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The Perfect Weekend for The Perfect Summer

TV Pilot “Home Again” a success!

HOME AGAIN is a television production company documenting a group of local Wilmington, NC volunteers coming together to show support and appreciation to our military families. At the beginning of this year, they began construction for their first Marine family and have been renovating their home and backyard to surprise a wonderful husband who arrived home from deployment this morning with the streets lined with exuberant cheers, a few tears, and flags waving!  Father and active duty Marine, Captain Murphy, was welcomed by his two young children and a military loving crowd.  They built a 40 sq. ft. addition to the back of the house, added/built a storage shed along with adding a back deck and landscaped the backyard. (pics to come)

Major kudos to Amy Tipton and Beth Crookham and their crew making this a reality for a very deserving family!