Today is the day to create change North Carolina and yes, your vote matters!  EVERY VOTE COUNTS!  Let’s make this the most historic midterm election in North Carolina with the highest turnout!  The polls are now open and close at 7:30pm tonight!


WWAY will have election results throughout the evening including 40 minutes COMMERCIAL FREE  beginning at 10:55pm. You can also get updates here:

Please view the complete list of all the members of the House and the Senate. You will see statewide, who is for and who is against the current film incentives. We need to make sure the General Assembly FEELS the affects of the film industry, ESPECIALLY at the polls!



New Hanover Candidates

New Hanover County Polling Locations

Brunswick Candidates

Brunswick County Polling Locations

Pender County Candidates

Pender County Polling Locations


TOMORROW: Voting Day for Wilmington Film


We have been waiting for this chance to prove our power at the polls since the short session ended and Gov. Pat McCrory refused a special session for the NCGA.  We know many of you are working, so Saturday may be you only chance to rock your vote!

MARKETPLACE MALL (near 10 Pin Alley just off S College Rd.)
230 Government Center Dr.

bETSYjORDANCandidate for NC House District 20 Betsy Jordan has made an open invitation to all crew members as well as background extras and small business owners that benefit from film to join her at the polls at high noon this Saturday!!  Yep, High Noon! It’s a showdown.  The ammunition?  Our vote.   So, please join her at the Government Complex at 230 Government Center Dr. If you can’t make it at Noon, they are open from 8am-8pm.

PLEASE bring a friend, family member, or another crew member to the polls!  It is vital that we exceed voter turnout expectations!

Now I wanna be very clear about this so there is no misunderstanding WHAT SO EVER!  This is an FYI list for you in regards to which candidates fully support our film industry. That being said, you should NEVER vote for a candidate based on one issue. I can’t tell you where they stand on every issue, but I can tell you where they stand on film.

These are the folks that I know are pro-film:
NHC Commissioner – Rob Zapple
NHC Sheriff – Ed McMahon
NHC Board of Education – Emma Saunders
NHC Board of Education – Chris Meek
NHC Board of Education – Tom Gale
NC House (14) George Cleveland
NC House (15) Philip Shepard
NC House (16) Steve Unger
NC House (17) Frank Iler
NC House (18) Susi Hamilton
NC House (19) Ted Davis
NC House (20) Betsy Jordan
NC Senate (6) Harry Brown
NC Senate (8) Ernie Ward
NC Senate (9) Michael Lee
NC Senate (9) Elizabeth Redenbaugh
Supreme Court Associate Justice Robin Hudson
U.S. Representative (District 7) Jonathan Barfield
U.S. Senator Kay Hagan

Now to add my own personal opinion on the film matter, one of the most important races this election cycle is the Kay Hagan / Thom Tillis race for US Senator.KayHaganBannerREDO

Thom Tillis is called “Thom 2Face Tillis” for a reason. He has said one thing and done another so many times, he is a disgrace to our state. ESPECIALLY when it comes to our North Carolina Film industry. Most recently, remember the “Double Cross” in the short session? Remember his back door escape to avoid the film supporters at the Dixie Grill? I personally think we can not let him continue his actions. He sure as hell didn’t represent us in the House, why would we ever let him represent our entire state?