Okay gotta start with some exciting news!  Bolden! is coming back to Wilmington to shoot additional scenes in July!  It’s the film that never ends!  But we are so grateful to these guys.  Why?  Many reasons.  First, they spent over $120 MILLION locally, making it one of the most expensive independent films ever made.  Second, Bolden! was shooting here when we really needed commerce to flow.  They helped keep lumber and paint stores afloat after the housing bubble burst when they originally filmed here the first time!  Wilmington is so grateful for this production.  This will be the third time Bolden! will set up offices in Wilmington.

On late night TV, check out our hot actors from the past and present.

On Jimmy Kimmel tonight, Revolution fans will be staying up late to watch Giancarlo Esposito.  And we will go back in time and reminisce about those Dawson’s Creek days as Chelsea Lately has Busy Philipps.  Okay so she’s moved on to Cougar Town, but hey, we knew her when…

Now let’s get back Under the Dome.  The rain washed out yesterday’s shoot, so cast and crew head back to Wallace Park and Chestnut St.

That just about does it for me; I will have more Wilmywood updates for you tomorrow and every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8:30am.  Post your comments, thoughts, suggestions and Thai recipes below! Until then, that’s a wrap!