weeks overdue. SIGH.

As soon as the official word comes out about what’s coming to NC for real-zees, I will let you know 🙂


THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 11/22/2013 Under the Dome – Mackenzie Lintz’s Birthday call, USA Pilot comes to NC, and more.

UTDPremiere062013_0080Happy Friday!  Boy, did we have some fun this morning.  A HUGE Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Lintz who plays Norrie on Under the Dome!  She called in this morning.  Did you miss it?  LISTEN NOW!  Tweet her your b-day wishes: @MackenzieLintz

Just like Sleepy Hollow, looks like Under the Dome is changing up their shooting schedule for Season two.  Offices are still projected to open in January, but filming might not begin until March 1st.


shane coffeyIf you remember I told you about a USA pilot that would be shooting here in NC. Well, my suspicions are now solidly confirmed.  Moving across the state, that pilot is indeed the drama The Novice.  It’s from Fox 21, who also does Homeland.  They will be filming in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  They begin production in a couple of weeks. Shane Coffey has landed the lead. He is best known for his role as Holden Strauss in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.  Written by Hell On Wheels creators Joe and Tony Gayton.  According to

The Novice centers on Kyle (Coffey), a charming and highly intelligent recent college graduate who is forced to move back home with his parents and siblings when his job search stalls. However, after a strange quirk of fate proves oddly fortuitous, he lands a position with a Korean crime organization.

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WHAT’S UP IN WILMYWOOD – 07/02/2013 – Christmas comes early in Wilmywood!

Hallmark Movie Channel

Another movie coming to Wilmington would be like Christmas coming early, right?  Well, according to my sources, it is.  And they have the offices to prove it. The Hallmark Movie, Christmas in Conway has set up shop at the 1200 building on 23rd St.  They’ve been scouting around the area including downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods.  Brent Shields is Executive Producer, John Kent Harrison is directing, Ronnie Yeskel and Sharon Howard-Field are doing principal castingI will keep you posted!

Well, yesterday I found out tours for Screen Gems won’t happen as soon as August, in fact it is still TBD at the moment, BUT there are BIG PLANS FOR THE BACKLOT – and it’s going to be HUGE!  Looks like 17+ buildings going up recreating colonial times for Sleep Hollow!  This will Screen Gemsbe the biggest set we have had yet on the back lot at Screen Gems!  And you know what that means?  It means money in our vendor’s pockets!  Paint stores, lumber, hardware, you name it!  Keep the Wilmington economy going, Sleepy Hollow!!  Production begins at the end of the month.

WECT picked up on this fun story!  27 year old Rachel Spalding will be one of 16 cast members on a new reality show called Summer Camp on USA Network.  They will compete for a chance to win $250,000.  The show premieres Thursday, July 11 at 8 p.m

While, I am waiting rather impatiently for Episode 2’s numbers, the encore of the pilot for Under the Dome grabbed 5.12 million viewers giving it the most viewers in its time slot and 3rd place overall for Sunday night!  I know Under the Dome’s final ratings count of 16.6million views last week is going to be hard to beat, but as long as the numbers are still double digits, we should indeed see a second season announcement.  :::::biting fingernails:::::  The Under the Dome folks are shooting at the farm again in Currie, NC.  Thanks for the pic, Sandie!